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Honestly, Ali! #(2022)

Honestly, Ali!

Honestly, Ali!

  • Title: Honestly, Ali!
  • Author: Christine Marciniak
  • ISBN: 9781612712512
  • Page: 249
  • Format: ebook
Honestly, Ali! By Christine Marciniak,

Free Read Honestly, Ali! - by Christine Marciniak - Honestly, Ali!, Honestly Ali Ali Caldwell thought her troubles were over but she has a new one She s let her grades fall and now she s on academic probation She has to get her grades up or leave school Everyone is talking about

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Ali Caldwell is back, and as usual, nothing is going to be simple for this girl In Honestly, Ali, the protagonist gets caught up in a cheating fiasco, and what looks topical from the outside is not at all once Ali starts digging Honestly, Ali brings us interesting twists in the romance department that are a nice change from standard YA novels This is a great choice for anyone who is hooked on the series or who has not read any of the books at all Private school and Hollywood drama at its best wi [...]

This third book in the Ali series takes a look at what happens when a student considers cheating, accepts information about a test, then thinks better of using it Those pesky zero tolerance policies Ali faces decisions that could take down her friends right along with her.Middle and high school students will relate to Ali s dilemmas involving academic honor policies, difficulties in school, and trying to protect friends Ali s act first, think later personality will resonate with young readers.

  • Free Read Honestly, Ali! - by Christine Marciniak
    249 Christine Marciniak
Honestly, Ali!