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Total Immersion #(2021)

Total Immersion

Total Immersion

  • Title: Total Immersion
  • Author: Ellis Carrington
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 440
  • Format: ebook
Total Immersion By Ellis Carrington,

Free Download Total Immersion - by Ellis Carrington - Total Immersion, Total Immersion Evan Stanton is in over his head Injured from a fall on campus he s let his boyfriend talk him into a senior year total immersion trip two weeks abroad only his boyfriend ends up dumping him shortly

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The true test of any relationship is when the love is just as strong in bad times as it is in good Unfortunately, Evan Stanton didn t have that kind of bond with his boyfriend After Evan is injured in a fall, his boyfriend decides they need time apart Discouraged, but determined not to let it stop him, Evan leaves on a journey alone, one that is destined to change his life forever.When Evan s boyfriend dumps him, he doesn t have a contingency plan, but is determined to take the trip they had pla [...]

Total Immersion is a good title for this story about two men, each looking for something different, a better type of life or relationship than they ve had so far They meet on a trip to Turkey, and by immersing themselves in that experience they each learn something new, become open, and manage to fall in love.Evan is not in a good place at the beginning of the story He had a bad fall, injured his back, and has never really recovered despite the fact his doctors told him his symptoms should go a [...]

So Turkey is by far my most favorite place in the world I have visited yet Istanbul and Haghia Sophia alone are worth the trip The balloon ride over Cappadocia at sunrise is something I ll never forget Ephesus Bodrum Canakkale The beauty of Pamukkale and the hot springs The churches at Goreme The underground city at Derinkuyu The Baklavaterias what we named the places that only serve variations of Baklava many within steps of the Topkapi palace where it may have originated All wonderful memories [...]

2.5 stars sigh maybe I was in the wrong mood but the best way to describe this story is, well, dry.I was looking forward to something fun happening during the trip because romance on a holiday seems fun to read However, I never felt connected with these characters The dual perspectives from Evan and Bale were too similar for me to able to distinctly separate them In fact, a few times I thought I was reading Evan s perspective only to realize it was Bale s.I am trying to find something that might [...]

shurgs This was all right But it didn t rock my world Two college seniors meet on a plane heading to a summer program in Turkey and end up bunking together Evan is the tough guy with tats and piercings who s in a great deal of pain from an accident he had a few months earlier and who was just dumped by his long term boyfriend Bale is the preppy one who wants to help Evan with his pain and who just broke up with his girlfriend But this isn t a GFY I don t think Bale s sexuality was kind of thinly [...]

I really liked these two MC s together and could have used to this story Not as erotic as I d anticipated but their journey to falling in love is tender and loving which is very satisfying in its own way Not heavy with angst or trouble Just a pleasant and even flow to a HEA Overall, well worth having read.

Well, this was my first foray into the stylings of Ellis Carrington, and I can officially say I have found a new author I adore I will be reading her entire back catalogue when time permits, as this author has such a profoundly beautiful way with words It s always amazing to find an author that speaks to all your likes this way, and the general flow and descriptiveness of her prose had me salivating over this story from the get go.In a dual narrative between Evan and Bale, this story unfurled a [...]

A cute and fun short story about two guys who journey to Turkey on a class trip over their college summer break Evan Stanton and Chris Bale meet as seatmates onboard the plane Evan has just been jilted, by a text from his lover, Josh, who arranged the trip and should have been with him Bale is there to enjoy himself, having recently broken up with this girlfriend, and he s looking forward to an overseas adventure before finishing school and starting work as an accountant Bale is extremely person [...]

Want to fall in love with two people falling in love This is a relatively short story so it focuses strictly on our couple Evan and Bale The Dark Knight, you will get this reference when you read the story and told from both of their POVs.Even has been in constant pain since an accident and it has taken a toll on him physically and emotionally He feels hopeless and is completely thrown for a loop when he meets his total opposite Bale Bale is a nice happy go lucky kind of guy and just a little co [...]

A very enjoyable story that worked on many levels First, the characters travelling through Turkey and Greece in a student group made for an interesting background There was enough sight seeing to feel like you were yourself in those foreign countries I ve never been to either of those places, but I could easily imagine them through the descriptions given.Second, the alternating narration between Evan and Bale gave the reader a chance to see the story from both points of view That device doesn t [...]

Reviewer BarbGenre M M Contemporary3.5 HeartsSee Review Here Hearts On Fire ReviewsFacebook link facebook pages HeartsReview A cute and fun short story about two guys who journey to Turkey on a class trip over their college summer break Evan Stanton and Chris Bale meet as seatmates onboard the plane Evan has just been jilted, by a text from his lover, Josh, who arranged the trip and should have been with him Bale is there to enjoy himself, having recently broken up with this girlfriend, and he s [...]

A Joyfully Jay review 4.25 starsTotal Immersion is a lovely story of starting over and healing I loved Evan and Bale s story From the beginning the friendship built between the guys is the strong foundation for the eventual relationship Their story is a slow burn, weeks of friendship that builds and kindles the fire between them When they meet, Bale makes Evan a sort of project Evan thinks Bale is a rebound attraction so he tries to ignore it and see the pushy guy as a friend I really like these [...]

A couple of college seniors on a two week summer tour of Europe discover that not only do opposites attract, but human kindness and loyalty go a long way to making an immersive romance into a solid base for a potential lasting relationship.Although Evan Stanton isn t one hundred percent cured after he slipped on steps going to class which forced him into physical therapy , he still agrees to go abroad because his boyfriend wants to When Evan gets to the airport with his backpack, he s stunned to [...]

This short story was lots of fun I think it might be the first romance I ve read set in Istanbul so a plus there for originality This is the story of poor Evan who starts a tour to Turkey feeling pretty down He s just been dumped by his boyfriend plus he has chronic pain from an injury months before Enter, Bale, the perfect guy to befriend him and become is room mate Bale has broken up with is girlfriend and takes Evan under his wing.It was a sweet story with moments of humour and some little su [...]

4.5 Total Immersion was one of the most anticipated Mended stories for me and has become a favorite I just really liked both Evan and Chris I liked that they weren t trying to make out of their situation than was there I like that they just started off having fun and ended seeing where the fun could go I have to admit, the visual of Evan in his bad boy guylinered glory wasn t a bad one Find the Full review at Prism Book Alliance prismbookalliance pos

3.5 rounded up I really like Ellis s stuff She has an easy way with words, and her stuff is a pleasure to read.The story was pretty decent Quick, pretty light Two college kids on the same trip abroad meet on the plane and become friends One has chronic pain problems, and the other helps him They room together and hang out during the trip Fairly easy story about two guys getting to know each other and falling for one another over the course of a couple of weeks.

Even though New Adult is my least favorite romance genre I rather liked this short novella The khaki wearing lead was a surprise as was how he related to the other lead Yes it s short and the ending had forced drama but I still enjoyed this story a lot.

3,5 stars

I really wish there was I wanted to know what happened when they got back and how their relationship turned out 3.5 stars.

I thought this was a very entertaining readloved it

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Total Immersion