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Blue Moon #(2022)

Blue Moon

Blue Moon

  • Title: Blue Moon
  • Author: Walter Wager
  • ISBN: 9780877952350
  • Page: 305
  • Format: Hardcover
Blue Moon By Walter Wager,

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A below average spy action private eye story This one feels like a bad 1970 s tv movie One that would not be very nostalgic It s just boring to be honest It goes like this Buxom bombshell that can have any man Sway any man Have her way with any man takes up a case that put her in Las Vegas Someone wants millions of dollars or else Vegas will be blown of the map.There is very little action Very little suspense Very little violence No sleaze to speak of Most of what we get is planning Plans to blo [...]

  • Blue Moon Best Read || [Walter Wager]
    305 Walter Wager
Blue Moon