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Zero Day #(2021)

Zero Day

Zero Day

  • Title: Zero Day
  • Author: Jan Gangsei
  • ISBN: 9781484722268
  • Page: 172
  • Format: Hardcover
Zero Day By Jan Gangsei,

Free Download Zero Day - by Jan Gangsei - Zero Day, Zero Day Eight years ago Addie Webster was the victim of the most notorious kidnapping of the decade Addie vanished and her high profile parents were forced to move on Mark Webster is now president of the Uni

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You know what a zero day flaw is No It s a flaw in an operating system that isn t discovered until it s too late And by the time it s found, you have Zero days to fix it Yes, exactly The Addie Webster kidnapping made headlines Governor s eight year old daughter disappears without a trace Now it s eight years later Governor Webster has become President Webster, struggling during his second term, and dealing with a strange terrorist group Then suddenly, Addie Webster is back, found shivering in a [...]

Zero Day is entertaining, but it s also clearly written by someone who has almost no idea how computer hacking, domestic terrorism OR the political world works We re legitimately supposed to believe that a teenager without any professional training can hack the White House server without getting detected And in five minutes, at that COME ON Also, Jan Gangsei has a definite telling vs showing problem throughout the book It made for some seriously awkward sentences Finally, the book ends on an unn [...]

A really well crafted, fun, twisty YA thriller Think Homeland meets The Gallagher Girls.Review to come soon Read of my reviews on YA Romantics or follow me on BloglovinThanks to the author for providing a free advance copy of this book for me to review.

You can find of my reviews at Forever 17 Books.Zero Day had a lot of layers that drew me in I love watching crime and drama television shows and this book encompassed all that Huge shows like Scandal have really sprung up a new found interest in political thrillers for me and after falling in love with The Fixer earlier this year, I just knew Zero Day would be another hit.Addie is our focus of the story In the beginning she is kidnapped at a young age just to escape many years later to return w [...]

This is a fast paced YA thriller which I read in no time There are many thought provoking layers in the plot Stockholm syndrome,cyber espionage and security, civil rights , family bonds, living with guilt and coping with loss.The characters are appealing and well developed Jan Gangsei makes it easy to understand them and their feelings.I found the book too short , though I wanted to know much about the characters and their background I wanted such a good plot to be developed further.I would def [...]

To see full review click here.Obviously, there s been a bit of an absence on the blog Blame the Louisiana bar exam for that They don t call it the fourth worse one in the country for nothing, ya ll.The good thing is the test is done, so my free time has improved for the time being I m sure that could change though This review will probably be a quickie though for various reasons.I read or should I say partially read Zero Day about six or seven weeks ago I probably shouldn t even be writing a rev [...]

More reviews at Mrs ReaderPantsVIEW I read this in one sitting so amazing I requested this book for review when I read the blurb on NetGalley, but I was absolutely hooked from the very first chapter This reminds me of John Grisham or Tom Clancy for teens I love how the story allows readers to make realizations right along with Addie and Darrow I also love how it was told with flashbacks so we could gain insight on what happened to Addie for eight years.There is some romance, but the main focus o [...]

I love a good scandal book where there is secrets, lies, and everything inbetween Man I feel so privileged to have read this ARC Once I started reading I could not stop reading it It reminded me of so many TV shows I watch that I could not quite put my finger on which show it is.In this story we meet Addie Webster who has been kidnapped as a child and held in some compound Her parents who are high profile grieve for their daughter and continue to look for her for a while As time goes on Addie s [...]

Last night I finished this book, and gave it 4 stars Then I slept on it Now I m thinking it deserves no than 3 stars The plot of this book was interesting, and had me intrigued However, a girl is missing for 8 years and everyone kinda treats her like she was away for a month This story was supposed to be adventurous and excitingt there was a whole bunch of stupid drama and the romance was so stupid The characters are flat and boring too It s a quick, fun read Just not realistic in any way shape [...]

This book was full of interesting ideas that were never really fully developed It left a lot of loose ends open so much so I thought it was series, but according to the author it s a standalone with potential for Which honestly just makes the lame cliffhanger even frustrating I think the book would have been better if it focused on less perspectives and cut out a couple of the extraneous storylines and just really focused in on Addie and Cerberus.

Holy crow I mainlined this fast paced political thrill ride in a matter of hours The storyline lips are sealed because HOLY SPOILER, BATMAN is beautifully executed and messed with my mind all the way to the end Loved this DID I SAY I LOVED IT LOVED IT.Five glorious stars.

I enjoyed Zero Day I think it was definitely a good thing that the politics were so minor, since I m feeling very political these days What worked characters loved Adie and felt like the portrayal of her brainwashing was fairly well done I liked the difficulty she had trusting her parents or believing in them I like the narration a lotWhat could have worked better I think it required a lot of belief in situations I just can t see going through President s daughter returned mysteriously and witho [...]

An interesting premise that fell short of its promise.

This was justokay It s a quick read or it SHOULD have been, but it didn t hold my attention so I found myself putting it down an awful lot There s a lot of mystery and intrigue, but a lot of political stuff needs a lot explanation to make sense view spoiler Why is Karl so mad at the the president How exactly did Addie become a computer hacker so good she can hack government emails sites etc at 16 years old And then rewrite a complex computer program that it took her mother years to create hide [...]

