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Between Henry & Clinton, A Novel #(2021)

Between Henry & Clinton, A Novel

Between Henry & Clinton, A Novel

  • Title: Between Henry & Clinton, A Novel
  • Author: Francine Richetti
  • ISBN: 9780615992
  • Page: 372
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Between Henry & Clinton, A Novel By Francine Richetti,

Free Read Between Henry & Clinton, A Novel - by Francine Richetti - Between Henry & Clinton, A Novel, Between Henry Clinton A Novel Life has a way of happening without notifying you first Teo is used to living a life that he inherited a life he thought he was responsible for a life that was brought about bycircumstances out of his

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This book is the perfect summer read The story flows so wonderfully and gets you hooked right from the start and carries you through to the very end What a great story as the book includes some real life events intertwined that bring out emotions and make these characters so real and believable What an amazing read from this first time Author Can t wait to see what she has in store for us next I gave it 4 stars because I know the best is yet to come This first time author has a very bright futur [...]

A NYC setting, an English teacher and a musician What could I possibly ask for in a book Being a proud New Yorker said with that infamous NY accent , I m drawn to stories that take place in my hometown where I can easily envision the tree lined streets, houses, and familiar locales along with the city s bustling movement Throw in an English teacher raises hand undergraduate English major here and musician raises hand always had a thing for guitar players here oh wait, I married one and we have [...]

3.75 4As a native New Yorker, there is nothing I love reading than a romance that takes place in my city.Natalia and Teo have a sweet love story Teo is a broken man who has never let a woman get too close, and Natalia is still nursing a hurt from the past Natalia is the only woman that Teo has given a second look to in years, and they are both very drawn to each other Natalia by mistake stumbles upon why Teo is so closed off, but can t tell him that she knows The secret that she is keeping coul [...]

MUST READ What a perfect summer read I don t usually write reviews although I always read them I felt compelled to tell everyone to read this one I thoroughly enjoyed this each one of us has a piece of all the characters in us The best friend from childhood that is still around, the guy best friend that won t seem to leave, the co worker with a heavier work load and finally the one that may or may not get away from us.

This was a great book I was engaged in the story from the very first pages I enjoyed the characters and revisiting NYC, Brooklyn and Cape Cod This is a beautifully written story Congrats on your first book, I look forward to reading of your works.

I was really blown away by this book It was well written and such a beautiful story I look forward to books from this new author great job

  • Free Read Between Henry & Clinton, A Novel - by Francine Richetti
    372 Francine Richetti
Between Henry & Clinton, A Novel