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Exile #(2021)



  • Title: Exile
  • Author: Anne Logston
  • ISBN: 9780441006694
  • Page: 232
  • Format: Paperback
Exile By Anne Logston,

Ú Exile ✓ Anne Logston - Exile, Exile Now she presents the story of a young woman who has lived a sheltered life in the magical Crystal Keep until fate forces her into the outside world to meet the Keep s mysterious creator and find her h

Recent Comments "Exile"

I always loved this book and all the author s other stories I wish she had written books Her characters are approachable and yet also wonderfully foreign The land is just obscure enough to not be ours but also familiar enough to make it believable I love her humor and her characterization.

I only made it thirty pages or so before giving up I liked the premise enough to pull the book off the shelf, but was quickly tired of the very spoiled heroine who couldn t even light a fire and was a spoiled brat on top of it.

I want to give this 2 1 2 stars It was ok, but nothing special The main character was rather annoying, almost never learning from her mistakes and was stubborn to a fault It wasn t a terrible novel, but it wasn t great either Maybe slightly below average.

Not what I was expecting Would have liked an epilogue of some sort.

Sequel to Guardian s Key.

  • Ú Exile ✓ Anne Logston
    232 Anne Logston