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The Turn of the Story #(2021)

The Turn of the Story

The Turn of the Story

  • Title: The Turn of the Story
  • Author: Sarah Rees Brennan
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 194
  • Format: ebook
The Turn of the Story By Sarah Rees Brennan,

[PDF] The Turn of the Story | by ☆ Sarah Rees Brennan - The Turn of the Story, The Turn of the Story Elliot Schafer has been carried off to a magical land and called to fight but he has no intention of doing so He is a little disappointed by the facilities on the Border but he gets to meet Serene He

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this is basically my favourite thing in the world and i will never be over it.

Please read this, read this right now sarahtalesvejournal 218It is one of my most favorite things in the world and I don t know if I ve ever loved a MC quite like I love Elliot.

GUYS, it s being published as an actual book i cant believe this In Other Lands Oh my god, okay This deserves a full review.It s been a while since I laughed so much and so hard while reading a book, and it was bad ugly laughing, not a little pretty giggle Elliot, my child, is such a good protagonist, he s so DONE with everything and everyone, and entering into this world you wouldn t want to see it through anyone else s eyes, tbh This book starts with him being 13 and the writing style is so go [...]

A really wonderful story about a smart, prickly, lonely boy named Elliot who is invited to guard the borders between humanity and fairyland Even at thirteen Elliot isn t entirely taken in by the invitation, but he goes nevertheless, because who would turn down a chance at fairyland He takes an immediate shine to a fellow cadet, a warrior elf, and through her becomes fast friends with the school s golden boy Luke Sunborn Serene Heart in the Chaos of Battle and Luke are clearly destined for greatn [...]

I don t need this kind of open ended nonsense in my life she declares while cuddling Turn of the Story to her chest And I absolutely don t want , certainly not enough to sell any all of my dearest possessions for a sequel Or a prequel Or a duringquel.


Finally read this, in anticipation of the new adapted version of it being published Now have to cope with libraries in town and my old library s e collection not having Monstrous Affections

I think this is a story for which you must be the right kind of reader This story is less interested in what is happening than in how very much the point of view character, Elliot, is over it all If you are not delighted immediately by Elliot s voice, you will fail out early if you are like all right thinking people , you will not really care what is happening so long as Elliot continues to be a terrible brat about it all.But the plot is Elliot is screened into a school for people with the right [...]

13 year Elliot can t walk through walls so he s clearly magical and gets taken up to a world where teenagers are taught to be soldiers or councillors of war in a never ending battle to protect the borderlands from trolls, harpies, mermaids, etc etc etc Because all fantasy books need trios, he hooks up with Luke, from the biggest and best soldiering family, and Serene, an Elven warrior The Elves have a completely flipped view on genders Elliot is all about writing treaties while his friends only [...]

I feel like this review makes me the grumpiest grump that ever did grump But this book was very much not to my taste Elliot s an asshole the worldbuilding is very sketchy and seems to exist only for the purpose of making fun of tropes which admittedly it does well the elven views on gender roles made me laugh the actual storyline veers from nonsensical to wtf Even in a fantasy world, I have a hard time believing a boy standing up in class in the middle of a lesson to announce that he likes boys [...]

I would pay money for this book Now that may seem a weird thing to say, but Sarah Rees Brennan published this short story book on her website HERE The first installment is complete and other companion pieces are available But now for the good stuff I loved this story so much Like, you will not understand until you read it The thing is about Sarah Rees Brennan is that you can tell it s the same author writing, but not obnoxiously so, but in a comforting way I know when I pick up something of hers [...]

WOW I have been following this while it was a work in progress and sometimes I was a little sorry because SRB s mastery of tension is amazing and quite frustrating for a reader who cannot read further.The world building is simply fantastic, with a lot owed to the authors that inspired her to write this adventure in the first place but much that is hers alone.The characters are fascinatingly flawed, the dialogue witty, hilarious and heartbreaking by turns and I simply CANNOT wait to read the sequ [...]

Probably the best thing I read in 2014 The Turn of the Story is hilarious and heart breaking in turns, with an utterly compelling cast of characters who you can t help but feel for I have rarely cared as much about a character as I did about Elliot Schafer, our cranky, ginger, bisexual protagonist whose sharp edged vulnerability hit me right in all the soft spots Elliot is a wonderful, grouchy bundle of contradictions, combining a weary contempt for the stupidity of the world with a fierce deter [...]

4.5 If for some reason you feel like having your heart ripped right out of your chest and stomped on a few times, check out Sarah Rees Brennan s magical gift to her fans If you have never read any of Brennan s witty, playful, hilarious and heart breaking books before, this is a good place to start because it is free, and also because it is an excellent example of her work Me, I have a thing maybe even a Thing for aggressively unlovable, broken characters who are all brittle jerkitude on the surf [...]

