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The Last Confession of Thomas Hawkins #(2022)

The Last Confession of Thomas Hawkins

The Last Confession of Thomas Hawkins

  • Title: The Last Confession of Thomas Hawkins
  • Author: Antonia Hodgson
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 226
  • Format: Kindle Edition
The Last Confession of Thomas Hawkins By Antonia Hodgson,

½ The Last Confession of Thomas Hawkins » Antonia Hodgson - The Last Confession of Thomas Hawkins, The Last Confession of Thomas Hawkins Spring A young well dressed man is dragged through the streets of London to the gallows at Tyburn The crowds jeer and curse as he passes calling him a murderer He tries to remain calm His name

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Onvan The Last Confession of Thomas Hawkins Tom Hawkins, 2 Nevisande Antonia Hodgson ISBN 544639685 ISBN13 9780544639683 Dar 400 Safhe Saal e Chap 2015

This book was an impulse grab from my library, felt like something I might be in the mood to read Saw this was the second in series, hadn t read the first but I ended up really enjoying this story We first see Thomas on a prison cart on his way to Tyburn Hill to be hanged Convicted of murdering his neighbor, a bully of a man, he adamantly proclaims his innocence.The atmosphere, so true to this time period, rogues, thieves and prostitutes abound, Fleet Street, St Giles, Seven Dials A woman gladia [...]

I really enjoyed Thomas Hawkins in his first book, The Devil in the Marshalsea, and he is just as wayward and charming in this, his second outing He seems to suffer a lot from bad timing as well as being a pretty bad judge of character and bounces from one arrest to another.I enjoyed all the detail of old London town and the descriptions of how people lived at that time There are some quite unpleasant bits for example the cock fight Thomas attends with Kitty and some of the murders are rather gr [...]

Having really enjoyed, The Devil in the Marshalsea, I was pleased to have the opportunity to read the second Tom Hawkins adventure Hawkins is now living in London with Kitty Sparks, at the bookshop she inherited The Cocked Pistol, as its name implies, caters for a particular type of customer and they are not well liked by their neighbour, Joseph Burden Burden sees himself as a respectable man of importance and wages a constant war against the couple aiming to get the shop closed down Still, one [...]

When I first ordered this, I didn t realise it was a sequel to Hodgson s debut The Devil in the Marshalsea , and I was quite pleased that I d be renewing my acquaintance with some characters I thoroughly enjoyed first time around But for those who haven t read the first, it doesn t matter hugely Some of the plot of the first is covered through the book and occasionally a small spoiler appears, if you do want to read it later but I would say that you don t need to have read the first to enjoy thi [...]

I have to admit that the first several times I picked up this book I ended up falling asleep I don t know what my problem wasybe I was just staying up too late, because when I settled in to give this book another try I was pleased and impressed I read Hodgson s The Devil in the Marshalsea when it came out two years ago and I enjoyed getting to know Thomas Hawkins then But I found this second installment in this series a richer satisfying read I m not sure why I enjoyed it so much than the firs [...]

Hooray I seriously think I want to travel in a TARDIS back to 1728 and meet Tom Hawkins Obviously I don t want the insanitary conditions, poor hygiene and smells But I m in love with the period Give me the gin shops and the taverns NOW Hawkins was last seen in a debtor s prison hunting for a killer In The Last Confession of Thomas Hawkins , he is back This time, it is a historical locked door mystery Hawkins now lives in sin with Kitty, who has inherited a fortune As this is before the Married W [...]

Thomas Hawkins is a rake, a scoundrel, and over fond of liquor and low company But he s an affable rogue and tends to find himself caught up in scandalous affairs and forced into dangerous predicaments But is he a murderer Virtually the entire town of London in the year 1728 seems to think so for this novel opens with young Thomas Hawkins on route to the gallows at Tyburn to pay for his murderous ways.This is the follow on novel to Antonia Hodgson s well received debut novel, The Devil in the Ma [...]

