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Destiny #(2021)



  • Title: Destiny
  • Author: Michelle Hardin
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 417
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Destiny By Michelle Hardin,

[PDF] Destiny | by ↠ Michelle Hardin - Destiny, Destiny One day in a beautiful garden destined them to meet again Nineteen years later After the tragic death of his mother Nathan Salerno has decided to live a life devoid of love Shutting everything else o

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Awful.Just really terrible It was bad enough having to hear all about Carter s hair every other page, but no other character in the book had any agency other than to tell Carter how hot sexy wax poetics about her hair, all while Carter winks and blushes lol I doubt Carter would be blushing as a dark skinned woman but okay, she s extra special I guess.The story line is all over the place I didn t really understand how Carter and Nathan just started making out instantly without even saying Hi, and [...]

Y all, just stop All these 4 5 star ratings for this Really Promising premise, but the failure to deliver is damn near criminal.First off, we have yet another Hershey skinned beauty that blushes You want me to ignore that Alright, fine But please, wtf am I supposed to do with the ENDLESS EFFIN RHAPSODIZING about the girls oh so long, oh so incredibly soft hair I mean multiple times per chapter,and I m not exaggerating I m supposed to be swayed from my irritation by one mention of her pressing it [...]

If Dangerous Beauty is young Ms Harding s first book straight off the bat, then l m fully prepared to be entertained DB is choc ful of romance, Italian Russian mobsters, suspense, the list goes on Charmingly written Let s see what DB2 and Ms Harding have in store for Nate and Carter s bipolar ass I really mean that in a good way

My Review of Dangerous Beauty by Michelle Hardin This is my first book by this new author and it will not be my last This is a new Mafia IR story with Nathan Russian Salerno and Carterina Anastacia Steel This is Nathan and Carter s story along with Nathan s Crew Luca, Kyle, Mickey, Dante Well will have to keep an eye on Kyle though Nathan is the Underboss and Enforcer for the Salerno family and will take over from his father as Mob Boss when he steps down Carter is the daughter of the previous E [...]

Fun read I m not usually one for this genre, but this girl was a great anti hero And yes, the grammar issues are there, but the humor, plot twists, and great pacing are all present More than anything, I walked away wanting and wondering how in the heck major publishers managed to keep missing such great writers.

The saga continues Another black heroine with long, silky straight hair Really Bye.

I really enjoyed Nathan and Carter s story I like the idea of a alpha female who can hold her own Nathan and Carter met when they were both very young and grew very attached to each other Fast forward 19 years later, when they meet again They have this undeniable attraction to each other that they just can t ignore This story was a fast paced story that I couldn t put down I can t wait for part 2.

Not much to say about this one It started off pretty good but went downhill at almost 50% I feel like Carter h ruined the story for me She went from being this cool bad ass chick to being completely fucking crazy Her own man was kinda scared of her and he s a killer himself I couldn t keep goingoh well.

OMG GOOD This book was outstanding,I couldn t put it down and can t wait for the sequel.

Wow um yeah so I loved this book, actually if I am to be completely honest I enjoy mafia books add in the interracial relationship and hook line sinker However I will be completely honest it took me until around the 30% mark to really get into this book I wasn t giving up on it because the issue I had was simple and eventually I knew it will all click into place Now what was the issue you ask Well there were A LOT of people thrown in from the beginning of the book The five was introduced pretty [...]

WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW This is my first read by Michelle Hardin and it certainly will not be my last This story pulled me in from page one and I could not put it down I loved the first meeting between Carter and Nathan but the second meeting blew me away and I loved the insta love and there was no games being played Carter wanted Nathan and she took him.Carter was a good heroine, she was strong, feisty and sassy, she was easy to fall in love with and I liked the fact that she was tough [...]

Based on the buzz around this book, Dangerous Beauty has everything I would want in a story kick ass female lead who is neither a shrinking violet nor wishy washy a male lead who is tough and tender but majorly flawed a supporting cast who causes all sorts of mayhem and violence, lots of violence Dangerous Beauty is the story of a mafia prince who falls in love with a hitman s daughter Sounds pretty awesome, plus it s written in 3rd person I had such high hopesSometimes books have tremendous pot [...]

