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Troubletwisters: Troubletwisters 1 #(2022)

Troubletwisters: Troubletwisters 1

Troubletwisters: Troubletwisters 1

  • Title: Troubletwisters: Troubletwisters 1
  • Author: Garth Nix Sean Williams
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 409
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Troubletwisters: Troubletwisters 1 By Garth Nix Sean Williams,

Troubletwisters: Troubletwisters 1 Best Download || [Garth Nix Sean Williams] - Troubletwisters: Troubletwisters 1, Troubletwisters Troubletwisters Come to us Troubletwisters join us welcome most welcome When their home mysteriously explodes around their ears twins Jack and Jaide are sent to stay with a grandmother they have never met in a t

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This type of book has a number of conventions They aren t universally followed, but still, I think it s fair to say they exist One of these is that the kids should prevail through their own efforts Or put another way, adults can t do it for them Which leads to a problem how to get rid of the parents This is one reason why orphans are a cliche of this type of literature Another is that orphans are easy to make into Protagonists with a Hidden Destiny PHDs Another widely deployed method is send the [...]

Alright, first off I should probably admit that I never finished the book I read a little over 100 pages in and gave up, although I flicked through in case anything amazing suddenly happened it didn t I feel that by 100 pages, the author should have delivered something to make the reader want to continue reading I don t want to have to force myself to finish a book, that s stupid So what was the problem Well, to start off with it was painfully condescending I can t help but feel that the authors [...]

I ll you a secret I love it when I sit down to write a book review and I have a great story of what happened when I purchased the book This review starts off with a fun one I purchased Troubletwisters a little while back from a popular department store near my home As I was taking it and a few other items beside, through the checkouts, the checkout operator paused, looked at the book and asked me if I thought it was any good Of course I did Why else would I be bothering to read it Anyway, this a [...]

This the first book of new fantasy series for young readers While there is a lot of action the good kids learning about their new gifts and fighting the great Evil , the story takes a while to build and requires a little perseverance Confident younger readers looking for something new should find it engaging, since most of the action is aimed at 9 12 year olds, with the young protagonists brother and sister twins running from animals and trying to keep up the courage to fight instead of giving i [...]

Y all, Garth Nix knows how to write a prologue, or at least I m going to assume Nix wrote the prologue, but hey, it could have been Sean Williams Anyways, with middle graders, you have to hook them and reel them in Troubletwisters definitely begins with a bang literally Jaide and Jack Shields are twins Sidebar I think twins are a trend in MG SFF Their dad is about to return from a business trip and they are watching With excitement, they bring his bag upstairs, touch a metal rod and all hell bre [...]

Pretty disappointing Pretty predictable Pretty unoriginal.

I have always loved Garth Nix s books SABRIEL and its sequels might be my favorites, but I was never disappointed I continued to read The Keys to the Kingdom series even though I was rather old for it because I wanted to know how Arthur solved his problems I ve never read anything by Sean Williams before, but I haven t heard bad things and I ve had excellent luck with Australian authorsOUBLETWISTERS, strangely, didn t quite work for me It s the tale of twins Jaide and Jack, who go to live with t [...]

It has always annoyed me when adults are dismissive of a child s question Don t worry about that I ll tell you later Some day you ll understand I don t have time to talk It s bad enough in real life, but there s no excuse for writing these responses into a middle grade book If you don t want the reader to know, just don t bring up the question.Another pet peeve You have no choice I have no choice Part of what makes a story interesting is what choices the characters make for good or ill With no c [...]

Thank you to Egmont for giving me this chance to read read the arc copy of this novel Troubletwister is a fun read about twins Jack and Jaide as they embarked on adventure that changes their lives They are forced to go live with their Grandma after their house is detroyed and thats were the story really gets going They two characters are just fantastic, they are very likeable They are very quick on the mark that there is something about Grandma X and they are determind to find out what Jaide is [...]

I didn t like this book I tried to like it I grabbed hold of everything that had even a touch of Garth Nix about it I was willing to ignore the irrelevant and awkwardly introduced secondary characters They might become relevant in subsequent volumes but I ll never know I tried and failed to get my mind around the idiotic behaviour of the protagonists all of the protagonists So many morons in such a short book I didn t believe in The Evil Seriously That was the best they could do by way of an ant [...]

Jack and Jaide s house blows up after a weird series of events and an invitation from their previously unknown Grandma X, so of course their mother takes them off to live at her house while theirs is being rebuilt Their father is off working, and their mother also gets a job that takes her away from home, leaving them to find weird happenings at their grandmother s house Why will no one tell them what troubletwisters are Why can they see things others can t Why does their grandmother s cat talk [...]

Ooh, not sure what s happened to Garth Nix lately I have a hunch he s trying to churn out too many books too quickly I still haven t forgiven him for pausing Keys to the Kingdom before the end so that he could start a whole new series which I have to say pretty much bombed in the library I d just qualify that by saying that Sabriel, Lirael and Abhorsen remain some of my favourite books of all time, so maybe I m expecting too much here.But Trouble Twisters just didn t grab me at all The baddies w [...]

