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IDAHO #(2022)



  • Title: IDAHO
  • ISBN: 2351781295
  • Page: 101
  • Format: broch

✓ IDAHO ☆ RUSKOVICH EMILY - IDAHO, IDAHO EMILY RUSKOVICH a grandi dans les Hoodoo Mountain dans le nord de l Idaho En elle a remport un Oliver Henry Award prestigieux prix qui r compense les meilleures nouvelles am ricaines et canadi

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C est un premier roman et il est fulgurant fulgurant, adjectif1.Qui jette une lueur vive et rapide.Clart fulgurantenonymes brillant, clatant2.Qui frappe vivement et soudainement l esprit, l imagination.Id e, d couverte fulgurante Non seulement l est il, mais encore en exprime t il la d finition m me au coeur de son intrigue Les personnages, le lecteur, les situations, tout et tous ne cessent d tre travers s par des clairs de compr hension intuitive, ces instants hors du temps o l on a l impressi [...]

You never find out WHY the person did what they did You get all the other reasons, but no insight to the main character I couldn t handle not having resolution If that doesn t bother you, then this is an awesome book.

I really struggled with how to rate this book It is absolutely beautiful lyrical book It felt,at times, like I was reading a poem, rather than a novel I loved the alternating chapters with the different characters, even if it took me a few beats to try to figure out whose eyes we were looking through now I loved that the characters were not perfect, that Ann had a previous crush that suggested she had some underlying psychological issues I loved reading this book I spent the whole time trying to [...]

This is a murder mystery, but it is so beautifully written by someone who truly understands that there are rarely simple explanations for such events The book felt like a psychological drama than a suspenseful murder mystery.

A friend recommended this book, and I ll admit that being from Idaho I was apprehensive But there was no need because I LOVED it From the incredibly descriptive and visual passages, to the simple yet incredibly honest and moving moments, I could not put this book down I m an avid reader, but not an avid reviewer, nevertheless I would not hesitate to recommend this book Read it You ll be doing yourself a favor.

This is one of the most beautifully written books I have read in a long time It is at the same time one of the most depressing.From the very beginning, the reader is reeled in to a mystery the murder of a child by her mother The mystery is never definitely answered but along the way the characters are so diverse and interesting that you want the best for them in the face of serious doubt that things will turn out well.

I think this is a book you either love or hate I felt the author s writing was exemplary The symbolism brought every small detail to life, whether it was the description of the dog following the young girl s scent or the delivery of the pigs I was drawn in by every word I would have given the book 5 stars if there had been some resolution at the end I wanted to understand Jenny s action that changed the course of everything will spare details for those who haven t read the book , but the book en [...]