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Dubliners 100: Fifteen New Stories Inspired by the Original #(2022)

Dubliners 100: Fifteen New Stories Inspired by the Original

Dubliners 100: Fifteen New Stories Inspired by the Original

  • Title: Dubliners 100: Fifteen New Stories Inspired by the Original
  • Author: Thomas Morris
  • ISBN: 9780992817015
  • Page: 493
  • Format: Paperback
Dubliners 100: Fifteen New Stories Inspired by the Original By Thomas Morris,

↠ Dubliners 100: Fifteen New Stories Inspired by the Original ¶ Thomas Morris - Dubliners 100: Fifteen New Stories Inspired by the Original, Dubliners Fifteen New Stories Inspired by the Original Thomas Morris s Dubliners invites new and established Irish writers to create cover versions of their favourite stories from James Joyce s Dubliners Dubliners is a timely conversation with Joy

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This book was published by independent Irish publishers, Tramp Press, to mark the century since the appearance of Joyce s short story collection, and features 15 contemporary Irish writers, including some very big names, writing stories inspired by the Joycean originals.I reread the original text a month ago to refamiliarise myself with the stories, it having been 7 years since I d read it previously, and I have to say that, sacreliguous or not, this new collection is of much greater relevance t [...]

The concept of this book is one that seems to be becoming increasingly popular Take classics and create modern adaptions or cover versions Some are faithful then others, and some work better then others In this case I felt some stories worked well, others were less successful Some were very faithful, others used the original as the launch pad to go somewhere entirely different Faithfulness however to the original did not determine how successful I felt the story was My favourite was Counterpart [...]

Alcuni racconti sono molto belli, altri un po meno Tra l altro non ricordo Dubliners di Joyce Devo assolutamente riprenderlo.

I read this immediately after re reading James Joyce s original Dubliners , after seeing it being promoted in my local bookshop here in Dublin.2014 is the the 100th anniversary of the well fought for publication of James Joyce s celebrated, and ageless in my opinion, short story collection, Dubliners, including The Dead , regarded by many as one of the greatest short stories ever written.This book is intended as both a celebration of the original and a reimagining or literary re engineering of t [...]

Ma protagonista di Dubliners 100 soprattutto l Irlanda e tutti i profumi che la caratterizzano le pagine di James Joyce e dei suoi discendenti sanno di pub, di birra scura e di moquette Sanno di pullman vecchi e inquinanti, di porti affollati e di gente accalcata in Temple Bar nelle giornate umide e piovose Sanno di vecchi dischi, di whisky e di legno scricchiolante Sanno di vento che in questi anni ha continuato a soffiare rendendo il Nord cos attraente agli occhi di tutti, con i suoi immensi p [...]

A fantastic achievement by editor Thomas Morris, in tribute to the 100 year anniversary of the publication James Joyce s story collection DUBLINERS Each story from the original was given to an Irish writer to write a cover, interpreted how each individual saw fit, and what comes from it is a collection as unique and enjoyable as any well curated anthology Particularly delightful is the selection of authors living not only in Ireland, but living abroad, and thus setting stories in cities like New [...]

Thomas Morris s Dubliners 100 is an exciting project where new and established authors are invited to write cover versions of their favourite stories from James Joyce s Dubliners The result is a timely conversation with the classic short story collection one hundred years after its publication It serves to bring together ambitious new writers, like Elske Rahill, with well known voices, like Patrick McCabe, looking in, reacting to and reinterpreting Joyce.

Better than I expected This is presented as a book of cover versions , but that s selling the material short a bit Each story here is not so much a cover version as a complete re imagining Different authors take a single short story from Joyce s original Dubliners and offer their own individual take on it It s a brave undertaking, one that s almost sure to ruffle the feathers of many dedicated Joyceans not that that s a bad thing Though, in retrospect, it s hard to imagine the typical career Joy [...]

There are various stories associated with Dublin writers that they are frightened to write in the shadow of Joyce or that every Dubliner is currently working on a novel Well this book suggests the first is false and the second is possibly true As I recall, Joyce was not content merely to publish a set of short stories in Dubliners, he set out to perfect the art form and in The Dead, especially, many would accept that he accomplished his goal In the face of that benchmark, these writers are fearl [...]

2.5 stars.I understand the effort, but I was generally underwhelmed The technique of prefacing each story all with Joyce s original titles with a sentence or two from Joyce s DUBLINERS, with but a few exceptions of meaningful connection, usually leads nowhere In my estimation, a few of the stories are quite interesting some have possibilities some are efforts that unfortunately fall flat some are embarrassingly poor The short introduction by the editor is terrible On a first reading, the stories [...]

A book of short stories, named for and to different degrees based on the short stories in James Joyce s Dubliners.I started these stories first reading a Dubliners 100 story and then the original, then I moved on and read the original followed by its modern version and then I decided I was being a complete anorak, and finished the last stories by themselves.They compare very well in terms of atmosphere, each of the authors captured the atmosphere of the original excellently.Some stories were bet [...]

Nuove promesse e affermati scrittori irlandesi si cimentano nella riscrittura dell opera di Joyce, riprendendo i suoi Dubliners in chiave moderna e lasciandone intatti lo spirito di fondo e la fatalit del popolo irlandese.Quindici storie, tra Dublino e New York dove gli Irlandesi sono di casa e spesso osannati , in cui i protagonisti sono spesso sconfitti anche quando hanno gi vinto, dove la natura compagna di vita anche dentro una citt metropolitana e il senso di appartenenza alla propria terra [...]

Obviously not as good as James Joyce himself but there were a few stories that could stand on their own It was interesting to see what each author decided to focus on as the takeaway message of the story that he or she had to cover The resulting collection lacks the overall cohesion of symbols and imagery that Dubliners has but in its place is a reflection of how applicable and relevant Joyce still is today the Dubliners he wrote about 100 years ago are still very much in existence in 2014.

I would now like to read the original Dubliners by James Joyce, to fully appreciate this collection A couple of stories just didn t click with me at all, but others such as the Boarding house and A Painful Case were brilliant I loved that the first and last stories involve a congregation around a fire of sorts The Dead gave me the shivers.

A great introduction to contemporary Irish writing the stories by John Boyne and Michele Forbes stand out for me.

I loved the idea but I m not sure of the result Some of the short stories are excellent, some others are pretty pointless In general the collection is pretty good, however.

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Dubliners 100: Fifteen New Stories Inspired by the Original