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Loot: How to Steal a Fortune #(2021)

Loot: How to Steal a Fortune

Loot: How to Steal a Fortune

  • Title: Loot: How to Steal a Fortune
  • Author: Jude Watson
  • ISBN: 9781467679954
  • Page: 283
  • Format: Preloaded Digital Audio Player
Loot: How to Steal a Fortune By Jude Watson,

[PDF] Loot: How to Steal a Fortune | by ✓ Jude Watson - Loot: How to Steal a Fortune, Loot How to Steal a Fortune Hijinks heists and high octane action in Jude Watson s new middle grade blockbuster

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Looking for a good middle grade adventure this summer for you and your kids LOOT by Jude Watson should be at the top of your list Jude knows this territory well Not only does she write beautiful prose worthy of the National Book Award which she won, writing as Judy Blundell She also understand what kids want in a fast paced action story She has written numerous novels set in the Star Wars universe, and is also a veteran of the 39 Clues, which I was lucky enough to be part of.Still, none of that [...]

There is a lot to love about Loot Jewel heists Master plans Kid criminals Yes, please I love stories about kid spies or criminals both would be even better and this book had potential Sadly, I can t call it a favorite I don t love itbut I don t hate it either.The main characters were Jules, March, Darius and Izzy They were all pretty awesome and even though the likelihood of kids having their abilities is practically non existent, I enjoyed the humor and energy between them The teamwork is incre [...]


After teaching 16 classes the past three days, I just wanted to zone out with a fun book over the weekend This was perfect The strong characters, humorous dialogue, and piston pumping action had me wanting to practice a C grip a wrist to wrist acrobatic move Jules is a circus performer that meets up with her twin brother, March, when a jewel heist goes wrong and their dad is killed The two did not know about each other until March s Dad, Alfie McQuin, tells him to find Jules which March thought [...]

So many twists and turns A really fun read I will definitely be reading the next one as well.

Book 97 Read in 2014Loot by Jude Watson YA March is the son of Alfie, a jewelry thief After Alfie s death, March finds his estranged sister Jules and the two try to steal a complete set of seven moonstones to get enough money to live independently But they need to outwit other jewelry thieves who are after the same prize They hope they can do so, with the help of fellow at risk teenagers Darius and Izzy This book was a good, quick read It would definitely keep the interest of both boy and girl r [...]

Twelve year old March McQuinn has lived a life that many kids can only dream about world travel, no school, and exciting hijinks but it comes at a cost He has always felt as though something, or someone, was missing from his life So when his father, the notorious jewel thief Alfie McQuinn, falls to his death during a burglary, March is left completely alone That is, until he is reunited with his long lost twin sister Jules, who has been traveling with their aunt s street performance group Follow [...]

A murder mystery, a jewel heist, a deadly curse and a long lost twin while this may sound like the plot of a new soap opera, they actually add up to the best middle grade novel to come across my desk in a long, long time With thrills than a roller coaster ride, this book is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat but just be careful because March McQuin and his sister are born thieves and in the end they might just make off with your heart.

I think it was pretty good it wasn t the best But it did draw me into it soooo

nice shirt bro

This is the first book in the Loot series by Jude Watson The story is a bit far fetched, but it is a lot of fun and very dramatic I really enjoyed listening to Michael Crouch narrate the story on audiobook He is a very talented narrator and was very adept at changing his voice to match the myriad characters Overall, it s an entertaining story for middle grade readers and I am looking forward to listening to Sting next.

I really liked this book The beginning was sort of slow, but it became very fast paced towards the middle The ending was GREAT So many unexpected twists Best Bits Darius and Izzy All the heists The mysteriousness of BlueCan t wait to pick up the second book.

A tip you can find this audiobook on Spotify Likes Darius and Izzy I loved that they were like siblings and were always protecting each other Fast paced, with lots of adventures Cons Now, I know IRL that s an awful thing to do but I love them in books, they re so clever Could be better A lot of situations were really pretty improbable but it s a MD so I m not too picky

March McQuinn is used to a life on the run, since his mother is dead and his father is the infamous Alfie McQuinn, the jewel thief While in Amsterdam, pulling a heist, Alfie dies in a graphic fall, and March knows he has to leave Unfortunately, he gets caught, and ends up back in the states in a group home with Jules, a street performer he has met in Amsterdam and with whom he shares a bond There, he meets the hulking Darius and the quiet Lizzy, both of whom have valuable criminal talents Jules [...]

If you re going to do it, don t do it stupid Pretty good advice if you ask me It s one of the things March s father always said It s repeated throughout the book as the characters plan their heists to get 7 million dollars for some very special moonstones I absolutely loved Loot It was so much fun to read, and I enjoyed the characters I liked the constant action I felt like there was a lot of mistrust between the characters They were all so afraid some one was going to double cross them and it g [...]

