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Warrior: The Moondark Saga, Books 1-3 (The Moondark Saga Boxed Sets) #(2021)

Warrior: The Moondark Saga, Books 1-3 (The Moondark Saga Boxed Sets)

Warrior: The Moondark Saga, Books 1-3 (The Moondark Saga Boxed Sets)

  • Title: Warrior: The Moondark Saga, Books 1-3 (The Moondark Saga Boxed Sets)
  • Author: Don McQuinn
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 102
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Warrior: The Moondark Saga, Books 1-3 (The Moondark Saga Boxed Sets) By Don McQuinn,

Warrior: The Moondark Saga, Books 1-3 (The Moondark Saga Boxed Sets) Best Read || [Don McQuinn] - Warrior: The Moondark Saga, Books 1-3 (The Moondark Saga Boxed Sets), Warrior The Moondark Saga Books The Moondark Saga Boxed Sets From award winning author Don McQuinn comes Warrior an epic adventure fantasy set in a post apocalyptic future In the grand landscape of the Pacific Northwest two great kingdoms battle to rule the i

Recent Comments "Warrior: The Moondark Saga, Books 1-3 (The Moondark Saga Boxed Sets)"

Cross between Dune and Foundation Excellent This book was a joy to read because it was so well balanced great personal stories, epic battles, thorough world building It avoids cliches, surprises you with plot twists, and leaves you wanting Highly recommended.

3 book series set in post apocalyptic NW U.S Sounded like Seattle area Could hardly put one down to start the next Liked the storyline immensely, but was enough The series goes on for several books.

Really good storyThe characters are fun to follow I like the plot of the story, makes one think what one would do in the same situation

OK I lied I have not read it all, maybe 12.5% but I just can t stand any of it It is being deleted from my Kindle I would venture to say that at least half and possibly 2 3 of the text to date is exposition Far, far, far too much It s worse than an opera that s all recit and no arias Pity Important theme Great premise Promising start to what might be an interesting plot The theme is important but poorly executed The author obviously thinks s he has lazy morons for readers You don t have to beat [...]

So far I have read the first book, Escape to Challenge, of the Moondark Saga.I want to start by saying that the writing is exceptional I was immediately swept up in the telling of this unique story So if writing style is important to you, take note that this is an easy, enjoyable read.The characters are richly developed In this first book, we are introduced to Gan son of the war chief, Col Moondark , Sylah the Rose Priestess, Tate and Clas I also want to mention Gan s war dogs because they re ju [...]

I thoroughly enjoyed this series I just cannot help myself when tempted with multi book series And they are all Kindle Unlimited too.Very interesting characters that are extremely in depth and well made I was invested in their stories immediately The world building is great, believable Though you don t see a map until after the 3rd book Anyway, the 2 story lines are fabulous So creative and extremely interesting, very believable The first one is from the travelers the ones from the past It is sc [...]

I read this trilogy and enjoyed it It is a very interesting premise so I ll be reading the other two triologies.I rated it as I did because, while it is not a grabber , I did get drawn into some of the characters Yet, I ve been a little put off by not being sure which characters were going to stay around That has led me to be less eager to invest myself in a character for fear that the next book will finish him her off So, while I found myself interested in the story, the lack of emotional inves [...]

I have finished the first of the trilogy so I shall update this review as I finish the other two.And I shall definitely be finishing the other two At first I wasn t entirely gripped but I slowly began settling into the rhythm of the book Then along came a completely new and alien element and I was hooked This element brings in an exciting contrast and a new understanding for us to relate with Despite reading many apocalyptic stories, this is a take I ve not yet read and it is rather intriguing.I [...]

Interesting read with some flawsGreat concept, but the execution is a little lacking It s weird that the cryogenic people aren t important to the story, but perhaps their worth will come about in the sequels Also, the books are rather short, so it feels like they re trying to rip you off, so don t pay full book price for each one.

A well deserved 5 I really enjoyed the first three books of a destruction aftermath of advanced society after a nuclear war and the society arising from that war seemed so real that it read, to me like a history of those times I highly recommend this series.

Great story This thoroughly engrossing story was a pleasure to read The author s writing is superb I love the unique storyline and am anxious to start the next book in the series.

The first volume was exciting The second volume narrated me to sleep with all the specifics needed to make a long running series Third volume ended in a squawk I m not sure I can wade through any of the series.

Excellent trilogyGreat story telling and descriptive narrative through out the books I enjoyed the action scenes and the lead up and follow through getting there Highly recommend Can t wait to get the next books.

Good bookI got the three book collection because I thought the story would finish I don t like never ending stories The story itself is very good and the characters are fleshed out well My one disappointment is that the story is not finished and has too many loose ends

This story was very engaging The world and characters are well written and the story kept me wanting to read just one chapter I m looking forward to from this author.

A good yarn I can take or leave fantasy novels, depending upon how well done they are This one actually 3 kept me going until the end.

Very entertaining

  • Warrior: The Moondark Saga, Books 1-3 (The Moondark Saga Boxed Sets) Best Read || [Don McQuinn]
    102 Don McQuinn
Warrior: The Moondark Saga, Books 1-3 (The Moondark Saga Boxed Sets)