Jaide and Jack are waiting for Dad to come home When his suitcase falls open and they pick up a metal rod the house explodes and a series of events happen that sends them to Grandma X s house They are troubletwisters and must learn to control their powers The problem is no one really wants to tell them exactly what those powers are or how to control them When the evil villian threatens to take over their minds and bodies they are forced to teach themselves with a little help from two talking cat [...]

Jack and Jaide are rambunctious twelve year old twins whose father is rarely home Then one day he returns in a bolt of lightning, and their house is destroyed The twins go to stay with their mysterious grandmother, who talks to her cats and can make them forget things with hot cocoa They re not sure they can trust Grandma X but it seems that an equally mysterious, far frightening magical force is after them, and she may be their only ally.Definitely the worst book Nix has ever written I mean, i [...]

I liked that the characters didn t just get everything handed to them And they weren t pronounced the greatest troubletwisters ever known They had problems and significant failureske when Jaide tried to get to the lighthouse by flying and ended up getting attacked by the birds And the fact that they suspect their grandmother as someone who is not acting in their best interests because she is obviously lieing to them and the excused of the adults about not telling them anything because too much i [...]

Very readable old fashioned children s adventure, which I believe was the whole point of the exercise, i.e to write a story of the kind the authors read when they were kids You know the kind the kids go to stay with their grandmother in this case because their house blew up unexpectedly, Dad has mysteriously had to go somewhere and Mum s job needs her to be away for several days, getting rid of the parents, then eventually, the grandmother, leaving the kids and the talking cats to battle somethi [...]

I really loved the Seventh Tower series by Garth Nix I won t be reading any of this series though I think it was too creepy disgusting, with much of the book focused on the evil which manifested itself through bugs rats etc, burrowing into each other and trying to envelop the children There was even a woman who was taken over by the evil and had rats and bugs burrowed into her skin A little to sick for my reading enjoyment and I think it was a little too intense for the intended target audience [...]

Review by Kain Year 9The Trouble twisters is an invigorating book that keeps you hooked on every page, from the first to the last, one of the best things about this book is the way it s written Its written so that it keeps you trying to guess how the hero or heroine gets out of that situation, it also leaves you on the edge of your seat trying to guess what will happen to the main characters.It s the first of a series and I look forward to number 2.

Trouble Twisters by Garth Nix is an action packed book, filled with adventure and mystery Throughout the book, we learn twins Jadie and Jack have powers that they never thought possible They also learn that evil can take many forms and secretes about their family slowly unravels.

I wish there were a way to mark something as I started this, didn t quite fancy it, and don t want to go back to it.

This was not really what I was expecting and I am not sure I m into it but I will give the next one a go.

I really enjoyed reading this book.It was fun and easy to read,good for kids with a great imagination

I think if I had been in the intended target age group, I d have liked this one, but as an adult, it was really just kind of boring The first half dragged pretty terribly Also, the protagonists are twins, and the authors would always feel the need to remind us all the ways in which they were different Every time they told us what one twin was doing, thinking, feeling, or anything, they would immediately follow it up with a contrasting description of the other twin Jaide liked such and such Jack [...]

At the begging some strange things are happening to the twins First they get a letter from grandma x a grandma they had never seen or barely heard of The two twins go off on an adventure What would or could happen next Well simple things began to happen very strangely.The two main characters Jade and Jack are normal twelve year old twins that are trying to over do the other sibling These two characters go through rough times and learn some new things Together they are able to strengthen each oth [...]

The twins are coming of age But what they don t know is that they have gifts When the gifts first manifest they go awry thus the title of the book And of course they have to fight off the Evil I enjoyed this book The twins wariness of their Grandma X, the absent father and the mother that works full time and loves what she does set the stage for this coming into your gifts story I enjoyed this first book but am okay with not continuing the series.

This book didn t grab me I kept reading hoping something besides demons in the form of cockroaches, spiders, ants, mice, rats, birds, etc would happen but, to me, the book just seemed like one horror after another without any real story And there were too many things that just didn t make sense Guess if you like a book that s all adventure and no plot, this one would be good.

This review has also appeared at Australian SpecFic in Focus.I am a long time fan of both Garth Nix and Sean Williams so the latter s SF than fantasy , so the idea of a collaboration between the two aimed at children is exciting indeed And I was fortunate enough to hear Sean Williams speak about the act of collaboration at Natcon50, where he discussed the different things that each brought to the writing that I think Williams wrote the first rough draft, then Nix added bits and changed bits, an [...]

2.5 StarsThe storyline has potential, but the characters fell flat to the point that I didn t really care about them I m curious about the twin thing, but will most likely not be reading further in the series.

My 8 year old was not sure about this book as he hadn t read much from this genre I had to start it out by reading to him, then one day I came home from work and he said that he finished it I guess he wanted to read a little faster than it just a couple chapters each night before bed.

This was a very good book I would recommend it to a friend who likes fantasy books It is about two twins who have too move to their grandma s house They discover weird magical things, and fight against the Evil My favorite quote was The twins at last , because it is mysterious.

  • Troubletwisters: Troubletwisters 1 Best Download || [Garth Nix Sean Williams]
    409 Garth Nix Sean Williams
Troubletwisters: Troubletwisters 1