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Revelations #(2021)



  • Title: Revelations
  • Author: Astolat
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 125
  • Format: ebook
Revelations By Astolat,

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hoh lee shit.i am a writerand yet the words for how talented and brilliant and compassionate and playful and the words for how good this author isi cannot find them right nowis was spectacular, and i would give half the light of my eyes to be able to see the bones of a story the way this woman does.talent in this measure is fearsome is staggering wonderfulad this it is an amazing adventure if you ve ever seen the avengers or read any of the comics in marvel s various, long running franchises it [...]

and that, ladies and gents, was a beautiful beautiful story.

This was just some awesome storytelling I ve paid for books that weren t written even half as well as this fic was.

3.5 , , , , , , , POV .

5 wholly deserved stars, counting every plot holes, hows, whys, and buts, because a successful work this ambitious warrants no less.Truly epic, and frankly unbelievable, with a plot this complex, yet no sacrifices have to be made in character developments or world building Kudos to the gal in the comment section spending their time explaining the twists and turns for slow minded little me

Thor dies in battle against Loki and Doom and everything changes Loki realizes that he can t pretend to himself or to others that he doesn t care about Thor He must do anything to save him, even if it means going to the underworld to find and bring him back.The Avengers join him on his trip and it changes them.The story switches points of view and every chapter is narrated from the perspective of a different Avenger I really loved the Hulk in this one

One of my favorite Loki Thor fanfictions of all time


This wasn t bad but I couldn t tell you wtf it was about Goodness I saw it was rated explicit and so I was waiting for that and when it finally happened I was whelmed.

While it had some high moments and tidbits of wonderful writing, and the long journey view spoiler to the dead hide spoiler was exhilarating, overall it did not grab me like I expected.That might totally, absolutely be the case because I m not well versed in this particular fandom It is very possible that I would have needed a deeper knowledge of the mythology to really get the feels.Also, Hulk s POV was fucking HILARIOUS Hulk poke other guy Other guy fall down Splat Ha ha Hulk pick other guy up [...]

Wow that went nowhere near where I expected it to go I want a sequel.

Meh I liked the story immensely but the ending was kind of depressing and just Which makes no damn sense even as I think it but there you go.

Until little after three quarters of the book this was a good story almost a very good story although a little slow From there, Natasha s and Thor s last chapters were so emotional that knocked me out My rating shot up.But the resolution in the final chapter disappointed me that turn of screw on the myth of N h ggr it didn t work for me nor a bit My rating fell.To top off with a falling note, I love epilogues but this was an unusual case wherein the epilogue was anticlimactic My rating fell a bi [...]

This was the first fanfic I ve read, and it was surprisingly well written and imaginative The three stars has to do with my lack of fervor as a fan of the Avengers than a lack in the story itself.I d be interested to read an original original world and characters story by this obviously talented writer.

You see, that summary made me think all kinds of things And then I read it Not what I was expecting In a good way, but you know Points off for changing POVs and brevity.

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