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Dark Curse #(2022)

Dark Curse

Dark Curse

  • Title: Dark Curse
  • Author: Isaiyan Morrison
  • ISBN: 9780692263259
  • Page: 147
  • Format: Paperback
Dark Curse By Isaiyan Morrison,

Free Download Dark Curse - by Isaiyan Morrison - Dark Curse, Dark Curse The massacre at the Gathering has left Deamhan shaken to their core With their leader Kei ousted and on the run the once feared and Ancient Lugat Lucius goes on a killing spree to wipe out the rem

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Deamhan is another name for vampires who rule the dark and the night defines them Isaiyan Morrison is one such author, who unlike Stephanie Meyer, have not crafted a traditional romantic tale of the so called vampires, instead, she enlightened us, the readers, with another creature who are similar to vampires, but whose demeanor and lifestyle is unique and scarier than those vampires, in her book, Deamhan Deamhan Chronicles 1 Dark Curse is the sequel to Deamhanand as the author says, Dark Curse [...]

I wrote it I love it

Lucius was supposed to be the key in restoring order in the deamhan world after he has been released from limbo, but things got worse and chaotic He is now powerful and determined to free the Pure Ones from limbo, believing only they could save deamhans All hell will be brought among the vampires, humans and deamhans as well if this will happenThis contains many of what Anastasia called what the F % moments So many unexpected turns of events and dark twists you wouldn t see coming So much goin [...]

This story continues after the events in Deamhan This story has a lot of suspense and twists and I was hooked from the beggining.I really want to read the next books in this series.It s a great story and I recommend reading.

Dark Curse by Isaiyan Morrison a fab four star read This is the second book in the Deamhan Chronicles It picks up where the last book left of, this book takes us deeper into the Deamhan world This follows on in the same vein, keeping us on our toes and keeping the story fresh, it s not your typical vampire story, the author brings a freshness and fantasy that keeps you guessing if you picked the right side The clean up may be on its way, but the bodies still keep piling up I can t wait for book [...]

Like Very Dark Urban Fantasy Like to WIN great stuff Click on Banner to enter Intl Multiple winners Who could know Minneapolis would be a hot bed of darkness, evil and massacre Taking over where Deamhan left off, Dark Curse by Isaiyan Morrison continues the nightmare that is the world of the deamhan as one former leader is on the lam and another will stop at nothing to root out those that would betray their kind and end the spread of their poison The Brotherhood is back, the vampire population i [...]

This thrilling sequel to Isaiyan Morrison s Deamhan, will keep you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end Dark Curse, however, should be read only after you ve read Deamhan, because the author doesn t go into details about what s happened in the previous book and it ll get confusing otherwise.That being said, you can expect a lot of blood and action in Dark Curse Plus, you ll especially love it if you re into paranormal vampire novels caught up in an urban war.Don t let the word vampire [...]

Dark Curse is book two of the Deamhan Chronicles I strongly suggest that you read the books in order or you will be a bit lost as to what is going on as well as trying to figure out what each of the characters are.The massacre at the Gathering has left Deamhan shaken to their core With their leader,Kei, ousted and on the run, the once feared and Ancient Lugat, Lucius, goes on a killing spree to wipe out the remaining traitors in the city of Minneapolis.Meanwhile The Brotherhood s return along wi [...]

Dark Curse picks up where Deamhan left off, and in spite of the triumph at having retrieved the one Deamhan who could possibly help Veronica, and settle the unrest within the many vampire clans, all is not well.Whereas Deamhan focused on Veronica, her journey, and the obstacles she had to overcome, Dark Curse focuses on Anastasia, and her own personal conflicts It also sweeps across the other main players Kenneth and Mr Austin at The Brotherhood, Nathan, Remy, Lucius, and Selene some of whom a [...]

Oh my bejesus Just WOW Okay so I had hard time putting this book down It was so jampacked full of twist that you didn t see coming, of nonstop action that left you on the edge of your seat waiting for With all the details of the author put into this book it was like you with their fighting alongside Anastasia, questioning everybody with Veronica, and secretly laughing at Remy and is cocky crazy self I cannot wait for the next book in the series I know from this book is just going to be mind blo [...]

Well little ol me read this out of order and started this one first, lol While I see how it can be read as a stand alone I would recommend starting at book 1 in the Deamhan Series.This is for sure a very dark thrilling read to finish in one sitting I honestly was quite impressed with it and plan on reading it in the correct order I loved how this one went into the Deamhan world I love descriptive worlds That s my thing I overall love Anastasia as a lead female character I loved how it really got [...]

This book follows up where the first one left off and boy is there a lot going on I won t put spoilers but I will say a few things regarding Isaiyan Morrison The writing is absolutely spectacular, from the structure of the story itself to the way it allows the reader to be in the know even if they missed book one Bloody, action packed and addicting, you ll find yourself completely within this exciting world that Morrison has created I also love that this book is not like other vampire novels tha [...]

