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The Promotion (A Short Story) #(2022)

The Promotion (A Short Story)

The Promotion (A Short Story)

  • Title: The Promotion (A Short Story)
  • Author: Gabriel Beyers
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 392
  • Format: Kindle Edition
The Promotion (A Short Story) By Gabriel Beyers,

Free Read The Promotion (A Short Story) - by Gabriel Beyers - The Promotion (A Short Story), The Promotion A Short Story G R Agent loves his job Collecting lives is what he was made to do He has worked hard to climb up from the bottom but lately he feels stuck He has been a Level Agent for long time now and h

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A level 2GR is trying to become a level 3 and makes a deal with his boss Little does he know that another level 2GR is also looking for the promotion If he fails, he drops back to a level 1 Being a grim reaper can be a real pain in the ass, especially when you are being dogged by a beautiful female grim reaper What is a death agent to do

I liked the end of this short story The inbetween was interesting as well, kept me reading, the writing was so good that I even started to root for the protagonist to succeed in his promotion, he sure was dedicated I expected a twist and there were a couple But I m really happy with the end.

The story is about Grim Reapers that collect life spirits from people who die Unlike the tv series Dead Like Me this book has the reapers actively taking part in killing their targets and then collecting their spirits A level 2 reaper comes to town to make collections He wants to be promoted to level 3 but that is going to be hard since there s another agent in town after the same target There s something missing, though There is no reference in the book to the reaper looking through the towns v [...]

PromotionAs always this author delivers a fully entertaining read With twists and turns aplenty the final destination still comes as a surprise An imagination unparalleled which comes through in his storytelling Even though a short read it will still make you miss your stop on the way to work.

Dragonfish I love this story Action, suspense, a little romance followed by reception Well written with enough mystery to keep you entertained.

  • Free Read The Promotion (A Short Story) - by Gabriel Beyers
    392 Gabriel Beyers
The Promotion (A Short Story)