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Five Dates #(2021)

Five Dates

Five Dates

  • Title: Five Dates
  • Author: Amy Jo Cousins
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 220
  • Format: ebook
Five Dates By Amy Jo Cousins,

Free Read Five Dates - by Amy Jo Cousins - Five Dates, Five Dates Helping his sister Lucy raise her kid has put Devin s love life on hold When he loses a bet to her and the penalty is to go out on five dates with men she s chosen from Guys Guys he thinks that s bad

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Okay, I must say, THAT is how you write a short story I absolutely loved both Devin and Jay to death Both men were just too adorable for words.Aaaaaand kinda stupid at the same time.There were also a few inconsistencies age wise, which did tend to drive me a bit bonkers Devin s sister got pregnant when she was 18 He s 3 years older than her It s been 10 years But he s 35 That math adds up to 31 , so I was than confused But I stuck with 31 vs 35, because large age differences are a huge turn off [...]

That was delightful Refreshingly well written, adorably romantic, and the scene in the car was unexpectedly hot.A single fingertip traced up the back of Devin s hand until it hit the bare skin of his wrist.The scritch of a nail against his wrist shot electricity up his arm until it bounced around his insides, making every inch of him twitch and then freeze when Jay s fingertip slid under the hemmed edge of Devin s glove.Jay stilled too, that one trespassing finger pushed deep under the supple le [...]

3.5 starsThis was a fun story, well written and genuinely sweet How many bad dates does Devin, a 31 year old draftsman, have to suffer through on a bet he lost again to his sister when he meets his dream guy on the very first one Too bad Jay wants nothing to do with him Jay was burned by his last daddy and wants someone who s his peer While I enjoyed this story, I think the age gap was greatly exaggerated Based on my calculations, Devin was 31, and Jay maybe 22, old enough to drink Devin was har [...]

Let s get to the pointHow can a book be a 4 star read for the first half and then be just ok the second half I mean, why I was really enjoying this one but suddenly the chemistry was gone, the butterflies abandoned my stomach and this was just another book that I will probably forget soon.And pls don t take me wrong, the writing was very good, the characters were very likeable and even though some situations were not real you ll still have a good time reading it Hope you enjoy x

4.5 Stars Okay, I m going to be honest with you there wasn t anything in this story that I haven t already seen in a thousand Hollywood romcoms Seriously There was a meddling sibling, an implausible scenario used to bring two unlikely people together, some snark, some laughs, lust at first sight, pining, someone getting drunk, denial of feelings due to past baggage, the Big Realization, and a Big Declaration of Feelings which naturally leads to scorching hot sex and a sweet as can be happily eve [...]

After a lost bet, Devin has to go out on five dates with guys that his sister has picked She made an online profile for her brother, using an old picture of him, when in his body description was still included a six or even eight pack.Devin at first is against the idea, because he s not into dating, especially after learning about the picture that she used for his profile.It s obvious that he doesn t look like that any, since he s not a boy, but a man The first date that agreed to go out with hi [...]

3.5 STARS What a cute, fun, little story I really enjoyed it and was still able to connect with the characters Devin and Jay despite its short length It was sweet and steamy Overall, a good quick read.

Well, look at that, the first foray of an HQN published M F author into MM and I loved it Usually, when I read about age gap stories not a frequent occasion but I do read them once in awhile , it would be the older guy who would feel insecure about pursuing a relationship The younger guy would be the one determined The situation here was rather different Jay just walked out of a relationship with an older guy who looked down upon him Jay didn t want another daddy even if Devin was absolutely hi [...]

OMGsh this novella It was so cute It had a complete story which I can t even imagine how hard that is to do on a limited number of pages This was a sweet, sexy, feel good story It had a bit of everything great characters story flow steam humor tiny sprinkle of angst and at the end you will be left with a smile on your faceI would LOVE to read a full length book about Devin and Jay fingers crossed Definitely recommend this one Amy Jo Cousins could easily become a favorite author of mine can t wai [...]

2.5 THIS IS TAPAS So please, let me fangirl a little here swoons.They mention Queso manchego Jam n ib rico Aceitunas Tortilla and super tortilla LOL But that s not enough for meeeee Tapas fr as are ok, but if you want to be fully satisfied it s a good idea to ask for tapas calientes, too IDK patatas bravas, calamares, chopitos, pulpo a la gallega, mejillones tigre, chorizo, setas al ajillo, gambas, etc.Some other issues Jay didn t real l care for any of the three flan flavors, but he liked break [...]

This was so cute And sweet and HOT What can you ask for Perfectly written and edited Excellent rec from my buddy m m readers at Turning Pages at Midnight.

A strong, amusing beginning that made me anticipate a 5 star read Somewhere along the way the story managed to peter out though Though sweet and not without sizzling UST, the characters were rather bland and the situations they found themselves in became a bit too silly for my liking Lazy plotting leaning on your MC s assumption that his 35 year old love interest is an asshole, solely because he got burned by another old man in a past relationship, for too long to keep the drama and UST going Th [...]

