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Made in America #(2021)

Made in America

Made in America

  • Title: Made in America
  • Author: Chris Chelios Kevin Allen
  • ISBN: 9781600789878
  • Page: 287
  • Format: Hardcover
Made in America By Chris Chelios Kevin Allen,

[PDF] Made in America | by ↠ Chris Chelios Kevin Allen - Made in America, Made in America From being inducted to the Hockey Hall of Fame in to serving in an executive role on the Detroit Red Wings and signing on to become an NHL analyst for Fox Sports Chris Chelios has proven him

Recent Comments "Made in America"

Judging that this is one of my favorite hockey players of all time, this reviewwould seem a bit biased I really liked it and it was what you would expect it to be, a rundown of his life from childhood to retirement and induction into the hockey HOF and a little bit of what s going on in his head at the time Great anecdotal stories keep this awesome and I learned something new not only about Cheli, but about the of things going on in hockey in general in those days NOT as good as Ken Dryden s boo [...]

I still love Cheli as an amazing hockey player but I wish this book would have had meat He drank a lot, got in lots of trouble and has lots of famous friends I learned about him in the acknowledgements.

It s not going to win a Pulitzer but it s a good and fun read nonetheless Chelios drinking stories are worth the read.

Being from Wisconsin and a blackhawks fan this book was right in my wheelhouse If you like Chris chelios you ll enjoy this book The flow of the book was a little choppy and I can see how the interesting parts wouldn t appeal to a broad audience There are better hockey books out there but this one was worth the read for me.

A really good hockey book, and a great look into arguably one of the best American players in hockey The book did make me think chelios is kind of a dick But still a really good, easy read.

Ever read a book by or about somebody you had a lot of respect for and realize they re a giant turd Enter Chris Chelios

Fun easy read Love Hockey Love USA Hockey.

Great read Chelios doesn t shy away from this book From his personal wins and loses, and his up and downs in his professional career, this book does not disappoint.

This book is a personal odyssey shared with people who appreciated the career of Chris Chelios in the National Hockey League this book is much than Hockey Reading through these pages the book became to me a story of one s family specifically the Chelios family Mr Chelios of course focuses on his career and his existence within the NHL What I found was a treasure trove of sorts that allowed me to reflect on my own existence When I think of Chris Chelios I have thoughts of how I watched the Chica [...]

Growing up in suburban Chicago in the 90s, I knew very little about hockey and the Blackhawks In those days, home games weren t televised and I didn t have cable to watch away games if they were televised I honestly don t know The sport was far behind the football, baseball, and basketball in this part of the country Even so, I knew at the time that the Hawks were good, and that Chris Chelios was one of their best players Following hockey s renaissance in this town the last several years, and my [...]

Made in America is the best Hockey book I ve read, I ve read many, in my life The best thing about it to me was how he played in the minors because it showed how hard he worked He would play hockey, and work a job at the lumber yard for only 400 a week Since he lived in San Diego for a couple of years he was behind the other players so he would go to the rink at strange hours to practice his shot Not only that but he would get discrimination from other players, Canadians, for being an American i [...]

The book I read was Made in America, a story about great American born hockey player Chris Chelios I liked the book because it talks about one of my favorite hockey players, which is Chris Chelios The book was very detailed, but the book skipped over most of Chris childhood The book tells us of many stories they usually occur in Canada.Although the book is about Chris Chelios, he talks about many other great hockey players Chris Chelios book, Made in America, is one for young hockey players It i [...]

What a dickHe decides who is aloud to celebrate their goals and who is too still too much of a rookie The rookies get there wrists broken because the celebrated a little too hard or longAnd the hotel room that was trashed by Team USA, doesn t tell you anything new or who the offender s were but says since he was Captain and felt responsible he picked up bill for the rowdiness.Not a good book, disapointing, what a dick

This was a very easy read as it took me only 20 hours, and that includes a full night s worth of sleep Only gets a 4 star review because I read J.R by Jeremy Roenick and there was a lot of overlap, thanks to them both being Blackhawks and US olympians at the same time Great book that is raw and honest As a casual hockey fan it was a great way to kill a day.

This is a quick read and well written by Chelli s co author Whether you re a fan of Chris Chelios, the Red Wings, or hockey, this is a good straightforward book Chelios takes responsibility for his actions, good or bad I recommend it for any hockey fan.

Chicago guy in Hall of fameI remember Chris playing for Mt Carmel when I was coaching at St Rita I thought he needs to grow some to play in the Catholic League I guess he did Great book Chris.

There were some good anecdotes from his playing days, but this is far from a tell all and on subjects that people would really like to get insight on his leaving Chicago, the Nagano debacle , he avoided or didn t go deeply into Unless you are a huge Cheli fan, it s not worth your time.

Good light read, he s lived a nice long life in the NHL and has some great stories to tell.

Captain America speaks.

I had forgotten he was a Bobsledder.

Just an OK book Chris is likely the greatest American born NHL player to play the game The book seemed a bit short.

15 for 2016 read in 2 days Nice read.

Good read if you are hockey fan, great read if you are a Chelios fan

  • [PDF] Made in America | by ↠ Chris Chelios Kevin Allen
    287 Chris Chelios Kevin Allen
Made in America