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The Ball Player #(2021)

The Ball Player

The Ball Player

  • Title: The Ball Player
  • Author: Clay Snellgrove
  • ISBN: 9780979788505
  • Page: 357
  • Format: None
The Ball Player By Clay Snellgrove,

Unlimited The Ball Player - by Clay Snellgrove - The Ball Player, The Ball Player A poignant story about a young man s life journey The Ball Player takes the reader into the heart and mind of a gifted athlete Burdened by his responsibility for his best friend s death and confused

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Clay Snellgrove s debut novel The Ball Player follows the thoughts and experiences of an unnamed protagonist, our narrator, as he journeys through his 20s trying to break into Major League Baseball He drifts between the present and the past, remembering his childhood best friend Danny and their relentless competitions Danny s untimely and unfortunate death leads the narrator to meet Diane, Danny s fianc e, to whom the narrator finds himself romantically drawn.Snellgrove s first effort is impress [...]

Can I just say that up until now I still don t know the protagonist s name and it just feels like a big mystery that has to be solved Anyway, I actually enjoyed reading this book I liked how it was written This was the first time I ve read a novel where the story was written through the protagonist s memories from the past and builds up until it meets the present It was amazing how it all came together I loved reading about the history of the protagonist friendship with Danny They really went a [...]

The Ball Player a novel by Clay SnellgroveThis is a book about a man and his love for baseball The Ball Player began playing baseball in high school and then played for the Minor Leagues hoping for the chance to make it to the Majors.I am not a real baseball fan and maybe because of that, I really learned a lot about the people involved in the game A lot of emotions are tied into this book and I could see the Ball Player cared for what happened to those he loved and cared for as well as what he [...]

What do you look for in a read A feeling of stepping into the past Romance Action Realism The Ball Player by Clay Snellgrove has all of that and If you re a baseball fan, you ll love this novel but this is also for anyone looking for a good story This is a story in the true spirit of contemporary southern fiction I think we can all relate to the relationship of the friends in this novel Most people had that best friend with whom we competed and who we supported as much as we could but with whom [...]

The Ball Player was a book that I really connected with since I enjoy playing baseball It is nonfictional book written in first person, and the author narrating his story about playing in the Minor League Baseball The narrator describes his baseball games in great detail which are very action packed and keeps the readers interest The narrator also shared details of his life off the baseball field The theme is not just about baseball but about all the friendships and relationships that he encount [...]

Just when you think you are reading what seems like an autobiography of a professional athlete you soon discover that what you are really reading is a beautifully written, heartfelt story about love.In its purest and simplest form It begins with the love of Baseball, continues with real friendship and the seedy underbelly of sports and ends with the possibility of true love and forgiveness Its a beautiful story.I loved it.

good book i really wanted to find out what happens to characters, and the baseball side of it was interesting does a great job with feeling like you know the characters easy read, perfect for vacation, and would be good for men also

  • Unlimited The Ball Player - by Clay Snellgrove
    357 Clay Snellgrove
The Ball Player