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The Proposal #(2022)

The Proposal

The Proposal

  • Title: The Proposal
  • Author: Martha Silver
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 461
  • Format: Kindle Edition
The Proposal By Martha Silver,

The Proposal Best Read || [Martha Silver] - The Proposal, The Proposal Tully s first marriage ended badly and then she lost the true love of her life in a motorcycle accident She longs to have a family but knows she won t get a third chance at happily ever after Mack s

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I can t remember how I stumbled across this book, probably a suggestion, but after reading the synopsis, I thought why not I basically went in to this with no expectations, but even that earned this book only about 3.5 stars from me I was good, but it lacked quite a few things Firstly, I had a hard time buying into the emotions of the characters The narrator claimed how characters felt for each other another, but I just didn t see it or feel it for myself Mack s attraction toward Tully, felt ver [...]

2.5 3 starsWarning contains mild spoilersWell this was ok but to be honest both of these characters got on my nerves I understood why Mack didn t want to love again but really it got a bit irritating him not owing up to how he felt and pushing Tully away all the time Also I really didn t like what he did on the honeymoon, yes I know it wasn t a real marriage but even so he could have spent time with her It would have been a good time to bond before going home to Cody but instead he palmed her of [...]

Ehhh, ok.Not a horrible book but not great either Just another predictable romance, the flow of the book felt stiff to me also.

I don t always put a lot of stock in what others say about a book or movie because ultimately the decision is yours based on the synopsis whether or not you read a book.The title and synopsis for The Proposal caught my eye so I decided to give it a read I m glad I did In the real world Mack and Tully never would have met How many real life Cinderella type stories have you ever read about BUT in this work of fiction they did meet by chance He s a wealthy man and she wants to one day be a writer M [...]

Clean contemporary romance with two damaged but essentially kind people that find a second chance at love after they raise the little Cody together There is no christian themes, the author just keeps the bedroom door closed although these folks are being sexually active.Tully is grieving so she can be excused from the crazy fake marriage that Mack proposes because she finally feels something, she feels love for Mack s little boy Cody So of course love makes love and their fake family starts to [...]

3 STARwell well i guess this book was to fast read for me was the story of tully a woman heartbroken for her fiancee death and she still grieving but when she met cody , a sad little boy.eir meeting gave big impression for cody and he told his father mackck was very much loved his son, when he knew that his love had new passion for a mother , then he proposed tully to become his wifetully became sinceerly in love with cody and she accept the arragement, their marriage went well until tully fell [...]

Mack s wife died two years ago, and he s determined to never love again He has everything money can buy, but what he wants most is a mother for his three year old son, Cody When Tully and Cody bond over a sandcastle in the park, Mack impulsively offers her an unorthodox business proposition a contract marriage with Cody at the center There will be no love and no sex, but if Tully will move to Mack s Colorado mansion and care for Cody until he s eighteen, Mack will support her while she pursues h [...]

Held my attentionI liked the characters and the story but I didn t feel the love the characters had for each other, nor their friendship with others Would have liked to have seen building The climax kidnapping believable some what but good job overall I would read from this author.

oh my this book in great well written, great characters, awesome story that flows smoothlyMs Silver, how you came up with this unusual marriage, and the interesting details for the pre nup, genius

This is a suspenseful love story that was hard to put down It has an original plot that I found myself thinking about while I was away from the book The characters were well developed and intriguing Fast paced and enjoyable read Highly recommend

Love happensSweet story of heartache, and loss and what can happen when you least expect it Plenty of drama, and thrill Visit many places in just a few pages Very happy I bought this book It is definitely a good read.

I received this book free via What a great story I started and finished it in about 24 hours It definitely sucked me in right from the start.

This was a very well crafted story It was a beautiful story with a lot to say about about trust and forgiveness.

Not your typical marriage The story is full of so many twists and turns that I fell asleep with my kindle because I couldn t put it down.

excellent read

This story was ok but seemed to drag out a lot and had a lot of fine details that i didn t feel needed to be added ie the type of wine, clothes names and describing everything in great detail

Trustthe storyline was good I would have liked sex I was good to see Mack s character emerge through trust in love.

Liked itI really liked this book it was full of romance and drama but I wanted out of the ending.

Great book Recommend this for anyone looking for a great book to read with a unique story line.

Very enjoyable book to read, the love story was unusual from the marriage contract to the end Love and trust are great lessons learned the hard way

  • The Proposal Best Read || [Martha Silver]
    461 Martha Silver
The Proposal