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Sweet Filthy Morning After #(2021)

Sweet Filthy Morning After

Sweet Filthy Morning After

  • Title: Sweet Filthy Morning After
  • Author: Christina Lauren Jason Carpenter
  • ISBN: 9781442382800
  • Page: 421
  • Format: Audiobook
Sweet Filthy Morning After By Christina Lauren Jason Carpenter,

[PDF] Sweet Filthy Morning After | by ☆ Christina Lauren Jason Carpenter - Sweet Filthy Morning After, Sweet Filthy Morning After This audio exclusive short tells of events from Sweet Filthy Boy from a new perspective

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That was so much fun I can t believe I waited so long to try out an audio book This was only 30 minutes long, but I m not gonna lie, it was worth 1.65 to listen to Ansel talk about his over used cock in a French accent Just Kidding, he s so sweet and adorable I can t believe Ami s still mad at him BTW, if I find out I can listen to Braden or Nate with their Irish accents on audio, I might actually die I m now accepting recs for audiobooks

FOUR POINT FIVE STARSI listened to this one It cost a 1.95 for 30 minutes of Ansel s point of view of the morning after amzn 1BhfHTT It was worth it to hear his french accent Ooh La LaIf you want to read an author interview and to read this scene check out vh1 celebrity 2014 06 SERIES Wicked Sexy Liar1 Ansel 2 Finn 3 Oliver 4 PerryTo find out when the next book is going to be released AND if there will be books in the series click here.Novella 1.5

4 stars I m twenty eight, and just woke in a hotel in Las Vegas married The fact that I m not completely freaking out, or searching for the easiest most accessible exit makes absolutely no sense Instead, I m just calm This thirty minute audio book was a fantastic look into Ansel s perspective from the morning after he and Mia get married in Las Vegas Just listening to this narrator talk in that sexy french accent for half an hour made it worth the price I just adore Ansel Hearing what he thought [...]

4.5 StarsI really, really, really enjoyed this audio book But.Just when I was getting into it, it ended Obviously, I knew it was a short one before I hit play, but I was still disappointed when the closing credits were announced.What I did get was amazingly sweet Ansel definitely made his way onto my fave bbf list in Sweet Filthy Boy, and with this little gem of an audio, he cemented his spot My one complaint is the french accent perhaps it s because I hear them all day, every day but this one d [...]

Very short read 30 minutes in length but than worth the price for Ansel s thoughts waking up with Mia the morning after The narrator, Jason Carpenter has one sexy French accent I m embarrassed to admit I did attempt to find out what this guy looks like on Google but came up empty I think I ll leave it because imagination is probably so much better than reality.

This was an extremely quick little extra It isn t really long enough to be a novella, like a bonus chapter Told in Ansel s POV, it provides a sliver of insight into Ansel s mind He shares his thoughts as he recollects the events of the prior night, now that he has woken up married It provides a tasty tease, but doesn t add any new material to the story If you enjoyed the first book and are dying for a bit of the delectable man that is Ansel, it s probably worth the dollar and change If you re [...]

4 FREAKIN SWEET STARS But I found her again, got her talking, and in a way I can t explain, feel like I made her mine As it all comes back to me in stuttering, jarring flashes of words and lips and skin and laughter, the sounds of her moans and little choked off begs, the feel of her hands all over me and her eyes holding onto mine as I moved over her I know fully that I m hers ANSELGod, how cute is that Ansel Guillaume, you ve won my heart all over again.Too short I WANT MORE DAMMIT MY REVIEW [...]

Short and fun I could listen to that man all day

This is like a quickie audio book bonus chapter about the morning after that crazy night in Vegas detailed in Sweet Filthy Boy There are no earth shattering revelations, but it s nice to have Ansel s perspective He s every bit as sweet and idealistic as you d expect The story is so short 30 minutes that I m not sure it s worth buying However, I borrowed it for free from Hoopla Digital and enjoyed it.