The Confession of Thomas Hawkins is the sequel to The Devil in the Marchelsea, which I read and loved last year Thomas Hawkins is a brilliant creation flawed and yet so likeable The son of a parson, he spends his day drinking and gambling and falling into trouble, with the help of his sharp tongued, strong willed lover, Kitty Sparks, who refuses to marry him because women lose all power once the wedding ring is on their finger Set in 1728, the book is rich in sensual historical detail and yet th [...]

Really great, every bit as good as the first Steeped in Georgian filth, wrapped around true events, with some rumbustious characters Rowlandson would have loved this is a fantastic series at least do hope there s a book three in the pipeline Thomas has not long been out of jail, but quickly life translating pornography to sell in Kitty s book shop is beginning to pall, so he s back to his own ways, haunting coffee houses and gambling hells, and generally wasting his life away But a bloody murder [...]

A huge achievement Book 2 is every bit as wonderful as Book 1 And I have a big crush on Thomas Hawkins.

This was a case of judging a book by its cover Ruth selected this novel with two others from Taree library The cover with a hangman s noose seemed intriguing d so was the story set in early 18C London Lucky for Ruth.

26 year old Thomas Hawkins, country parson s son and ex divinity student, is a restless soul Last time we met him was in Hodgson s debut novel, THE DEVIL IN THE MARSHALSEA, when his gambling, drinking, wenching ways sent him to debtors prison, where he found himself involved in political intrigue and murder investigation.Now it s 1728 He s free again and you d think he would have learned a little behavior modification from his stint in prison, but, no, apparently not It isn t that he s a bad per [...]

Ja, ik ben een sucker voor historische whodunnit boeken, en dan het liefst gesitueerd in Engeland Dat komt natuurlijk omdat ik ooit verliefd werd op The Name of the Rose Niet dat het ooit nog z leuk werd, maar deze boeken vormen altijd een mooie variatie op andere genres.De afgelopen jaren las ik vooral de serie van S.J Parris over Giordano Bruno, sinds afgelopen jaar combineer ik dat met de boeken van Antonia Hodgson over Thomas Hawkins In essentie verschilt het allemaal niet zoveel van elkaar [...]

Absolutely fantastic Better even than The Devil of the Marshalsea What a talented writer Antonia Hodgson is I read this in a day I didn t want to put it down for a moment.

Half a Rogue I confess that I am a gambler I confess that I am over fond of liquor and low company I have wasted many nights in taverns and brothels and cannot say that I regret it I confess all these things But I swear upon my soul, I am not guilty of murder These are the final words of Thomas Hawkins as he stands upon the scaffold awaiting the drop The thing is that no one deserves to hang simply for being a rake and that appears to be the fate in store for Tom Hawkins.The novel is the sequel [...]

Last year I read the first in this series THE DEVIL IN THE MARSHALSEA, after reading great reviews They were well deserved A wonderfully written debut transporting the reader to 1720s London Likeable rogue Tom Hawkins is thrown into debtor s prison, where murder and mayhem ensue The author recreates the world of that time in all its grimy splendour, and there s a great mystery to be solved too This sequel is just as good, with another excellent murder mystery at its heart a murder that Hawkins f [...]

A favourite writer for me I love the way she gets to it in her vibrant sentences Some wonderful one liners make witty reading Her main character, Tom Hawkins is a lovable rogue, just trying to get by in a corrupt, dodgy and dangerous world Hodgson lays out the landscape of the seedy side of London making it come alive in the sights, smells and characters Just the right amount of suspense, mystery and threat and is constant throughout the book There is nothing I don t like about this book Superb, [...]

Another entertaining romp through the violent and corrupt world of Georgian London The hero Thomas Hawkins is a likeable rogue and, as in the author s first book about him, The Devil in the Marshalsea, he has various hair raising adventures This story opens with him on his way to be hung at Tyburn The background to his predicament is then elaborated in a thrilling narrative Georgian London was not a very nice place and the story is gruesome in parts Overall another enjoyable historical novel fro [...]