Words cannot express how much I love this books It s so witty, dynamic, heartfelt, and HILARIOUS that disliking it is an impossible feast It deals with serious issues in a way that is definitely thought provoking, without being in the least bit dull or tedious As usual, SRB s characters are simply brilliant From swoon worthy looks to incredible personalities, they have it all Undoubtedly my favourite not so short story out there I still cannot wrap my head around the fact that SRB gave us this b [...]

I loved it very much It was smart, funny and touching in all the right places I want to pay money for it and have it, and read the sequels, and I can t believe I am now out of SRB to read and she doesn t publish her next novel until 2016 view spoiler What stayed with me after I finished reading was how terribly awful Elliot s backstory was I think I ve read a fair share of those tragic orphan type of origin stories and I can t think of one that would have affected me this way hide spoiler

I am convinced that Luke and Elliot are deeply in love and need to be together forever but they won t actually realise it until they re much older and then they ll be too confused to do anything about it because they re so used to their friendship also I need to track down the related short stories.

As always, Sarah outdid herself This story is quite amazing

I am Sarah Rees Brennan s slave now I need all her books in my life

I wasn t sure how to score it in the end Enjoyable, but not crazy in love with it, idk.

i read this in a day and enjoyed it very much i feel like when you re on holiday, as i am, you really just want to consume an enormous amount of sweet and delicious and fluffy candyfloss, which is just exactly what this is

Oh my god this was so good and it broke my heart but it was SO GOOD, I need the published version yesterday

Spoiler Free Review with hidden inside joke spoiler I think this has been my favourite thing of 2016 so far Of my existence Fantasy satire diversity one ecstatic bibliophile How had I not known that Sarah Rees Brennan had written this for free as gift for her readers There is NOTHING not to like about this apart from the lack of and it s 10,000 words with a novella sequel.Information I should probably get into before my review proper you can read this online, for free here This is in serial sty [...]

A confession first I m not a big fan of Sarah Rees Brennan s style It s mostly a matter of personal preference that s changed a lot over the years, as I recently discovered I used to adore SRB back in Her Early Days, but then The Demon s Lexicon happened a disappointing book that left me with no inclination to ever read anything from SRB again I still held fond memories of her earlier writings, though It was not meant to last either a few months ago I attempted to re read some of the earlier sto [...]

I laughed and I cried at this I mean I snickered so hard I m surprised I still have a job as I was sneakily reading this at work This book takes fantasy tropes and turns them on their head Let s go to fantasy land and um, we solve all of our problems by killing people, and then you have this surely kid who questions the status quo I loved Eliot s snark so much I loved his brains as well I was heartbroken for him, and I understand him so well However, there are places where I was like hey king of [...]

This is the greatest thing somebody ever wrote on a whim and put on the internet It s amazing that this accidental novel She claims it s sort of a novel is this good Elliot decides to go a medieval esque magical school where everybody is way into fighting than learning Elliot is a learner and wants to help make peace between the humans and the other races in their worlds Mermaids, harpies, elves Then there s the gender roles Everything about this could be in a typical girl story but with all th [...]

Did this novel just give a canonically bisexual main character who is, quite frankly, one of the most complex and interesting people I ve read about in a very long time Yes Yes it did For a free serial available on the web, The Turn of the Story was far than I expected and the best possible ways I loved everything about Elliot, Serene in the Chaos of Battle , and Luke the perfect chosen one hero of every fantasy tale I loved watching them grow as Elliot grew up and learned about himself and dea [...]

This was a really fun read Originally published serially on Brennan s blog, I read the whole thing in one go over two ish days I don t know if I would have liked it as much if it were a book I paid money for It was fun specifically because of it s irreverence It s a take on the magic school genre that was a little absurdist and didn t take itself seriously and was really successful because of it.I can t help but compare this to Carry On when thinking about it, because both try to do the same thi [...]

This story is just FUN I enjoyed the hell out of it The dialogue is witty and hilarious, the characters remarkably admirable, flawed, and deep It made me laugh often but is interspersed with plenty of darkness to keep it interesting I just absolutely love so many of the characters, I wanted to go back and reread it as soon as I was done.I loved Elliot and thought he was a breath of fresh air But I can see how people might dislike such a sarcastic, bitter, misanthropic character s point of view T [...]

This story is great because its not the typical take on being suddenly put in a magical school the main character is both skeptical about the world he finds himself in and he almost hates it immediately If it weren t for the existence of a certain beautiful elf he might ve just left although he seems a little too curious for that He is socially awkward, not because he can t get along with people, but because he won t Elliot is very much human and down to earth which is hard to do in a genre like [...]

  • [PDF] The Turn of the Story | by ☆ Sarah Rees Brennan
    194 Sarah Rees Brennan
The Turn of the Story