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The Keeper (The Raven Chronicles #0.5) #(2022)

The Keeper (The Raven Chronicles #0.5)

The Keeper (The Raven Chronicles #0.5)

  • Title: The Keeper (The Raven Chronicles #0.5)
  • Author: StephanieThomas
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 119
  • Format: ebook
The Keeper (The Raven Chronicles #0.5) By StephanieThomas,

↠ The Keeper (The Raven Chronicles #0.5) ✓ StephanieThomas - The Keeper (The Raven Chronicles #0.5), The Keeper The Raven Chronicles In this dark and thrilling prequel in a time before Beatrice before the all out war between the Dreamcatchers and the Seers before the Keeper became the Keeperere was just DanielleYesterday Daniel

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I hated The Keeper Danielle sooo much in LUMINOSITY she was an evil bitch but, this definitely makes me think about some things The writing is dark and I adore Stephanie s world building

You can also find this review on my blog Wings of NephilimI have received an ARC copy of this novella in exchange for an honest review.First of all I d like to apologize to Stephanie for taking so long for me read and review I feel like a terrible member of your street team since you sent this to me a while ago I ll blame myself for suckage Anyway on to the review Favorite Quote I am thinking of dropping him, regardless of his begging, and leaving him to fall and fall and fall until there s nowh [...]

Review The time where your first true vision comes, that s when you earn your Ravens Wings Danielle never thought she would become the next keeper or that her decisions will determine everything for the institution Danielle is torn between her duties and her love for someone that betrayed her and the institution, but there s a much bigger plan in the midst of a revolution between the institution and the dreamcatchers seers.Will Danielle choose love over duties or duties over love Or will Love be [...]

1 I do not like prequels.2 I do not like novellas due to their short lengths.But this novella is awesome and it might be changing my opinions This story packs a punch and I really enjoyed reading it It has the emotional satisfaction of a novel despite being short It s quick and to the point with awesome events that aren t expected I need to re read Luminosity now that I know about this world I m so happy to have read this and I can t wait for book two of the series at the end of the summer I re [...]

Good story but I couldn t help but feel detached from the said romance I think the ending ties up nicely as it segways into the next book.

A complex story, focused not where or who but the complications of love and trust.

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The Keeper (The Raven Chronicles #0.5)