Wow This may be Ms Hardin s first book but she knocked it out the park Carter is bad ass and her man and his crew are not to be messed with This story has romance, mystery, suspense, gore and humor all rolled into one awesome tale The only thing I hate about a series is waiting for the next installment Please don t make us wait too long, Ms Hardin Kudos

Fabulous Fabulous Omgis book was epic A badass dude AND a bad ass chick EPIC You have a beautiful love story alongside mafia lifestyle two favorites I cannot wait until part 2

Truly a dangerous beauty.This is a great start to the series The relationship between Carter and Nathan is intense and deep I loved the connection and acceptance that was shared Eagerly anticipating book 2.

I love this book It is hard for me to fall on love with the main female in any romance book but Carter is definitely a character you will love She is definitely bad ass I can t wait for part two Great Read

Looking forward to the next installment

Michelle Hardin has written a Mafia love story that spans 19 years In part 1 the story starts with with a gorgeous, blue eyed blond 5 year old boy extending his hand out to a scared little 3 year old girl who s skin is like milk chocolate and beautiful long dark hair, taking her out to his mothers beautiful rose garden He gives her a yellow rose and asks her to kiss it a make a wish They never see each other again after that day.19 years later Nathan Salerno, mafia underboss, ruthless killer, wh [...]

I was provided a copy of the book by the Author for an honest review.WOW I just finish reading this book, and let me just say that I love it, love the characters, and cant believe that s how the book end it, I have to say that this book had me seating down on the edge of my seat, once I started reading this book I couldn t put the book down, and now I am so ready to read the second part of it, I am gone keep this short since I don t want to give anything away.Let me just say that this book has a [...]

I think this book was FANTASTIC Intriguing, sweet, funny, intense and HOT It makes me want to go out and find a Russian Italian mafia man haha Anyway, the characters in this book are well developed if you like to fall in love with main characters, it definitely happens here Michelle Hardin makes them vividly come to life Our two main protagonists have quite the back stories that initially shroud them in mysteries which are slowly, and not completely unfolded throughout the book All in all, I cou [...]

I thought I was lost without my Battaglias but my prayers were answered when I found Dangerous Beauty Carter and Nathan are currently my favorite book couple A lot of love and a lot of crazy There are so many aspects of this book that I completely adore Their initial meeting and how everything came full circle They are eachother s perfect match in every way I love love but I love crazy love even better I am on pins and needles waiting for part two

Nathan Carter BRAB Online Book ClubI was anxious to read this story based on the recommendations in several online book clubs While I enjoyed the story, and applaud the author s effort, it being her first book, it was just an okay read for me.The story just didn t flow for me, it seemed disjointed as if there was too much going on I would love to see how Carter and Nathan s story ends, so I will definitely read the second book.

Amazing This book was the best mafia mobbed book I ve read Carter is the bomb, she don t play once she is unleased mannnn people better watch out Omg I can t stop telling people about this book If you want something good to read that s different This is the book I will only say that this is a kick azz, gun shooting, knife throwing and neck slicing good azz read Don t sleep on this author and part 2 will be here in August I really can t wait buy the book readers

I was so excitedI was so excited to read this book, and in some areas it didn t disappoint However, in others I found myself whispering wtf or noticing the inconsistencies On a positive note, I liked that Carter was a strong female Her relationship with her mom and the death of Nates mom are what I m really interested in.

Excellent readExciting.riguing romantic easy read I am very impressed to find out this is the authors first book Good has blessed you with true talent Continue to share your gift I can t wait for the sequel I am looking forward to much next purchase with you as the author.

Great story A little too many eye rolls and a very very spoiled Carterina but love the diversity and action in this book The Fab 5 are awesome and super HOT Looking forward to book 2 and wondering what secret Carter holds back about from Nathan Is it Angelo s love for Anastacia or possibly Anya s infidelity Kudos to this new author and her wonderful imagination.

This book was the bomb This book was the bomb I thoroughly enjoyed this book and cannot wait for the next one tip be released Please don t keep us waiting for too long Excellent plot, awesome characters, hot sex and lots of action can t ask for anything .

A true page turner It has a perfect balance of suspense, mystery, and romance A few errors in grammar were distracting but overall the writing was good and story well developed I can t wait for Book 2 in this series.

I really enjoyed this book Carter and Nathan met when they were kids and didn t see each other again until 19 years later Their chemistry is hot I also enjoyed the chemistry Carter had with the Five The book action, romance and had a mafia storyline It s a very enjoyable read

Loved ItI loved the characters and the believable story line in this book I m also glad I didn t discover it until the 2nd book was out I also loved how you put a different spin on usual characters Please keep the novels coming and I will become 1 of your biggest fans

  • [PDF] Destiny | by ↠ Michelle Hardin
    417 Michelle Hardin