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The Last Toqeph #(2021)

The Last Toqeph

The Last Toqeph

  • Title: The Last Toqeph
  • Author: Yvonne Anderson
  • ISBN: 9781502449825
  • Page: 476
  • Format: Paperback
The Last Toqeph By Yvonne Anderson,

Ü The Last Toqeph ☆ Yvonne Anderson - The Last Toqeph, The Last Toqeph While traveling through desolate terrain Adam stumbles upon an impossibility a village of Old Gannahan survivors Hard to believe Harder yet it seems one of them is the true heir to the throne Will A

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The Last Toqeph brings the Gateway to Gannah series to a satisfying close Because it s the fourth book, I appreciated the recap at the beginning, as told by Adam, one of the central characters This means a new reader could start here and not feel confused, although the series is worth reading from the beginning.Gannah is an Eden like world, and although to North American eyes some of its customs seem harsh, the people value honesty and honour The best thing about being a native Gannahan is havin [...]

How does she do it As soon as I start reading I am instantly on the planet of Gannah The 4th in the Gateway to Gannah Series, this book starts with Adam, now grown, married, and a father to be, on a Nasi test when he meets Natsach Daviyid Natsach in a previously thought uninhabited part of the planet Turns out there is a whole settlement of full blooded Gannahans who survived 2 disasters on the planet, and this discovery not only means the old Gannahan history is incorrect, but there are some wr [...]

I am proud to say that I have read all of Yvonne s books in this exciting series, and The Last Toqeph is a fitting wrap up I ve watched the characters grow up They have become like old friends than names on a page, and parting is always such sweet sorrow Saying good bye to Dassa, the female ruler of Gannah, was especially difficult, but Yvonne handled it with her special finesse, even including a bit of humor at the end Can you imagine falling asleep on your way to meet the King As I reached th [...]

The words flow naturally and story flows comfortably good job Clearly, effectively, and quite competently written, this book is easy to read the words flow naturally and story flows comfortably It is mostly show with a little bit of narrative tell , which is appropriate because the reader needs the backstory of another world and that is not something that comes up in any lifelike character s regular conversation.The story is than just an entertaining diversion, so the subtexts may or may not ag [...]

Tension Intrigue And yes, even some romance Ahh, but it s great to be back in Gannah The Last Toqeph is non stop action that will make you laugh, weep, and ball up your fists with anger The writing is stellar and the story is enthralling Do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of this one And if you haven t read the first 3, do yourself a favor and pick them up as well You could read this as a stand alone, but read as the fourth, it has way emotional impact.

I received this as a first read A great fun read I have not read any of this series and this was the last book However, I still was able to understand and enjoy this book The author style brings you into this world amazingly well Will definitely read the other books in the series.

  • Ü The Last Toqeph ☆ Yvonne Anderson
    476 Yvonne Anderson
The Last Toqeph