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Conexiunea #(2022)



  • Title: Conexiunea
  • Author: Imogen Howson
  • ISBN: 9786066095549
  • Page: 430
  • Format: Hardcover
Conexiunea By Imogen Howson,

Conexiunea Best Download || [Imogen Howson] - Conexiunea, Conexiunea Elissa avea totul frumusete popularitate si un viitor stralucit Dar in ultimii trei ani se confrunta cu viziuni terifiante dureri si vanatai misterioase care apar din senin In cele din urma i se pr

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Okay, officially in love with this cover Please join me in swooning.

3.7READ THE FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE PROCEEDING You will be presented three series of images and asked a question after each one Briefly look over each image, do not worry about spoiler ing yourself But do worry about teasers.There are no right or wrong answers, only different ways of perceiving.This test will determine the level of the compatibility between you and Linkedand me.First series Q1.Do you feel the urge to pepper spray it all a Yes.b No.Second series Q2.Are you scared a Whoosh e [...]

Today, the chef serves a main dish of damsel in distress clich d romance novel hero, seasoned with futuristic nonsense and a side dish of silly sister in peril For dessert, a huge dollop of instalove.About the main dish it s a boring and tasteless heroine As a main ingredient, definitely unpalatable.The chef didn t do it any favors by cooking it with an insipid hero Really, that s like offering ready to microwave lasagna in a restaurant Those ready to go dishes taste all the same, be them lasagn [...]

4 StarsI got to be honest it s been awhile since I ve read a Sci Fi Young Adult read Not that I don t like them, it s just hard for me to find one that can keep my interest However, I was very surprised on how much I enjoyed LinkedIf you liked Across the Universe, then you will love Linked Summary Elissa has physical pains and doesn t know where they come from For three years, she has been seeing visions, getting bruises on her body and feeling pain She has the looks and was once popular, but be [...]

It s a bit nerve wracking when you pick up a book by someone you know Actually really know Are friends with What if you don t like it What if it s really awful Fortunately, this book is really good Futuristic worlds, ethical issues, a little romance, some science, it s all tangled in there together, in a breathless adventure that charges along I love the ideas, the imagery, the language And no pressure at all I can t wait for the sequel.

Review courtesy of Dark Faerie TalesQuick Dirty Very intense interesting story with some great twists.Opening Sentence As Elissa and her mother entered the waiting room, the sky above Central Canyon City was a chill, pre dawn gray, the spaceport a colorless blaze on the horizon.The Review Elissa would do anything to make her hallucinations so away Elissa is a 17 year old girl and for about 3 years now she has been having vivid hallucinations that are painful and leave bruises all over her body S [...]

One of the biggest problems with any thriller set in a futuristic utopia is how the main character will be able to slip through the cracks When everything is automated, when everyone is organized, where are the fringes that accommodate those on the run When Elissa s illness is revealed to be something terrible than she ever imagined, the scope of this story expands from teenage suburbia to the galaxy , and it wasn t until that change kicked in that I was really on board.Elissa s sheltered persp [...]

I really enjoyed this book.I thought the whole outer space thing was cool Living in different planets and the laws about only having two kids If be chance the second child ends up being twins instead of one, they have to give a way the strong twin and keep the normal one Plus twins are able to be linked to one another Being able to see, hear and feel what the other twin is, that was pretty awesome I thought that the bound between Elissa and Lin was unbreakable Not letting the other suffer or do [...]

What I thought was going to be a paranormal about twins who shared some sort of psychic link turned out to be a space opera, which was a nice surprise I liked that Lin was flawed and she should be after the life she lived, but I also liked that she learned and grew as well There were no super inventive ideas in Linked, but I found it a compelling, easy read The book is set on a terraformed planet and there were several things about the world that I liked There were the pod motels with the vendin [...]

Review to come.

Originally posted on yareads, reviewed by Nichole Elissa s world for the past three years has been a nightmare She s experienced horrific pain, random bruising all over her body, blackouts, nausea, and numerous other symptoms that have beat up her body and left her feeling close to death Over the past three years, Elissa has seen doctor after doctor, and they finally found a cure brain surgery The doctors have guaranteed Elissa that this surgery will remove all of the symptoms she s been experie [...]

This book was originally reviewed on The Book Hookup.An ARC was received from Simon and Schuster but that did not influence the review First Thoughts WOA That was crazy and I loved it Much of the setting was in outer space, but please, please, please don t let that deter you It was outstanding The Story Elissa has been having hallucinations for years as well as bruises that mysteriously appear No treatment has been successful so far so she finally consents to brain surgery However, Elissa finds [...]

Source I own a copy of this book 16 year old Elissa has had problems with life like visions for years, but since she got her period things have gotten worse, now she not only has the visions, but also has pain and bruising to go with it.Numerous doctors have tried to treat her but accomplished nothing, but now a new doctor wants to try brain surgery Her parents have said yes, but Elissa isn t sure she wants to go through with it.When Elissa has another vision one that seems real, she leaves her [...]

