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Katie Cat #(2021)

Katie Cat

Katie Cat

  • Title: Katie Cat
  • Author: Felicity Ray Kyles
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 320
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Katie Cat By Felicity Ray Kyles,

[PDF] Katie Cat | by ↠ Felicity Ray Kyles - Katie Cat, Katie Cat What do you do if your old boyfriend from high school has suddenly struck it rich If you re a girl like Katie you send him a message You talk about the good old times when you were the most popular g

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Wow What a great kitty play story.She thinks she can play with him, but he is playing with her instead.He let s her sign some papers and he takes control over her Taking her to his island.I like the way she is fighting him and him taking control and changing her into a human kitty I also like the added thing to her cream, getting her addicted to him.She doesn t like what he did to her, but she can t talk to him about it, she can only meow.And the way he gives her something to play with and takin [...]

NOW I M GOING TO TAKE THE CHOICE OUT OF YOUR HANDSWow, this sure is different The Geek outsmarts the girl who thinks she is in control Sometimes in life payback comes at a higher price than you realize I think this was a clever story.

  • [PDF] Katie Cat | by ↠ Felicity Ray Kyles
    320 Felicity Ray Kyles
Katie Cat