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Beautiful Mistakes #(2022)

Beautiful Mistakes

Beautiful Mistakes

  • Title: Beautiful Mistakes
  • Author: Sam Mariano
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 233
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Beautiful Mistakes By Sam Mariano,

[PDF] Beautiful Mistakes | by Æ Sam Mariano - Beautiful Mistakes, Beautiful Mistakes AVAILABLE NOW ON Julie Kingsley has never had much luck when it comes to men After impulsively transferring to college in Chicago to move in with her unreliable boyfriend a chance meeting lands Julie

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DNF at 47%I really wanted to try to stick this one out, but eh never mind lists this book at 676 pages, and I made it almost halfway through At 300 pages, give or take, I m still not liking any of the characters or their decisions, and I don t even care about the plot I think I m than justified in stopping.My thoughts on the characters Matt Cheating asshole Even when he was nice I hated him I don t care how you justify cheating on your wife, it doesn t work for me.Emma Matt s bitchy, vindictive [...]

Ok, I m not totally sure how to review this story without spoiling, but here goes Firstly, I honestly recommend you go in blind I bought it the day it came out with only the blurb to go on and I m so glad I did I hate spoilers in general, but in this book, I feel like they would ve been especially detrimental to the reading experience.This story was not what I expected at all I really enjoyed it I read this author s other book, and this one was so much different there were similarities as well r [...]

OMG the DRAMA Married Man, Brothers, More Cheating, Mean Girls, Unrequited Love, Jealous Exes, Unplanned Pregnancies.There is a lot going on in this book Julie is somewhat likable but you will find yourself saying, what the h ll is wrong with you and what were you thinking OMG Jack and Matt A hats, both of them Aaron, eventually you understand and warm up to The storyline is good and it does have a HEA But I am stilling feeling like WHOA me a minute I will be thinking about this book due to sens [...]

I started reading this story thinking I knew exactly how this story was going to turn out Well, I was wrong Poor Julie is a lost college girl that becomes the nanny for a married couple and begins a doomed relationship with the husband and yes, you guess it, with an unexpected result that changes everything for everyone involved This is not just a story of bad decisions and unhealthy relationships This is a story about second chances About how something that seems so life changing and dark can a [...]

Beautiful Mistakes is one of the books that I had a hard time putting down It grabbed a hold of me and kept me reading until the early hours of the morning I m sure the subject matter will be a little touchy for some but if you get past it, it really is a really great read It s a beautiful story of dumb mistakes that young people often make and how one woman rose above her mistakes to make a great life for herself.There is so much that happens in this book with all the characters and the author [...]

Love Review up soon Holy heck people This book is one seriously amazing emotional rollercoaster I don t know what s not to love about it First off, let me start by telling you guys how much I adore Sam Mariano I read and reviewed her first novel, Because of You and I fell in love with it She is an amazing storyteller and just a pretty cool person in general So of course, I jumped at the chance to review Beautiful Mistakes, without even knowing what it was about I was pretty much sold on the fact [...]

Beautiful and heart gripping.When I got this book as an ARC for an honest review, I looked it up on and read the blurb I thought I knew what it was going to be about and man was I in for a surprise This one hit close to home, and brought tears to my eyes several times It also made me laugh and offended for some of the things that happened, as well as cheering on Julie and Arron at different times It s so well written that it just makes you extremely reluctant to put it down, reading everywhere f [...]

If this book could have started at 60% I would probably given it a full 4 stars Unfortunately, I had to deal with Julie s 19 year old whoring ass meeting Mr Right, getting dumped by Mr Right, using and being used by Jack, while she is sleeping with Married Matt, meanwhile falling for his moody brother Aaron And I m supposed to believe this angelic 19 year old has only slept with 2 people Hahhahahah Come on Jerry Springer, Maury is calling you over for coffee No friggin way This was trailer trash [...]

My first book to read by Sam and it won t be my last Seriously, Julie s beautiful story, even though it had A LOT of drama, was incredible I loved her, and I loved Aaron too He may have been my favorite part Beautiful Mistakes is a heart warming tale with great characters, and a strong storyline that you will NOT be able to put down Great story

What a great story Thought I knew where it was headed I didn t but so much happier with how it turned out I liked Julie, didn t love her but I did really like her LOVE the hero Loved the ending so much So adorable I am curious to know about Emma I liked her for some reason that I really can t put my finger on Great read Loved it all

ComplicatedLove is very complicated, that s the way Julie sees it anyway She has had a rash of bad luck when it comes to men Then Aaron steps up and changes everything I liked the characters and the way the story was told The fact that Julie stepped up took responsibility of her part made me admire her Matt is a tool and honestly I didn t feel sorry for him at all As an adult we all make decisions and even mistakes can be rectified However, he messed up with making those mistakes continually and [...]

  • [PDF] Beautiful Mistakes | by Æ Sam Mariano
    233 Sam Mariano
Beautiful Mistakes