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Girlfriends' Guide to Baby Gear #(2021)

Girlfriends' Guide to Baby Gear

Girlfriends' Guide to Baby Gear

  • Title: Girlfriends' Guide to Baby Gear
  • Author: Vicki Iovine Peg Rosen
  • ISBN: 9780399528453
  • Page: 263
  • Format: Paperback
Girlfriends' Guide to Baby Gear By Vicki Iovine Peg Rosen,

[PDF] Girlfriends' Guide to Baby Gear | by ☆ Vicki Iovine Peg Rosen - Girlfriends' Guide to Baby Gear, Girlfriends Guide to Baby Gear WHO KNEW BABIES NEEDED SO MANY ACCESSORIES It s official You re pregnant Get used to the fact that life is never going to be the same And break out the credit card because that little bundle of joy i

Recent Comments "Girlfriends' Guide to Baby Gear"

At first I thought this was a great book Then I had my baby Enough with consumerism There really isn t a whole lot that you need when you have a baby Forget the crib and the swing Just get some clothes and a Moby wrap and you are all set You will figure out other things along the way When your baby is first born all he or she really needs is you All that other stuff is just junk that you don t need to waist your money on that will end up in the land fill someday anyway.

The litmus test for baby gear is Can It Be Used One Handed Does it Help Me Do Something Else One Handed Taking the tray off the high chair, unfastening a baby Bjorn, raising lowering the side of a crib, getting baby shampoo into your hand, unfolding steering collapsing a stroller all should be doable with one hand And when you re testing a stroller, put some weight in it almost anything is maneuverable when it s empty.The Baby Bjorn It does free up your hands, but it can be hard to find somethin [...]

A good, fast read It gave a really good breakdown of the stuff she and her friends found useful, necessary, and completely worthless To me, that was the most important part As an expecting mom to be I was baffled by baby stores and baby aisles, COMPLETELY not sure as to what I d need when baby got here beyond the obvious diapers and Onesies, of course Lots of good info on the safety of some items, too Iovine writes with a sense of humor, which is really nice when you re about to go around the be [...]

Now that I have a 3 month old baby, most of what s included in this book seems like common sense to me, but back when I was a clueless pregnant person this book was invaluable It clearly explains all the options for the mounds of baby gear you will need to or want to accumulate for your first baby, provides recommendations on what you really need and what s optional and what s a true waste of money , and even gives helpful hints on what you can do to help prepare your household and yourself for [...]

Vicki Iovine and Peg Rosen s The Girlfriends Guide to Baby Gear is a fun read that I wish I had read prior to creating my registry Some of it is slightly dated, but that aside, Iovine and Rosen lay out what exactly you can get away with borrowing and what you don t need at all And they do it with humor Reading this book 3 months into having our first baby, I did learn of some new brands, and some areas I still found applicable as we hadn t yet purchased some items for example high chairs Pending [...]

Vicky once again uses her unusual ability to add humor to any situation to navigate you though the basics of choosing what in those huge and overwhelming baby super stores you might actually want to purchase She does not provide exact makes and models, but instead describes the desired features she and her girlfriends have found useful Not having many peers with children myself I am grateful for this advice and the many references she provides to continue my search to educate myself in this area [...]

This was a good introduction to what one needs before a baby arrives I found it easier to digest than other baby gear books because of its organization But really after having had a baby, I don t think one is really ever ready by the time the baby comes An extra suggestion Save your receipts so you can return exchange items when you get a better idea of what suits you when the baby arrives.

I used this book to help me build my gift registry while I was pregnant Of course, after having a baby, I will admit that you really don t need everything that you think you do when you are pregnant with your first child But no first time pregnant woman is going to listen to that I wouldn t have either This book was definitely helpful in narrowing down the options and choosing the most helpful of the items that are available.

Another MUST HAVE a great pairing of humor and practicality that this practical gal loves and appreciates the section on car seats had me crying the image of my husband trying to install the car seat as we re exiting the hospital was too much needless to say, it was easy to get sleep after reading this takes all the stress away

This book is easy to read and even laugh out funny at points I read it in conjunction with the Consumer Reports Baby Products books and the information was almost identical, so these ladies know what they are talking about It really helped me figure out what to register for, which products to register for and what to avoid.

Iovine has a hilarious spin for much of the baby gear world This book was helpful Instead of saying what brands are the best, which could change over time, she points out the best types of baby gear verses the useless items that will just take up space.

I find baby stores overwhelming, so this book made it a lot easier to research and choose items for our baby I would go chapter by chapter, choosing items before moving on to the next chapter The comments were really helpful.

Honestly it was funny in places, but not as funny as Girlfiends Guide to Pregnancy I found the advice to be really common sense and what I wanted were specifics Baby Bargains was MUCH better I would not recommend buying this, much less reading it.

This book was very helpful what do put in the diaper bag What do you take to the hospital with you What is a layette I think it offers helpful realistic advice about what you need there are so many options for items to buy for baby it can be a little overwhelminggood luck

Choosing baby gear can be a pretty dry subject but Vicki Iovine makes it about as entertaining as a guidebook can be.

It has a lot of good information but I think it goes overboard on what you need Read it, but then get input from others.

This was a good reference for what stuff you NEED and what you really don t it also lists good companies known for safe, dependable baby stuff

This book was ok I probably would have given it a higher rating if I read it earlier, but it was mostly repeated information and seemed out of date.

The only part I really remember was the carseat section an it scared me It really wasn t all that hard to install but it did get the point across.

Pretty useful but a bit judgemental and somewhat outdated.

This book helped me decide which baby products were necessary and which I could do without I was able to refine my registery, cutting out the non essentials A must read for expectant mothers.

You can really make your own choices Waste of money.

Good info on what to buy and what you really shouldn t.

I love the Girlfriends Guide to series Excellent advice that is funny to read In general the advice is pretty good If anything it s an entertaining read during pregnancy.

I love their conversational style and sarcastic attitude toward non essential items like wipe warmers This was really funny and had good advice.

  • [PDF] Girlfriends' Guide to Baby Gear | by ☆ Vicki Iovine Peg Rosen
    263 Vicki Iovine Peg Rosen
Girlfriends' Guide to Baby Gear