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Ride to Ruin #(2021)

Ride to Ruin

Ride to Ruin

  • Title: Ride to Ruin
  • Author: Eleri Stone
  • ISBN: 9781507089699
  • Page: 281
  • Format: ebook
Ride to Ruin By Eleri Stone,

Free Download Ride to Ruin - by Eleri Stone - Ride to Ruin, Ride to Ruin When a religious sect settles north of Fort Dougan in an abandoned city called Ruin it doesn t take long for stories to spread that something s not right about the place Charismatic preacher Thaddeus

Recent Comments "Ride to Ruin"

I m really liking this series, and Stone seems to be hitting her stride with this book It was fun to read, with a good H and h I liked that Ellie was competent and could take care of herself, even if she had made a poor choice with the lover she dumped at the beginning of the book I also liked that she and Garrett talked things out, so there wasn t a lot of silly miscommunication issues The wordbuilding in Ride to Ruin was good, but other than the reapers ghouls and the airship that came to the [...]

3.5Enjoyed the action and the characters The world was interesting I liked the gritty Wild West feel and the airships I enjoyed learning about both the reapers and rangers I will probably continue with the series.

4.5 stars I really like this series, even though this time the other elements of the world altered by the presence of zombie ish Reapers play a minor role This time rancher Ellie sets off to find her sister Lu, who is wanted for the murder of a man who was the founder of a cultish utopia, and Ellie s path coincides with Ranger Garrett, whose sister and mom might be unwilling guests of the town that is now under control of the murdered man s even less savoury son.I loved both Ellie and Garrett, [...]

Ellie s mother died in a Reaper attack ten years ago, leaving behind Ellie and her younger sister Lu Now Ellie is living day to day, sharing duties and a bed with Dan, but not all that happy with life When Ellie finds out Lu is wanted for murder, she finally discovers Dan s true selfish nature Packing up and heading out to save her sister, Ellie leaves Dan behind Ranger Garrett Landry is on temporary leave of duties while he tries to locate and save his mom and sister from a cult like preacher, [...]

Oh my, where to start There wasn t anything about this book not to love And all of those shelves I listed, fit Ellie, the female main character is at once, sweet and kindd tough She s got history with the reapers and the Rangers, blaming them both for her mother s death After her mother was killed while the town stood by and watched, she raised her little sister, Lu But Lu grew up to be wild as the wind, and rode with other semi lawless women on the border The story takes off when Ellie receives [...]

What starts out as a rebound romance for Ellie, an independent rancher, with a hot Ranger, Garrett, quickly turns into something sweet and strong as the two partner up to save their respective sisters Ride to Ruin is the third book in this enjoyable series Though a romance at its core, I love the strong world building and depth of this world that combines elements like Western cowboys, parasitic zombies Reapers and airships I appreciate how each story has been different and expanded the world we [...]

I completely adore this series From the mindless Reapers to those who have been cured of the disease and are trying to find how they fit in to this world now From the Rangers to the citizens they protect It all works for me All of it.Garrett and Ellie are just adorably sweet Sure, he s a Ranger who s tasked with keeping the people safe and helping breed up the next generation of Rangers and she s not entirely sold on the Rangers because of her mother s untimely death, but they work so nicely tog [...]

I always love the universe created by the author, and I liked seeing the changes the cure brought As a result, there was less talking about or encountering diseased, and the story focused on what the Reapers become after they re cured, and how someone could take advantage of them However I thought the resolution of the plot with Mordecai was too fast, I would have like than view spoiler just a sentence in a conversation between the characters hide spoiler As for the characters, I really liked E [...]

A sweet romance in the zombie infested west Excellent sister relationship.

Another good read in this series I m glad that certain events were not too drawn out.

  • Free Download Ride to Ruin - by Eleri Stone
    281 Eleri Stone
Ride to Ruin