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Upon a Midnight Dream #(2021)

Upon a Midnight Dream

Upon a Midnight Dream

  • Title: Upon a Midnight Dream
  • Author: Rachel Van Dyken
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 189
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Upon a Midnight Dream By Rachel Van Dyken,

Free Read Upon a Midnight Dream - by Rachel Van Dyken - Upon a Midnight Dream, Upon a Midnight Dream A Regency retelling of Sleeping Beauty I release you were the last words Rosalind remembered before her world went black Stefan the future duke of Montmouth no doubt thought his words were welcomed

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Upon a Midnight Dream is a sweet romantic fairy tale meets Regency with some twists that kept me captivated till the very last page I could not pull myself away from this story to do anyother task I am still thinking of this story weeks later I look forward to the next book to see what happens with Rose s sisters I was left enchanted but with hunger for from the London Fairy Tale series Ms Van Dyken has proven many times she can produce a wide range of stories that leave me entranced Stefan is [...]

Really really really wanted this to be good I love a twist on fairytales, but this fell short It s believed that their family members are dying because of a curse, and the only way to break it is got her to marry the duke She figures she s dying anyways so she won t get to be courted and fall in love, so she should take advantage of the duke wanting to marry her and make him try to court her, and despite his brother teetering on death s door, wait 20 days to get hitched If that isn t enough, she [...]

I liked the characters and story I just thought there was too much innuendo for my taste Content Per likesbooks I d say this would fall under their definition of subtle Their wedding night does eventual fade to black and is left to the imagination.

I don t understand the high rating The premise sounds good but when I started reading I had to myself just to read it The story just seems so silly I ll keep pushing myself to read and will update this rating if it improves but for now this is it.

This novel was so disappointing The story itself was cute, but the grammatical and punctuation and spelling errors were abundant to the point of distraction I would love to say they re probably due to Kindle formatting flubs, but whoa So very many errors.

Upon A Midnight Dream is the first a series of books based on fairy tale stories that Van Dyken has said she s writing this one, as indicated by the title, is based on Sleeping Beauty Rosalind and Stefan are the eldest in their respective families and are honour bound by a curse to get married the belief is that unless each generation of the family join together in marriage, all members of both families will die only they decide that they don t want to Fast forward sixth months, several members [...]

Rosalind Hartwell s family has fallen under a curse, and it is all her fault Well, it s half her fault.The other portion of culpability falls on Stefan Hudson, the recently returned prodigal, the Marquess of Whit and soon to be Duke of Montmouth It was their responsibility to marry and join the two families in order to avoid bringing the full fury of the family curse crashing down around them.When Stefan and Rosalind call off their engagement, members of both families start dropping like flies, [...]

Upon A Midnight Dream is the first novel in Rachel Van Dyken s new London Fairy Tales series The Fairy Tales series is a spinoff of her highly successful Renwick House series Upon A Midnight Dream is a re imagined version of Sleeping Beauty.Rosalind Hartwell and Stefan Hudson have a duty to their families that they cannot break They must be wed or a family curse will descend upon both their families Stefan, the Marquess of Whit, seems like an admirable husband by any standards, yet Rosalind and [...]

celebrityreaders.wordpressThese books are a steal right now You can get all four for only 2.97 Or you can get the first one for FREE This book is a fairy tale re telling of Sleeping Beauty It has a historical setting that I have come to love lately First book in the series, YA genre It was cute The way the author wrote the sleeping curse was pretty cool There was a bit of sleight of hand with this curse, which I liked and I can t go in to it because Spoilers sweetie The characters were good but [...]

This was a cute enough story, however I can t say it really stood out to me the same way other books by this author have I really couldn t understand Rosalind at all She s convinced that her family is going to perish due to a curse, but yet she won t agree to do the one thing that is said to break the curse She seemed a little selfish And while the Hero wasn t perfect by any means himself, I felt as though he at least tried He tried to give her what she wanted, but it never seemed to be good eno [...]

