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Romeo of the Streets #(2021)

Romeo of the Streets

Romeo of the Streets

  • Title: Romeo of the Streets
  • Author: Taylor Hill
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 204
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Romeo of the Streets By Taylor Hill,

Romeo of the Streets Best Download || [Taylor Hill] - Romeo of the Streets, Romeo of the Streets You can t run from who you are Sandy Guilianno is just like any average girl a committed student a hard working barista and the only stable presence in the life of her wayward brother and aging hosp

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Surprising.I downloaded this book when it was free, I mean seriously with a front cover like that how could I not and I liked the blurb but there s just so many free books out there I didn t know if I d ever actually get round to reading it Anyway my kindle was getting too full so while removing some books I noticed this again and decided to give it a go, it s a slightly different read for me but after a few pages I was hooked, I started it last night and finished it this morning and I really en [...]

Not a bad book but just OK for me I can t put my finger on exactly why but I felt as if this book took place in another time period As if maybe it was supposed to take place in the 60 s or 70 s I don t know, the dialogue and character reactions felt a little off to me Other than that, the writing was decent and it kept my interest enough for me to finish the book.

I wanted for this book I liked it but there were just to may view points for me to keep up with I had to keep checking myself to know who s view I was reading at the time But still I did enjoy it.XOXO

This was a really good book I stayed up till 3a.m because I just had to find out what happened next then what happened after that and after that until I had to find out how it ended My one and only complaint is that I would have liked to see romance in the book It was like one second she can hates what he does and is but yet she senses and sees in him than a gangster, and he likes that she is such a good person to her core but then wham out of nowhere they love each other but don t want to adm [...]

Ok I didn t hate this book but I didn t love it either it was a little confusing to me and I found myself skimming a lot Sorry but I must give it 2.5 stars

  • Romeo of the Streets Best Download || [Taylor Hill]
    204 Taylor Hill
Romeo of the Streets