Zero Day is a realistic fiction thriller novel by Jan Gangsei Overall I enjoyed the novel form its detailed sentences and character development, yet this book really lacked the thrill part with not much action I still like it and would recommend to young adult readers.

This was a very solid 4 star It was a thriller I think It was a bit cheesy though at times With some dialogue issues and some weird events Every time Cerberus staged an attack of some sort, the message You have been warned, was a bit cheesy Sure, the psychological effect great, but it was a bit weird I did enjoy the idea though Daughter shows up after 8 years after being kidnapped Interesting one to me Overall, great read.

It started out really good and I was very intrigued but then after some unbelievable twists, even though I know it s YA i kept thinking really But I still liked the premise aracters were not very strong

I am not a big thriller fan, but the premise alone drew me in I was curious about Addie, what had happened to her, and who she was now I also am a sucker for stories about the president s kid and happen to adore a Secret Service romance every now and again The problem is I have a hard time finding them note there is no Secret Service romance in this book note note but that s okay and finding one I enjoy.So let s talk about this book I was hooked right away The first 150 pages worked SO well for [...]

At a Glance ZERO DAY was an exciting, political mystery thriller that had me guessing from beginning to end Though there were times you have to suspend disbelief, the overall fast pace and mystery make up for lack of plausibility If you re looking for a fast, fun, and twisty read, I think you ll really enjoy this one.Cover I love the cover I think it may have a serious tone than the book actually does, but I love that it gives off the political vibe.Action There s quite a bit of action Kidnappi [...]

ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.Zero Day is a unique YA political thriller with a hint of romance It s certainly unlike anything I ve read in the YA literature lately I read a lot , and for that, I give it high praise Jan Gangsei has managed to break some YA molds here, combining politics and romance, family drama and thriller, and twisting characters around to leave the reader honestly intrigued and a bit confused on that later Abbie Webster was kidnapped as a young [...]

Thrilling, well written, and suspenseful, Zero Game pulled me right into the drama and kept me guessing at every turn Ms Gangsei gave me just enough tidbits of information that I could make some educated guesses, but not enough for the story to become in any way predictable Addie is likable and interesting I felt for her and sympathized with her and the ordeal she went through I really liked Darrow, caring, brave, sensitive, loyal he is almost too good to be true, as far as teenage boys are conc [...]

This is a review of an ARC from NetGalley.It s been 8 years since governor s daughter Addie Webster disappeared Now 17 year old Addie is back, but things have changed since she was taken her father is the president, and a group of cyber terrorists has been engaged in increasingly serious attacks designed to scare the government into tightening surveillance and security laws Where was Addie all this time And does her sudden reappearance have anything to do with the new attacks So, this is basica [...]

I m a big fan of Homeland, especially the first couple seasons I also love some good political thrillers as hard as they are to find , and Zero Day may be the closest thing to a Homeland style political thriller for the YA set I ve seen in some time Addie was kidnapped from the home of her politician father eight years earlier, and it became one of the most well known kidnappings in history She then reappeared eight years later, just as her father was elected President of the United States This [...]

As a child Addie was kidnapped, everyone thought she was dead until she reappeared while her father was president Darrow was Addie s best friend before the kidnapping and from the start of Addie s return he knows something is off in Addie land As the story progresses readers learn that, while away, Addie was indoctrinated by a terrorist fringe group with plans to bring revenge to the United States Addie takes secret meetings with the terrorists but she s conflicted between the reality she knew f [...]

As I write this, I am sleep deprived, because I was up til all hours okay, 12 30am because I couldn t stop reading it The synopsis makes it sound really good, right But it s actually season one of 24 good, the kind of book I cannot stop reading until it s over I spent most of the book not entirely sure who to believe or who the good guys were There are so many layers and everyone has secrets and everyone seems to be lying s the kind of book that really does demand precedence over whatever else y [...]

I loved this book I hadn t heard of it coming out or anything because none of my fellow bookstagrammers seemed to be reading it It was certainly a nice change from the traditional YA themes of boy meets girl This was a great read through and through I couldn t stop thinking about it whenever I had to put it down Zero Day pulled me out of my book slump, thank goodness Definitely would recommend it to anyone and everyone

The story definitely offers heart pounding excitement and multiple twists that would be appealing to action craving readers On the other hand, it offered than the average number of oh, come ON moments that took away any shred of suspension of disbelief Also, I grow weary of stories about super genius, wildly accomplished teens who do all manner of stupid things to drive the story forward Still Exciting.

I don t know what to think Overall, entertainingbut it lacked a spark apurpose It seemed all very generic Didn t really end either Characters didn t grow or make important choices so eh meh full review soon.

This was fun in a suspend your disbelief Disney movie sort of way.

The BasicsFormat Audio bookWhy did I read it It sounded interestingLength A fairly short audio book.Age Group 16 and olderRatingsAll out of tenCover Art 7Plot 7Setting 7Characters 6World Building 8Flow 7Writing 7Ending 6Total 7My ThoughtsPositives A fresh idea that is pretty relevant nowadays with computer hackers and groups like anonymous Getting an inside view of what goes on inside the white house was also an interesting thought Negatives There were a few times where I thought the characters [...]

  • Free Download Zero Day - by Jan Gangsei
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Zero Day