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Seed #(2021)



  • Title: Seed
  • Author: D.B. Nielsen
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 458
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Seed By D.B. Nielsen,

[PDF] Download ↠ Seed : by D.B. Nielsen - Seed, Seed A brilliant new adult paranormal romance with action adventure suspense and supernatural fantasy SEED is the first book in this gripping new epic adventure series sure to appeal to young adults and

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With all of the zest and determination of a teen, ignoring the fact that she has been told NOT to disturb her archeologist father in his office, Sage plows through his door and her life becomes the thing of myth, the supernatural and ancient history coming to life So, maybe not her best move, but a highly secret artifact is communicating with her, she feels the secrets it keeps locked away What does it mean for her Sage becomes fascinated by the inhumanly handsome and charismatic St John Rivers, [...]

You know that thrill when you discover an author whose every word draws you in and you cannot put the book down This is one such book and this is one such author I absolutely adored D.B Neilsen s first SEED book, Keepers of the Genesis I did not want to part from it, did not want it to end I am so very glad that there are books in this series with Sage and St John at the helm and I like that the next book is starring Sage s twin, Saffron at the helm Beautifully written, meticulously researched, [...]

Seed is book one in the Keepers of Genesis series by DB Nielsen I read this book as our first pick for the Indie Book Club Sage and her twin sister have grown up immersed in a world of history Their father has worked for museums their whole life and his job has taken them around the world While visiting her dad in the museum, Sage stumbles into her father s office only to discover that her father and a group of other museum workers hovered around a strange looking artifact on her dad s desk Afte [...]

I randomly chose this book to read and review as part of a challenge to identify up and coming indie authors Though I ve personally written a fiction book myself, I don t read much fiction, but something about this book reached out to me and i wanted to know about it and the author I found the book to be very well written and thought out I love history and felt i was getting quite the history lesson reading this, so bravo to the writer You must have put lots of time and effort into researching [...]

SEED has taken root SEED has taken root and captivated me with its eloquence DB s historical details and beautiful descriptions give a rich texture to the story that are quite impressive I m already reaching for the next book, SCROLL DB Nielsen Author Spotlight and Review

Wow I loved this book.A hard to put down, page turner Well written, with a thrilling and intelligent storyline and believable characters.I only have one complaint the book ended Thank goodness there are to follow I received the book for free through First Reads.

After Sage s parents drag her away from her home and friends in Australia, to live in England, the 17 year old girl stumbles onto something her father, and the British Museum, don t want her to know about When Sage comes across a mysterious artefact, she is thrown into a bigger story than she could ever hope to read about.I really enjoyed this d but novel by D.B Nielsen.I have to come right out and say that I love how she captures the setting so brilliantly I lived in London for a few years, and [...]

My mum always told me, If a book doesn t teach you anything, then it s not a great book And Seed proved me that she was right.The first thing I have to say about this book is that this was without any doubt one of my 5 favorite books I ve read this year, I am honestly speechless of how amazing it is.Also, I ve received a free e copy of this book in exchange of an honest review.We know we really love a book when we try really hard to explain its history or how much we love it, and that s why I fo [...]

Finely crafted paranormal urban fantasy encompassing mystery, suspense, adventure, action, laced with fantasy and a search for true love.Well paced story An intelligent plot with fascinating historical tidbits underpinning a believable turn of events The reader is drawn into the unfolding of the clever mystery by an engaging heroine Because the narrative is in the first person, Sage is able to reveal her emotions in true confessional style, nuanced feelings d b nielsen s wry observations about t [...]

For a YA paranormal, Seed has some rather heavy subject matter The story centers around Sage, a seventeen year old girl who finds herself in the middle of an ancient mystery when she happens upon an artifact in her father s possession As many have mentioned previously, it is very obvious that the author put a lot of thought and research into the story So much so that if one were to remove the paranormal aspect, this would read like an archeological mystery With the amount of knowledge at her di [...]

I have to admit that when I got the twit from DB Nielsen inviting to read the book I did not jump to the idea too quickly The message kept on popping in my twitter account and finally I said to myself, Why not so I put Game of Thrones in the back burner and on my downtime at work and home I begun to read At first it took me a few pages to get into the story but by the end of chapter 2 I was hooked.This book has it all, romance, history, and characters that you can relate You are greatly endeared [...]

Absolutely a wonderfully surprising read This is an artfully written story of mystery, suspense, and takes you on an adventure you will not soon forget Sage is a intriguing character that will draw you in as she comes to terms with what she if feeling to reveal her most inter emotion attracting your romantic side However, this is not just a romance, no sir, you will be thrilled with the in your face action of this historical fiction You will not be disappointed with this read.

This book seems very very exciting Would absolutely love to read it.

I downloaded this book as part of the Indie Book Club s Group Read for the month if January It was a quick, enjoyable read, mostly done while on vacation this week here are my spoiler free thoughts Honestly, the prologue almost discouraged me from continuing the novel further I did not enjoy the omnipotent POV and worried the entire book would follow suit Thankfully, it did not, and I continued on in hopes of finding something based on the book blurb and positive reviews I did find the first pe [...]

