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Skippyjon Jones Snow What #(2022)

Skippyjon Jones Snow What

Skippyjon Jones Snow What

  • Title: Skippyjon Jones Snow What
  • Author: Judy Schachner
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 423
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Skippyjon Jones Snow What By Judy Schachner,

[PDF] Unlimited à Skippyjon Jones Snow What : by Judy Schachner - Skippyjon Jones Snow What, Skippyjon Jones Snow What The New York Times bestselling Skippyjon Jones stars in his own playful fairy tale set in a winter snowscape Mirror mirror on the wall who is the bravest Chihuahua of them all Skippyjon Jones the

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One time a patron at the library asked me if we had any racist books in the children s section of the library it was for a school assignment Skippyjon Jones was the first thing that popped into my head because he fantasizes about being a Mexican Chihuahua stereotype see tuvez five stereotypic So, right off the bat, you know I m not a big fan of these books But I took a few minutes and listened to the author read this newest installment on the accompanying CD and I have to say I was very nearly c [...]

These books are so confusingwhat even is Skippyjon Jones

I ve talked to a couple of other folks who ve read this just to confirm my suspicions, and we agreeis just doesn t measure up to the original The story is typical he goes on a pretend adventure, he pretends he s a Mexican bandito, and the story is sprinkled with so many Spanish words that it s almost hard for someone like me, who doesn t speak Spanish, to understand what s happening all the time The illustrations, while lively and fun, also don t seem to be of the quality of the original, either [...]

I just don t really love reading these books They feel awkward to me, but the kids love them, so I trudge on.

Okay, so, I feel like this book is trying to do a good thing, but is actually doing a very bad thing There s a lot of cool Spanish in this book I m all about bilingual books, but this is not good The whole book is full of stereotypes Additionally, the book starts and ends with some pretty intense gender roles Basically the whole thing left a very sour taste in my life and felt very much like cultural appropriation I found other reviews from people who had the same experience I m sure that kids w [...]

In this story, Skippyjon Jones, is off to rescue a princess, Snow What.I find these books to be somewhat confusing and at times obnoxious, but kids seem to love them With all the Spanish words thrown in, this book would be good for teaching non Spanish speaking students to use context clues to figure out unfamiliar words.

This is another adventure for the chihuahua Skippyjon Jones His sisters are enjoying the story of Snow White, and somehow he gets mixed up in such an adventure I liked the story, but this one has Spanish words in it than I remember other stories of his have However, he looks pretty cute throughout his adventure.

I was thrown off by the random Spanish Like what The pictures were nice, but really didn t understand about the random Spanish and honestly there were a lot of stereotypes I usually like all children s book But not this I am not sure what she was thinking when she wrote this.

Fans of Skippyjon, the Siamese kitten who thinks he is a chihuahua, will enjoy this story in which Skippyjon refuses to listen to Mama read Snow White to his sisters It s a cute story, but none of the sequels measure up to the original book in this series.

So fun and light The whole family got a kick out of it

This is a cute story How have I not read this series before I love the embedded Spanish throughout the book, and the Snow What reminds me of something my uncle would say.

Another good addition to the series.

DD2 enjoyed it, but I found it tiresome The snow what schtick got old, and some of the Spanish code switching isn t what a Spanish English bilingual would say.

I read this to my students today What an awful story I wish I had stuck to my first instinct about the series and not wasted my time There are much better and worthwhile books to read my students

Picture Book

Originally published on my blog, Nine Pages.I really enjoyed this story and the parents really enjoyed this story, but it wasn t holding the attention of my audience of three two of whom admittedly were under one I warned them and I will warn you that my Spanish is pitiful I studied in middle school, but it s almost entirely washed away now I don t think that my poor presentation helped I fudged my way through most of the Spanish and the Spanglish and probably pronounced a few of the words with [...]

Parents need to know that Judy Schachner s Skippyjon Jones Snow What has the energetic cat who wishes he were a Chihuahua reluctantly playing the part of the princely rescuer in a fairy tale Conventional gender divisions drive the plot Skippy is dismissive of fairy tales and repulsed by kissing and boys in tights The princess has been frozen by a witch because she s hot and the witch is not This is the eighth book in the popular Skippyjon Jones series, and it includes a CD with music and the sto [...]

Basic Plot Skippyjon Jones must help out the mysterious princess Snow What.The Skippyjon Jones books continue to be favorites with my little guy and me He enjoys the silly accents and I get to pretend I m practicing my Spanish It all works out The stories are tons of fun and this one has Skippyjon professing disinterest in his sisters favorite story Snow White Of course, Skippyjon then travels into his closet, meets los Chimichangos, and goes on his own adventure Also of course, his adventure be [...]