This scene takes place the morning after Mia and Ansel spend the night together and get married I loved being in Ansel s head even if it s only for 30 minutes He is my favorite man from any of the Christina Lauren books and I really hope maybe someday we re get a full novella from his point of view He is amazing I recommend this to anyone who loved Sweet Filthy Boy

I think if I read listened right after reading Sweet Filthy Boy, I might have enjoyed it It was well written It s just my memory of the main book is so far removed, this short short story didn t connect me to the main book with so much time between reading the two I encourage those who haven t read the main book to read these two back to back for maximum enjoyment.

this was just amazin i totally luvd it think i m still blushin after listenin 2 it but god it was HOT i luvd hearin it from ansels pov the mornin he woke up in mias room after the hottest sex ever an the guy tellin the story holy god he was soooooo HOT i just wish it was longer i needed xxx

Rating 3.75 5Review coming soon

Book Review I read Sweet Filthy Boy this past summer and fell in love with Ansel I m such a fan of sweet and caring heroes Ansel was just that thoughtful, sweet, swoon worthy with a hint of naughty I wasn t alone in my book boyfriend crush Many others loved him too, so I was elated when Christina Lauren released Sweet Filthy Morning After You can read Sweet Filthy Morning After for free on VH1 but I would recommend listening to it I would recommend that you read Sweet Filthy Boy prior to listeni [...]

It s so hard to rate this because it s so short At only 30 minutes long, it s an audiobook exclusive , it s hard for me to give it a rating because it s not a full story It s only a bonus clip of Sweet Filthy Boy from Ansel s POV We don t really learn nothing new here about that story, but we do get to learn about Ansel and why he was so hesitant to get an annulment from Mia Was this really necassary No, not really But it is a nice bonus for us fans of the series and Ansel and I love that the a [...]

3 Stars This is a short, sweet little companion story about the morning after he meets Mia in Ansel s POV I liked it, but I can t give it than 3 stars because it wasn t really much of a story it just basically described what Ansel did from the time he woke up until Mia met him at the restaurant We got to find out exactly what he was thinking when he figured out what had happened the night before Although it was very brief, it was nice being in Ansel s head but I have to say the best part was th [...]

This is pure genius Ansel s voice comes to life This is one that hurts than helps though because I just wanted soooooooooo much This is about 30 minutes in length in Ansel s POV for the morning after his night with Mia and it isAWESOMEbut leaves you wanting in such a bad way

This was a cute and short scene from Ansel s pov of the morning after I m glad I listened after I finished the first book, it helps keep the story flowing Too bad it wasn t a little longer D

I LOOOOOOOVE Ansel loved this short glimmer of Ansel s POV I only wish it was longer great narration

Come check out the reviews on my blog Under The Cover Mia and I didn t meet so much as collide At least that s how it feels when I remember it I really liked having Ansel s POV of the morning after meeting Mia To see Mia through his eyes was great and I liked knowing his first impression of her the night they met as well when he first woke up next to her I m twenty eight, and just woke in a hotel in Las Vegas married The fact that I m not completely freaking out, or searching for the easiest mos [...]

This is a delicious little extra that follows on from Sweet Filthy Boy It s only available in audiobook format, and is a glorious half hour of French accented narration from the POV of Ansel starting from the moment he wakes up the morning after his and Mia s wild night together, as he reflects back on what they ve already shared and decides that their one night together isn t enough Mia and I didn t meet, so much as collide A must listen for fans of book 1, I really enjoyed this additional litt [...]

Listening to this book made me blush The narrator s voice was soooo sexy I loved hearing about the morning after from Ansel s pov It just made me love him Very detailed Well done

This was a nice little refresher before book 2 comes out Its Ansel s POV after waking up after their meeting in Vegas It is only in audio, and, ho boy, he has a French accent D Listening to him narrate all slow and Frenchy was just awesome I may have almost got into a car accident LOL, seriously Give me book 2

I listened to this in the car this morning to work A super short narration about 30 min by a French narrator with a sexy voice Nice to hear about the morning after from Ansel s perspective.

loved it wish it was longer thatswhatshesaid

I LOVE this sweet, filthy boy 4 5 stars

I LOVED being in Ansel s head I wish it had been longer though.

The morning after Sweet Filthy Boy, told from Ansel s P.O.V Sweet No new ground is covered but it s nice to be in Ansel s head and the narration by Jason Carpenter is perfect Comment Why does the narration have to be in English but with a French accent when Ansel is just inside his head having an inner monologue I guess it s meant as a signal to the reader that he s French, but we already know that.

3 1 2 to 4 stars

It was okay

  • [PDF] Sweet Filthy Morning After | by ☆ Christina Lauren Jason Carpenter
    421 Christina Lauren Jason Carpenter
Sweet Filthy Morning After