Was f r ein langweiliges und oberfl chliches Buch Den einen Stern gibt es auf jeden Fall f r die Raumschiffe Jede Menge Raumschiffe Linked erz hlt die Geschichte von Elissa und Lin Elissa leidet unter Phantomschmerzen und seltsamen Tr umen, welche sie der Verbindung zu ihrer Zwillingsschwester Lin verdankt, von der Elissa zu Beginn nichts ahnt Eines Tages taucht Lin pl tzlich auf der Stra e vor Elissas Haus auf und diese hilft dem merkw rdigen M dchen So viel zum Klappentext, ne Um berhaupt mal [...]

One of the biggest problems with any thriller set in a futuristic utopia is how the main character will be able to slip through the cracks When everything is automated, when everyone is organized, where are the fringes that accomodate those on the run When Elissa s illness is revealed to be something terrible than she ever imagined, the scope of this story expands from teenage suburbia to the galaxy Elissa s sheltered perspective made a lot of the mechanics in the opening chapters a bit of a st [...]

Picked up this book last night at midnight, finished it at midnight the following day this is an intense page turner book A book that the author, Imogen Howson, has creatively woven an original, enticing, spell binding world that got me hooked from start to finish The story is so beautifully written that I just want of this richly crafted sci fi world From plot, to plot twist, to characters and the NONSTOP EPIC ACTION scenes will surely entertain the readers as much as it has entertained me n [...]

Review by Sarah Year 8This is by far the best book I have ever read The genre of this book is thriller with elements of sci fi and romance We follow the story of a teenage girl who is suffering extreme nightmares and bears scars from them We find out how these affect her life and how she resolves the terrible position she is in.What first attracted me to this book were the intriguing front cover.Elissa wakes each morning, having suffers terrible nightmares which she is physically scarred from an [...]

Recommended for fans of YA Sci fiI love me some YA sci fi, and this was had everything a geek girl like me could want Futuristic Check Space ships Check Kick ass heroine Double Check The world building was fantastic, I loved the back story that Howson wove throughout The pacing was great, propelling you through the pages I like how LINKED had not one, but two characters that grow throughout the story The plot twists and turns will keep you hooked I also like the bigger issues the book addresses [...]

The story itself was fine I wasn t blown away by its inventiveness, originality, or any such thing, but it was OK I did appreciate the authors attention to small details How futuristic technology would translate into day to day lives I thought that created a much believable world, and as such, the story was better than it could have been.

Such an exciting book I was hooked from start to finish Since putting it down, I have really missed Elissa and the world she inhabits Desperate to read the sequel

LINKED is a wonderful book The worldbuilding is exquisite, and I was totally gripped throughout And the climactic scene OMG Can t wait for the sequel.

dmsoklikes post 750289

LinkedI thought I knew what Linked was about before I started I have ideas about Bourne and political thrillers, I thought the two main characters would be slumming it and trying to bring down a corrupt and mean government I have seen it before and it is a format I like do I was looking forward to reading Linked The moral of the story is not to assume you know what is going on before you do because this book took me somewhere I was not expecting to go It took me to space literally.WOW, I was not [...]

Read this and other reviews on my blog My Friends Are FictionThe Story Howson s idea behind Linked was very interesting and had a lot of potential to create an exceptional book It started off enjoyable and I was excited to be diving into the story I wanted to know about Elissa s visions, nightmares and what was causing her physical harm I wanted to know about her mysterious twin and why some entity was experimenting on her What was the purpose behind all this Sadly, after Linked took off it stal [...]

LinkedByImogene HowsenMy in a nutshell summaryVisions, a twin sister you didn t know you hadd you both are on the run from the bad guysm My thoughts after reading this bookHmmmLove Dystopian novelsis one is superb Elissa lives on Sekoiaa technically advanced planet It has a low crime rate People are relatively content and happy Elissa tries to be but she suffers from weird visions that leave her bruised and confused She has rigid parents and a near perfect brother A number of pills and medicatio [...]

Reread on 5 31 15So, I will be changing my rating because today I reread it I will also be writing a review.Rating 3.7 stars Plot It s definitely original and a little odd at times but overall I definitely enjoyed it But, I had a hard time picturing the world which frustrated me because Sekoia the world is so complex I also liked how we got a satisfying load of history behind the world s.Characters I found our main character Elissa not to be a solid lead Elissa s not my favorite character, to be [...]

Read on 21st June 2013 up until 10%.The concept sounds really interesting even though it s definitely nothing new but it was so hard to get into Linked It was really exhausting to keep focused on the story and it had nothing to do with the fact that I read this on my laptop I ve read quite a few ebooks on my laptop and while I did read my fair share of boring ones, I never felt so uninterested before Maybe it s just my mood, I don t know, but I m not curious to find out if Linked gets better or [...]

Loved it

Love this cover

This book had such great character building and world spaceship building It was a fascinating premise, and I loved every second of the MC s character arc It was so well done

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