When March s father, a notorious cat burglar, dies, March is left with only one message Find jewels But solving the mystery of Alfie McQuinn s last words is just the beginning of March s escapades soon March has joined up with a band of outcasts to plan a heist even Alfie couldn t accomplish Along the way, he may just figure out who murdered his father and also find vengeanceThis is a fun, action packed heist novel for the younger crowd, and the mystery of who killed March s father only adds to [...]

In the book Loot by Jude Watson, Alfie,who is March s dad is one of the biggest criminals of all time Will one night in Amsterdam doing a robbery Alfie gets pushed off the roof and dies March is now on a mission with his long lost sister Jules and 2 other kids to find the 7 moonstones before the blue moon If they find them and give them to someone she will give them a million dollars each They find clues along the way to find out where the moonstones are and how to get them from the people Find [...]

The most striking aspect of this book was the character who was a clear ukelele playing, corset wearing, eyebrow drawing on tribute to Amanda Palmer.

This was a great book I would definitely recommend it to my friends who are interested in mystery type of books.

It was ok It kind of feels rushed towards the end It s fairly harmless

Loot The book Loot by Jude Watson is about a boy whose dad fell from a building and died while he was robbing a building When his dad was dying, he managed to say find Jules At first he thought his dad meant gems March, the son, ran away because the police were looking for him While March was running away, he came across a show and he noticed one girl in particular.The girl s name was Jules and at that moment March realized that his dad was talking about the girl Jules was his twin sister The po [...]

I loved this book It was just one of those books that made you not want to put it down I loved March s character he was always finding clues that his dad left him that no one else would have found if March wasn t there I think it was really cool right in the beginning of the book by setting the tone when Alfie fell of the roof and he told March, Find jewels I think that line was really important becauses I think it had two meaning One to find his sister and the other to find jewels I also really [...]

I read this for M.C.B.A and I thought that there were many parts that were very funny I liked the plot, and it was interesting to see how March and Jules viewed the world My only complaint is that the epilogue did not seem very realistic.

I enjoyed the whole children thieves thing the book had going on, but it was just hard for me to get into It was a decent book, with decent character development i.e Darius , I enjoyed the witty sarcastic narrative, and my person favorite moment was when they escaped from the group home, but other than that, it was a meh book to me.

This was a pretty fun read for teens I d recommend it to fans of Alex Rider There was a lot of action and suspense, with moderately likable characters I d veer toward 3.5 stars but ultimately it was innocuous.

Do you want to know how to steal a bunch of gems Well if you do then this is the right book for you Loot is a great book about a boy who is born into a life with a thief for a dad As for right now he is a get away driver for his dad who is stealing the valuable stones in the world, Moon stones They do not actually come from the moon but when it is a full moon then they glow and people say they have a curse on them Back to the boy being a get away driver he see s his dad on the roof of the mansio [...]

I recommend to young adult boy readers, and readers who are into crime stories The narrator is the son of a jewelry thief, and is a thief himself Humans aren t meant to look back Or else we d be able to turn our heads in a 180 just like an owl This is one of the life lessons that March learned from his father before he tragedy died It turns out to be one of the themes of the story No matter what obstacles are throw at you, keep moving forward Do not get stuck in the past or the present too long. [...]

This book is an excellent middle grade readI would recommend it to 11 and 13 year olds because of its light hearted action and very low on violenceever as for someone who has read Heist Society by Ally Carter.Loot is lacking in the action department.but still an enjoyable readI liked the sub plotd the ending was fascinating So all in all it s a good story and a fulfilling read

March McQuin was shocked Right before his eyes, his own father had fallen off a roof, and was dying Of course, some would say the man deserved it, as his dad was Alfie McQuin, infamous burglar, and March was his lesser known partner in crime His dad handed him a strange stone, and gave him these final words Find jewels When March is at the airport being sent to an orphanage his mother had passed away when he was young , he meets Jules McQuin his long lost sister that he didn t know he had who wa [...]

Which do you think will be better at a robbery 4 kids or adults , well its kids The book is realistic fiction it could happen but it isn t true My overall opinion on the book is that it is GREAT I mean I just love how the story is kid try to rob 7 moonstones Loot is about 4 kids who try to rob 7 moonstones in 1 week to get 7 million dollars March Jules , Darius and Izzy It takes place in Amsterdam then in the USA after they get caught and are sent to USA The Conflict is person vs cops and time t [...]

  • [PDF] Loot: How to Steal a Fortune | by ✓ Jude Watson
    283 Jude Watson
Loot: How to Steal a Fortune