Nieve que si Snow What Snow What is Judy Schachner s newest Skippyjon adventure Out of all her adventures, this one in particular is my new favorite Judy brings in a fairytale element into the story with princesses and deathly dragons The dragon in no match for the best sword fighter on the world Skippito Friskito In Snow What, it is a snowy and blustery night outside and Skippyjon s sisters want mama Junebug to read their favorite story Snow White Skippyjon does not like sappy princesses or fai [...]

Skippyjon Jones is not going to listen to his mama read some silly princess book with his sisters Instead he has his own adventure, taking a manly take on the story if Snow White He sets of to save Snow What, but you best not expect him to wear those silly tights This book takes a unique spin on a classic fairytale.Activity An activity for this book would be to incorporate it into a Spanish class, probably with an older group of kids As a class, the kids can identify the Spanish words in the bo [...]

My students adore these books, and I have so much fun reading them to the class I used to schedule Skippy dates with students who were having a rough time I m the counselor and we d go somewhere private to read, but as time went on my quiet kids started asking if they could bring friends Of course Except then we d end up with so many kids that I d just set up classroom dates instead P.S I thought Skippy was a chihuahua in cat drag for several books It didn t click that he was really a cat until [...]

This was a retelling of Snow White, but with dogs.I think This one seemed a little all over the place The dream sequence wasn t clear suddenly a few pages in there s a smattering of Spanish out of nowhere It was fun to read the rhymes to Berry, but it didn t feel cohesive.

I adore Skippyjon Jones This book was so creatively written I love how because he didn t want to read Snow White with his mom and sisters, that he took it upon himself to make his own adventure But yet he still had the same story line to his but made it manly Sometimes adventurous stories grab my attention just like it does the children And I love that he turns himself into a whole different animal when it comes to his adventures Sometimes I feel like I am on a adventure every time I walk into [...]

This Skippyjon Jones book is probably my favorite one since the first one The story is a take off from a fairy tale, and it did help immensely that the book came with a CD of Ms Schachner reading the book I speak Franglais, not Spanglish My six year old son, however, followed the CD along with his book twice in a row He would have listened to it again a third or fourth time right then if we didn t have to go somewhere that morning I have always loved the illustrations of the Skippyjon Jones book [...]

I thought this was an OK book, the pictures weren t fantastic the story line is pretty basic What I do like about this book and the rest of the Skippyjon Jones books is it interweaves Spanish words into the story The pictures help with figuring out the meaning if it is a difficult word I would use this with 2nd grade and under I would Level using DRA 24 Guided Reading M I think the main trait of this book is word choice.

Skippyjon Jones Snow What by Judy SchachnerBookfair book talk This is a book I have chosen for the smallest of students, just so you know the fun of reading starts at the very beginning Skippyjon Jones Snow What ,by Judy Schachner Is part of the continuing adventures of a small Siamese cat who thinks he is a Chihuahua, when he is alone in his room For once he is not in trouble, but upset that his three sisters got to pick the story I love this Tater Tots vivid imagination he always includes new [...]

I think I ve said it before, but I LOVE Skippyjon Jones books This book had so many Spanish words than any of the other ones I ve read before Which is great for broadening children s minds to different languages It was a cute story also The pictures always make me so happy to see, they re so cute and fun And the children LOVE to see the actual chihuahua in the mirror when he is changing into the magnificent sword fighter The pictures seem to be pencil or acrylics and they re always SO colorful [...]

Oh Skippyjon Jonesyou have to admit that saying Skippito is awesome and tons of fun However It has always bothered me that Skippy is a Cat that wants to be a dog There is imagination and then there is being happy with what you are Be proud of being a cat I listened to the on a audio book and it was excellent to hear the Spanish pronounced correctly I don t speak Spanish so I would have slaughtered the words I thought this was a cute book with cute pictures, but I am not a fan Just say Skippito t [...]

I liked this book so much At first the illustration of the cover is what drew my attention to it Then to open it and find the story just added to my excitement about it I think kids will enjoy it to because it speaks of a cat who looks for adventure in his closet and it becomes a winter wonderland to them Fantasy is very popular with younger children, they will stay focused on this one I think.

I never know exactly how I feel about these books It is borderline offensive, to imitate another language poorly However, it is a little boy, who has a consistent alter ego, that is a Chihuahua, which is a MEXICAN breed dog That is why there are true Spanish words, and little boy silliness Cute, but the story line bounces around as usual The cadence of the language is what is so exciting I love these as read aloud books, and the illustrations are darling.

  • [PDF] Unlimited à Skippyjon Jones Snow What : by Judy Schachner
    423 Judy Schachner
Skippyjon Jones Snow What