Once I began reading this one, though, I was so wrapped up by the third chapter, I had to stay up nearly all night to finish it The characters are so meaty, the action so intriguing, and the scenarios so realistic, I was completely swept away until the last word was read BookBrowse First Impressions Read the rest of the review at bookbrowse reviews in

I really enjoyed the story of Thomas as it was loosely based on a real crime, with one of Queen Caroline s maids Told with a great knowledge of London in the 1700s it a captivating book, that is both life hearted and serious and keeps the reader enthralled.

Ich kann nicht sagen, was es ist, dass Antonia Hodgson mit ihrer Tom Hawkins Reihe geschaffen hat, aber ich bin ihr mit Haut und Haaren verfallen Ich besitze Band 1 und Band 2 als Taschenbuch und bin sehr ungl cklich dar ber, dass Band 3 noch nicht einmal als Taschenbuch angek ndigt ist Aber auf alle F lle, werde ich seine Abenteuer im 3 und wahrscheinlich letzten Band weiterverfolgen Ich kann mich stolz behaupten, dass ich nun meine Lieblings Histo Reihe gefunden habe Einige Non Spoiler Fakten [...]

I m quite glad that I had in fact already bought this before reading the first I m not sure if I would have read it otherwise And I think it would have been a mistake I enjoyed this much than the first one It was well written and well researched, but then so was the first one What I really feel helped me enjoy this much than the previous book was how much developed the characters were They weren t so clich and unidimensional as in the first I ve even grown to somewhat like Tom He showed a ver [...]

I was attracted to this book because of the gorgeous cover Georgian gentleman walking into the mist I did realise before buying that it s actually 2 in a series, but I downloaded it anyway because I liked the sound of the story And, as it turned out, it works as a stand alone too.The story opens with Thomas Hawkins on his way to the gallows, charged with murder But whose murder And is he innocent or guilty The story then backtracks to show how the son of a country vicar got himself into such a m [...]

Ich werde nicht h ngen, ermahnte er sich Die Begnadigung kommt Doch er ist sich dessen nicht mehr so gewiss Der Galgenvogel von Antonia Hodgson, S 12 Eigentlich will ich diesem Buch 3,5 Sterne geben Ich bin mir da wirklich unsicher Zu Beginn war ich nicht besonders beeindruckt von dem Hauptcharakter der Geschichte Zudem hatte die Geschichte ihre L ngen und irgendwie hatte ich auch das Gef hl, dass sich alles im Kreis zu drehen schien Es fehlte irgendwie der Leitfaden Dann jedoch wurde die Geschi [...]

Was f r ein tolles H rbuch, hnlich wie Teil 1 und doch ganz anders Sehr atmosph risch, spannend, gute Krimistory, dazu ein guter Hauptdarsteller, der auch mal nervt Dazu gute Ideen der Autorin, nicht nur den Ich Erz hler Bericht zu verwenden, sondern die Teile mit auktorialen Berichten einzuleiten Freue mich auf Teil 3, hoffentlich wieder so toll gelesen.

Emily picked this one up based on the cover and our shared love of history plus her Anglophile tendencies and it turned out to be great A quick and trashy but very accurate little crime thriller based in 18th century England It s apparently book 2 in a series but there s no need to have read the first one to understand what s going on.

So tempted to give 5 stars I was on the edge of my seat I don t know if I can take waiting to find out if he will escape again in another book I liked this one even than the first book Just as atmospheric.

ExcellentAfter reading The Devil in the Marshalsea this was a great sequel Loved Thomas Hawkins and look forward to new exploits Very well researched.

A crackin read

  • ½ The Last Confession of Thomas Hawkins » Antonia Hodgson
    226 Antonia Hodgson
The Last Confession of Thomas Hawkins