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Village Heights #(2021)

Village Heights

Village Heights

  • Title: Village Heights
  • Author: L.R. Claude
  • ISBN: 9780989234450
  • Page: 317
  • Format: Paperback
Village Heights By L.R. Claude,

✓ Village Heights Ç L.R. Claude - Village Heights, Village Heights A page turner docu drama following the lives in the Village Heights trailer park Fourth of July is often an eventful weekend bringing raging parties and illicit drug use Jonny and Brittini are just t

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Village Heights is about the people who live in a run down trailer park and the party they plan to have on the Fourth of July The author begins the story with an introduction to the people who live in the trailer park and from the description these aren t people I d want to know The story reads a bit like a soap opera with a cast of characters that includes drug addicts, dealers, criminals, the down and out, and those who have just given up on life.If you d like to spend a few illicit hours lost [...]

  • ✓ Village Heights Ç L.R. Claude
    317 L.R. Claude
Village Heights