Hey, yeah I thought this was fab If this is anything to judge by, her MM release in December is going to be a stunner Fun, cute, and some great writing Easy, sweet read Recommend

Re read October 4 2015This one never disappoints This was freaking adorable After reading the prompt, I wasn t so sure I would like this one But I loved it When Devin loses a bet with his sister, he needs to go out on five dates His sister posts a picture of him on a dating site and arranges which men he will go out with But she used an old picture of him, a picture of 13 years agoSo when he meets Jay for his first date, Jay is angry for being lied to Jay is 25 and was looking for someone his o [...]

Two very likeable characters Devin is a nice man and a good brother wanting to move from hook ups to something deeper He meets Jay with help of his well meaning but meddling sister Jay who is gorgeous and sparkling, his reaction to the introduction is a big OUCH that made them feel real and both develop as the story continues.I really liked both of them and I liked how they danced around their attraction before both realising the other was everything they wanted Enough feelz to have you care, wi [...]

Bonito relato, pero muy corto, y eso le ha quitado puntos, ya que los personajes, que me han parecido muy interesantes, est n poco desarrollados.

4 Stars I m kicking myself in the ass for not having read Amy Jo Cousins sooner Bad life decision This short story has been siting on my kindle forever, and for some reason I always skipped over it Continued bad life decisions This was such a fun, low angst morsel of sweetness Writing shorter stories or novellas is a craft all its own, and the author did a wonderful job here The pacing was perfect, the story felt fully fleshed out, the characters were easy to connect to, the touch of humor was p [...]

Un relato corto muy dulce

That was just too cute for words

a rushed ending and a couple of character trait excesses hampered my enjoymente author s voice is assured and engaging, and her thoughtfulness and attention to detail make her writing instantly recognizable as a cut above the norm.which makes this story s rushed feel a particular shame happens all the time with these mm romance group stories an author can run out of time when their premise turns out to be richer and rewarding than anticipated.I would guess that s what happened here, because the [...]

Devon had to go on a series of 5 blind dates as a result of losing a bet to his sister A bet he didn t mind losing once seeing the picture of the tan, black haired, dark eyed at least 10 years younger than him angel Well, that is until he finds out his sister posted a 13 year old picture What happens next is far from an easy hook up for this adorable MC who had me right from the get go with his spanish food lingo sigh This was such an enjoyable read that I can not believe it s free

This is exactly how I like my adorable, with a side of snark and smex Loved it

4,5 date stars This was exactly what I needed Such a heartwarming short tale MM Romance group Love LandscapesPHOTO DESCRIPTION A good looking, young blond man leans back against exposed pipework He is shirtless and his jeans look a little old fashioned with their light wash His arms are huge and he sports a six pack, although he s already looking the tiniest bit soft around the waistline As if that six pack might not quite be there in ten years STORY LETTER Dear Author,I lost a bet with my siste [...]

A cute, fun read about a guy whose sister tries to set him up via blind dating Devin loses a bet with his sister, and has to agree to five dates of her choosing The first is Jay, a younger man she lured in with an old picture of Devin from years earlier It s embarrassing, but Devin has to admit if he really was ten years younger, Jay would be exactly what he d be dreaming of A pity he has to move on to dates two and three, and men his own age who don t show up expecting a twinkI enjoyed this fre [...]

This has inspired a whole new shelf that I am calling Prince Related since you know, the almighty Purple One sings about Sexy Motherfuckers and all YUP This was ridiculouslyHot Sweet Funny FUCKHOT.Sexy Adorable Did I say hot yet This was so good I could have read double, no triple the pages of Jay and Devin Oh and way to go, Lucy Job well done, girlfriend.

I want to read stories like this all the time Why didn t I read this sooner WHY I was eating this up with a spoon Devin and Jay were so cuuuuuttte The thing is He tried to figure out how to put it without announcing that he needed to get his well fucked ass into the shower with his new boyfriend.A shout rose over the spatter of water hitting porcelain Tell her she got it right the first time Winking with sauce than a chocolate sundae, Jay glanced back over this shoulder and wiggled Yeah she did [...]

Awww, this one is so good Short and sweet and with a happy ending And it s free on 10 12 16 What else can a girl ask for Did I mention the two MCs are cute as they can be Highly recommend Jay

Este me toc la fibra y me dej resacosa a pesar de ser una historia muy corta y muy sencillita.Devin y Jay me enternecieron Mucho No s , tiene algo de segundas oportunidades y de encuentro de soledades, que me lleg al coraz n Sin pretensiones, dulce, le cog cari o.Y la escena en el coche buen sima y muy conmovedora.Me dio mucha pena que se acabara

I actually liked this one a lot, it was so funny and it made a good company in my way back home 3

Five Dates is the kind of gooey, yummy short little romance that I adore Devin just can t stop betting with his little sis even though he always loses and the forfeits are always embarrassing This time is no exception, when the team he backed loses he has to agree to five dates, of his sister s choice Oops.The first hottie she sets him up with is Jay, and Jay is amazing, but about ten years younger He s also pissed off because the picture Devin s sister had used of Devin was a decade old Fun, sw [...]

  • Free Read Five Dates - by Amy Jo Cousins
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Five Dates