Where to even begin with this one.D.B Nielsen is a twitter friend of mine When I first joined twitter and grabbed him as a follower he sent me a link to review his book SEED I never got around to doing it until recently and let me just say I AM KICKING MYSELF FOR NOT READING IT BEFORE NOW of course at the same time I am relieved because the second book doesn t come out til March Now I don t have to as long for my Fi addiction The amount of knowledge I gained from this book is astounding I always [...]

If you like mystery, romance and paranormal fantasy stories then this book is a must have for your shelf Sage is a very well structured character that you cannot help but fall in love with, while reading this book I found myself really growing close to Sage and couldn t help but turn the next page to see what would happen to her She is witty, book smart and extremely feisty which makes for an exciting and humorous read throughout the story.This story revolves around ancient Babylon mythology and [...]

You know how we, as readers, stress and plead time and time again for detail in our favorite books Totally not a problem here Even in the introductory pages you can tell the author either comes from a strong archaeological historian background or she really did some serious research quite possibly both You never have those annoying little gaps of What happened between here and here or How did _ know that I never had to reread sentences paragraphs and that helps to stay immersed in the story I a [...]

This was a fantastic read that had a bit of everything It s a YA romance it s also a paranormal fantasy, oh, and a historical and mythological adventure story I love it when books can span genres like this It s like getting four or five tremendous stories in one The plot was engaging and thrilling throughout, peppered with literally hundreds of literary quotes, references to modern culture, and historical and archaeological facts My mind simply boggled at the amount of research that must have go [...]

I don t even know where to begin giving kudos This book was a wonderfully exciting journey, filled with romance, and mystery I loved the characters, and I found myself cheering and engaging all the way through I was a little worried at first that this book was too close to The Da Vinci Code code but, as I went along, I found that it has a flavour of its very own a wonderfully and rich flavour I could easily immerse myself in the world that the author created tasting the foods, feeling the atmosp [...]

Seed is a captivating read for anyone who enjoys history and young adult fiction I read this book as part of the Indie Book Club and was pleased with the choice from beginning to end My biggest compliment to the author is the intelligence with which the book is written The massive amount of research was layered in perfectly with the story, so as not to overwhelm the reader The characters are round and very relatable I found myself wanting to run around London with Sage and Fi to solve the myster [...]

I had a great deal of trouble reconciling the many genres and different levels of maturity presented throughout the story It s a shame because I see such potential if only Sage had been in her 30s like Diana in Discovery of Witches as the whole underlying concept is fascinating.Full review at greatreadsandtealeavesspo

DB Nielsen has written a book which has all the qualities that I love in a book Archeological exploration, ancient artifact, magical beings, love, mystery and family life It is not easy to pack all this into a book and not be boring DB s book is anything but boring I can hardly wait for the second in the series to come out.

LOOOOOVED ITI love books that whisk me away to another place and keep me there for hours on endg from London I love how well the author captured different places Made me feel like I was there againe mixture of history, fantasy, love, sisterhood it s all just executed perfectly I would HIGHLY recommend this book to ANYONE

Angels, Babylon, the hanging gardens, and supernatural events keep you intrigued through out this book This is an easy and enjoyable read that will have your imagination churning This book was received for free through First Reads.

Keepers of Seed Genesis II commend db nielsen for this interesting read I won t give away the story but if you love literature, history and fantasy this is the book for you the author has obviously done her research Give this story a try and you ll enjoy it for sure

Review coming soon

3.5 5 StarsHis expression was sombre as he admitted, The battle has only just begun SEED is the first novel I ve read with angels as its main subject matter For me that s actually a surprise, but a nice one It s refreshing to delve into a book whose story is completely fresh for me Coupled with some fantastic writing, and I fairly enjoyed my trip into SEED s world Its story is rich and full of mythology, real and fictional, and the characters travel around the world, giving the novel a true expl [...]

PLOTSage Woods the daughter of an archaeologist, stumbles across an rare and unusual artifact that her father and his colleagues have recently found Drawn to the artifact, Sage is determined to find out the secrets that it holds and along with her sister Saffron, Sage is thrown into an unbelievable world of mystery, magic, danger and Angels After meeting the mysterious St John, a colleague of her father, Sage realizes that her life holds greater purpose and she therefore is the key to finding a [...]

I am an independent reviewer for Paranormal Romance and Authors that rock I am giving this lovely read 4.5 Fangs I d have given it 5 but it took me a few chapters to get into the book I will start with I m glad I gave it those few chapters, every now and then a book surprises me when I don t think I m going to enjoy it and all of a sudden I m hooked Seeds did just that.Sage is the focal point of this novel she has been around the world with her parents as they taught and studied Her family is up [...]

SEED Keepers of Genesis 1 by d.belsenI absolutely loved it It has all of my favorite things some kind of quest usually religious , a love story, mystery, thriller, adventure, twins , family, evil bad guys, good bad guys , heroines, heroes, history, excitement, fear, animals, fancy cars and places, fashion, strained and strong relationships, mentors, other things I can t mention spoilers Did I mention twins I read the little teaser of the next story at the end of this one and I can tell you I am [...]

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    458 D.B. Nielsen