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Pirates in the Park #(2022)

Pirates in the Park

Pirates in the Park

  • Title: Pirates in the Park
  • Author: Thom Roberts Harold Berson
  • ISBN: 9780517502570
  • Page: 382
  • Format: Unknown Binding
Pirates in the Park By Thom Roberts Harold Berson,

Pirates in the Park Best Read || [Thom Roberts Harold Berson] - Pirates in the Park, Pirates in the Park Jenny goes to the park and uses her imagination to launch the SS Walnut fighting enemies and enjoying the pond

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The only thing better than a bully getting his comeuppance is a rich bully being shown the what fors And that s exactly what happens when Jenny hauls her wagonful of dolls and stuffed toys to the park one afternoon After being taunted by the meanies for daring to sail a boat made out of a walnut and a leaf, instead of a fancy store bought ship, Jenny and her pals morph into a pirate fighting brigade.I won t give away what happens during the battle, but let s just say the rich brat s father stand [...]

A childhood favorite of mine My mom must have read this to me a thousand times as a little girl My mom finally remembered the title a couple of years ago and gave a copy to my son I have really enjoyed rediscovering this book I loved that Jenny was not afraid of the boys and was proud to lead her friends to victory.

I loved this book as a child and read it to my kids on a regular basis It may not be the best book ever and is kind of dated, but the story is so wonderful and full of imagination I was always drawn to books that were filled with imagination.

This is a fun book that encourages imagination and not letting the big kids get you down I like that the main character is a girl, and that her toy animals all have distinct personalities It is about being yourself and using the items you have around you to have a good time.

I remember loving this book when I was young, but I also remember it making me sad during the battle I have to see if the library has it.

Another favorite that I love sharing with my son.

  • Pirates in the Park Best Read || [Thom Roberts Harold Berson]
    382 Thom Roberts Harold Berson
Pirates in the Park