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Road Runner #(2022)

Road Runner

Road Runner

  • Title: Road Runner
  • Author: Rain Carrington
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 274
  • Format: ebook
Road Runner By Rain Carrington,

↠ Road Runner ☆ Rain Carrington - Road Runner, Road Runner In the Land of Enchantment New Mexico lives a man who has secrets Levi Kape watches people at a bar nightly writing things in his notebook and trying to blend in with the locals His secrets keep hi

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A review by The Blogger Girls.This story has a little bit of everything in it It s sweet, suspensful, exciting and quite sexy and steamy at times There s also quite a bit of action, both in the bedroom and out.Bobby is a studly muffin big, bearded and just all around sexy He is on his own, and due to his career choice as an owner operator truck driver, has chosen to stay single He is on the road too much for an actual relationship to be healthy and finds the nameless one nighters just make thing [...]

I love all Rain Carrington books The characters are so alive, so human Their struggles in life endear them to you and you cannot help falling in love with them This book is no different Even though this is a new series, we get to revisit our favorite guys from the Honky Tonk series Ethan and Hunter, Carter, Gene, Antonio Carillo, they are all in this book It is an incredible journey of love and loss, good and bad, and the twists and turns it takes to get to the finish line Rain s incredible visi [...]

This is the first book in this series and way to go I was so happy to get to see some of my favorite characters from the Honkey Tonk Series I loved to get to see of Hunter, Ethan, and Carter Don t worry if you haven t read Honky Tonk because this stands alone perfectly I do have to say I loved how Rain Carrington brought back a few of my favorites, but they didn t upstage the new characters at all Road runner is about Bobby and Levi Bobby is an over the road truck driver and grew up with most o [...]

Well this book delivers in spades There is romance, mystery, friendship, tension, tears, laughter and hot loving There isn t much that you could want from a book.Also we have the Honky Tonk boys throughout this book It was fantastic seeing them again The journey through this book has many twists and turns and its not predictable at all the end is a mystery Just need the next book now

Nanee s Review Wow Rain This books rocks.I love how the author brings in past characters such as my all time favorites Ethan and Hunter and of course Carter, and we get some Ethan and Hunter sex too YUMMY This book is about a big, muscled, sexy truck driver who loves to be on the road Although he has a home and he does miss it at times he also feels less alone on the road, he has some one night stands and doesn t have to feel anything Levi oh Levi he is a sexy, sweet, and has a major secret that [...]

I have to say this is one of Rain s best book There is so much action So much emotion You will fall in love with Levi and Bobby You will be mad at them, cheer them on and be afraid for them Rain is the best at making you feel and tearing your heart out and putting it back together Her character development is off the charts She doesn t throw everything at you all at once You get to know these characters little by little and you fall in love with them If you have never read this author you need t [...]

I have mixed feelings on this one The bottom line is it s very sweet and romantic on top of a lot of action So if that s your thing, give it a whirl.

I had a problem getting into this book at first but it really finished strong Nice romance and action mixed in with hot sex

Maybe I ll return to this set aside title, but for now it didn t hold my interest So a bookmarkish comment, rather than a review.

If you like a lot of action with your romance with a little BDSM thrown in the mixen this is the book for you.I really loved how some of our favorite characters from Honky Tonk were apart of this story Looking forward to the next installment

GoodThis is the first book I have read of Rain Carrington I have to say it is very good There was a surprise at every turn I really enjoyed it and will recommend it to my friends You did an excellent job Can t wait to read the next one.

3.5 starsThere are some really bad sentences here that needed an editor or some better punctuation like The fenced area held his gazebo and tiny patch of grass that he prided himself in keeping emerald green long after most let theirs go to yellow and led to the backdoor of his home.The lack of proper editing was apparent elsewhere, too When describing his home, he said he still owed 150,000 on his truck He owned his own truck, a 2009 dark red Peterbilt he d lovingly named Vince for the lead sin [...]

Good writing Interesting story A bit of steam Overall I enjoyed reading it.

2.5 stars It isn t often that I m this far off the average in my rating, but this book just did nothing for me There was way too much going on and too little of it was pertinent It was torturously long I much prefer a good, strong storyline to copious steam and in this case, for me, it wasn t even steam but just sex By the 65% mark, I was skimming just desperate to get to the end Obviously I don t appreciate Carrington s writing and will keep this in mind when picking out future reads.

AwesomenessVery well written Touching plot line With loveable and believable characters Story told so well You feel like your there And could taste the air,water,food around them.

3.5 rounded up

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    274 Rain Carrington
Road Runner