I really like this book It was fun, romantic, and pretty clean I was worried a couple times that it would get too steamy, and then it didn t I was happily surprised From the book With less than six weeks left, Rosalind has stopped believing in the fairy tale, the prince on the white horse, and the stolen kiss that would awaken her from her worst nightmares Resigned to her fate, she waits for the inevitable curse to run it s course.

I love Tachel Van Dyken s writting I love that these are spin offs from the House of Renwick series and I really hope there will be from the House of Renwick, but so far I have fallen in love with the London Fairy Tales.

Delightful 4.5 STARS There were a few issues with an odd word missing kindle edition and some issues with the writing style, but my rating is based on the wonderful Fairy Tale story Just what I like to read to escape for a few hours.

Always love me a Rachel Van Dyken tale

Buddy read with Nurmawati Djuhawan

Un peu fouillis et de temps en temps surr aliste mais dans l ensemble on se laisse prendre par l intrigue.

Fabulous Very romantic and I actually laughed out loud continuously

Hilarious story to read Romantic

This one was had too many majorly heavy innuendos for my tastegoing to pass on it.

one of my favorites

I read this after reading books 2 3, because there were holds on book 1 at my local library Then I found this book on BookBub, free of charge If I had read this first, I m certain that I d never have read the rest of the series.I rarely give a rating of 1 or 2 stars, but I have to be honest there are just too many problems with this book to give it any than two.The initial scene in which Rosalind falls asleep was refreshingly original and had potential, but quickly devolved into mediocrity I ha [...]

I didn t love the beginning of this book It was a little disjointed and chaotic and I wasn t really following who was who and why they were important when things first got rolling Eventually things settled down and I realized the lady Stefan was running from in the first chapter was NOT the heroine Which, honestly, thinking that made things WEIRD for a while Really weird.But I got past it And then things made sense.The minor mystery over what was causing Rose s illness wasn t all that hard to s [...]

This story was strange that it was clean, but it wanted to be dirty It couldn t make up it s mind The hero was a rake I have never been interested in that kind of a character If a guy released me from a betrothal, then went out on the town to have sex with anyone and everyone I wouldn t take him back with open arms I don t have a fantasy to have some sex god who is experienced, but has never loved when he is having sex I would rather have a man who had been in love and was expressing that love t [...]

I don t read much of historical romances but I loved this book Beautiful, poetical Well actually considering the Duke poetical is the wrong word to use gorgeous and innocent, Rosalind has to marry the Duke in order to rescue their families from the curse that has been their for generations But all Rosalind wants is to fall in love and for the Duke to propose to her with all the flowers and sonnets the beautiful journey where they both fall in love was so worth taking Especially the twist in the [...]

4 It would ve easily been 4.5 or 5 stars starAfter reading a few review, I noted that this is not Stefan s and Rosalind s first appearance in Ms Rachel s work Although sometimes it can be frustrating to read a whole other series just to know the characters of the book you have read better, I admit to find it interesting to read the characters you know in another setting and time So I supposed it is better this way so that I won t be bias.This is my first read of Ms Rachel s work and I commend th [...]

Sleeping Beauty Romance butI liked the premise and storyline of the story, bit it was just lacking The romance bit was very teenagery with PG 13 sex scenes Wasn t hard core romance novel, but enough that you knew exactly what was going on.The twist in the story was not exactly the way I had in mind, so very much surprised Not a series I will continue to read.

Called a London fairy tale, it is a reasonable retelling of the sleeping The heroine has a disease which makes her fall asleep when under stress After much misunderstanding between the hero, heroine and their families, they marry They also find out what is causing the misterious deaths in their families.

This book started out completely boring and I thought I wouldn t even finish it but this is my first fairy tale retailing and I just wanted to see how I like this kind of books As I said it was boring and really dragging at first but I liked the twist at the ending it was something I was hoping and it did happen yhaay I don t want to spoil anyone so I m not gonna tell.

Wonderfully sweet reboot of Steeping BeautyWhat girl of any age doesn t want to be romanced This book s heroine demands it from the hero There is romance, mystery, a curse and plenty of humor There is even a horse that s seems part human Count this author as one of my new favorites Long live the HEA

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Upon a Midnight Dream