Deamhans,Vampires,and Lugatsoh my.I so got lost in this book and immediately had to go read Deamhan by this author as well It s not your everyday vampire story s better it s refreshing to read a vampire book that doesn t make them sparkle and the author thinks outside the box.I get tired of the same ol same ol and this book was outstanding and definitely kept me up all night because well.I HAD TO FINISH it.I hate spoilers so I don t leave any.But I will tell you this.you do not want to miss out [...]

This is an Honest Review and is simply my opinion This is the first novel I have read by this author and as this novel is part of a chronicles it is my opinion that it does not stand alone I found it difficult to settle into the story as I had not previously read the authors other novels leading up to this one However I would have to say that the authors work is solid It is well constructed and has the ability to paint the scenes using words The authors character build and world build shows the [...]

The description was than enough to bring me back into author Isaiyan Morrison s world Having read Deamhan just over a year ago, I have been anticipating this next book in the series It did not disappoint me The book opens and closes on a heated pace that the first book started and I am eager to see where the tale continues to go

I am addicted to her work I will happily admit that Sometimes the characters aren t always consistent, however her work is always amazing I will continue to read her work She infuses so much emotion into her stories No one is perfect but she is damn close.If it was possible I would give her TEN STARS A huge round of applause for isaiyan Morrison

The Deamhan are in chaos since Lucius was brought back by Selene There have been killings all over and there appears to be a divide coming.With the Brotherhood trying to play both sides who will give in and align with them in the end and where will that leave Veronica Austin As Anastasia and Remy try to decide which side to be on what will the cost be This is the second book in the Deamhan Chronicles and they need to be read in order.This was definitely an interesting story with the battle of th [...]

Book Review Dark CurseI am an independent reviewer This book is the 2nd in the Deamhan Chronicles and the ending doesn t really conclude any of the major story lines This story focuses mainly on Anastasia She is heartless and will blindly follow whatever Lucius tells her to do There is a particularly disturbing scene where she kills some children Deamhans without remorse Anastasia begins to grow back her humanity for some reason and works with Remy and Veronica to find a missing artifact and sav [...]

This book is the second book in the series and I was able to see the author become comfortable with writing these characters, this world, and the overall plot I can t go into too much detail because it s the 2nd book, and you really need to read the first book The world building is just as awesome as the other book The characters are strong and I m really loving getting to know all the different characters on a different level.I loved all the action and how complex the story is This picks up wh [...]

I liked getting info about the Deamhan and starting to understand them better, but now we ve thrown in 4 tribes I am interested in knowing where this series is going.

This book is amazing It is well written Full of adventure and suspense to keep you wanting I absolutely love all the characters They make you feel a part of them.

I love the Deahman Chronicles books so far This is my absolute favorite paranormal series so far.

FamtasticI can t wait to see how this story unfolds So much excitement and action Will veronica and Remy get together I hope they do.

The exciting saga of the Deamhan continues in Dark Curse, the second installment in Isaiyan Morrison s Deamhan Chronicles Series Told mostly from the perspective of the dark and dangerous Ramanga Deamhan, Anastasia, we readers do get brief glimpses into the minds of her closest acquaintances, Lamia Deamhan, Remy and Nathan, a former member of The Brotherhood that opened his home as a sanctuary to Anastasia, Remy and most recently to a young Metusba Deamhan, Hallie.First let me say that my love f [...]

This is the second book in the Deamhan series and this was even better than the first I strongly suggest reading the first book in this series before this one in order to have a better understanding of what is going on here This book picks up right where the first left off and Lucius on a mission to free the remaining pure ones from limbo This author does a great job of creating a dark and twisted world full of danger at every turn and filling it with characters that make the reader never want t [...]

This was a great follow up to the Deamhan book, one that I really enjoyed for its simple originality This book picks up right where the other leaves off so i recommend you read that first, lest you get lost in all the vampire goodness I will never look at Minneapolis the same after reading this series By setting the story in a middle of America city it gives you the feel that these beings could be anywhere I thought that was a nice touch You expect weirdness in some of the larger cities but Minn [...]

Now with Lucius free from Limbo and Pure Ones blood running through his veins, he and Selene will stop at nothing to get the other half of the Dark Curse tablet He is set on releasing all of the Pure Ones from Limbo Meanwhile, he has Anastasia do his cleaning up in Minneapolis for all those Deamhan and humans that still follow Kei So whose side are you on Free the Pure Ones or leave them in Limbo Find out whose side wins when you read this book Can t wait for the next one in this series

Mayhem and Massacres, definately not for the faint hearted Well written and the story has plenty of intrigue to keep you guessing Lucius is free from Limbo and his goal to set the Pure Ones free, the very first Deamhans who are still stuck in Limbo The only problem is not everyone wants them free Would definately recommend to a friend.

Book 3 pleaseThis is such a great story It leaves you wanting These characters are so intriguing and each one has a story that needs to be finished I can t get enough of these Deamhan.

Selene and Lucius have to find The Dark Curse, a clay tablet with the incantation to release The Pure Ones from Limbo Anastasia and Remy try desperately to stop them Totally fabulous read with so many awesome and quirky characters and a whole lot of chaos 5 star read for sure This is unlike any book I have read because they are not Vampires but a different breed of creatures.

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Dark Curse