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The Stillness of You #(2021)

The Stillness of You

The Stillness of You

  • Title: The Stillness of You
  • Author: Julie Bale
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 450
  • Format: None
The Stillness of You By Julie Bale,

The Stillness of You Best Download || [Julie Bale] - The Stillness of You, The Stillness of You New Adult featuring mature situations and sexual content recommended for ages Bad girl Georgia King is trying to survive after spiraling into a darkness that nearly took her life With her college

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SPOILER FREE REVIEW mature content reader discretion is advised.4.5 STARS out of 5Genre New Adult RomanceREAD THIS BOOK When I went off, the sky was the limit No, that wasn t true either When I went off, there was no limit and when there was no ceiling above you, there sure as hell wasn t anything soft to catch you when you fell GeorgiaParties, Sex and Drugs was her life up until the day she woke up in a hospital bed Georgia King is trying to come out of the darkness that once swallowed her whol [...]

5 huge molten mess of quivering girlie part erupting stars I loved this book Ladies do yourself two three favors before embarking on this book google Eric LINDROS of the Philadelphia Flyers in his prime like 1999ish yeah get that visual of the hockey god my visual below Then play the Foo Fighters EVERLONG and The Best of You and set the mooOOOoooOOOddd that s a lot of O s hint hint wink The only thing I ll ever ask of you You ve gotta promise not to stop when I say when I Can t Even This is not [...]

The Stillness of You is the beautiful story of Georgia and Ben Georgia has just been released from a mental hospital and diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder She is still trying to come to grips with her disorder and her parents tragic death She s trying to piece her life back together after having recently fallen into a dark place To help her do do so she must take her medications Lithium and Klonopin but she s reluctant to take her Klonopin because of the effects it has on her.Ben, is an up and com [...]

3.5 Stars I was gived a copy of this book in exchange for a honest review I really enjoyed this book I loved the fact the main character Georgia is flawed and damaged It made her real The hockey player Ben really had my heart I think the characters were well developed all though there were just a couple of aspects that seemed a little hokey.Nowe sex in this was HOT I can t promise that I ll fuck you nice and slow even though you deserve it, because babe, I m already there But I can promise that [...]

3.5 almost 4 stars No one expects to meet the person who will change your life on a Wednesday Maybe a Friday or a Saturday, but not the one that s halfway between work and freedom No one expects it, but it does happen It happened to me and he didn t just change my life, he SAVED it Hottie, and former bad boy, Ben is traded to the Philadelphia Flyers hockey team and is staying with his coach Matt for a few weeks until he can find his own place He then meets the broken and damaged, Georgia, who is [...]

I like the sound of this one Georgia King is trying to survive after spiraling into a darkness that nearly took her life In therapy with her college dreams on hold,she s trying to get healthy Trying to still the craziness inside her She has no room for someone like Ben Lancaster,and if he was smart he d stay away Because everyone knows Georgia is bad news she ruins people and if Ben isn t careful, he ll be next in line.Ben Lancaster is a young, hot shot hockey player on his way to the top Newly [...]

The Stillness of You is an emotionally charged, sexy, and beautiful contemporary romance This story is heavy, a little dark, but also sweet and funny Julie Bale does a remarkable job dealing with the delicate subject matter entwined within the story The way she describes Georgia s thought process, as a person who is bipolar, was vivid and intense The author didn t gloss over the ugliness that comes with having the disorder, which made this story feel personal, realistic, and raw Prepare yoursel [...]

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review I had a tough time rating this one It wasn t quite what I expected, though not in a bad way It was an emotional and dark story about a broken girl, who hits rock bottom and tries to make her way back up and pick up all the shatter pieces.There was some very heavy subject matter in this book that I found the author dealt with in an incredibly realistic way It allows the reader to look at mental illness through the eyes of a girl that [...]

I received a free copy of this eBook in exchange for an honest review 3.5 stars The good stuff Dual POVs My favourite Ben Lancaster I adored this guy I enjoyed being in his head, especially when he d go all girly He was a celebrity in the hockey world, but he wasn t a party animal He was self assured, caring, understanding and of course, outrageously good looking He didn t run when things got tough The heat This book delivered on the steam factor I wasn t expecting it to be so hot and so I was p [...]

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review DAMAGEDclick to get More Beautiful Comments Graphics Georgia King used to be a party girl drugs, alcohol and sex all helped her to escape her dark life and the craziness she felt inside It made her feel good for small moments in time but then she hit rock bottom in the worse way possible and had to face the reality of her life Ben Lancaster was like the yummiest piece of chocolate ever Ben is the new signing for the Flyers hockey te [...]

I was looking for that romantic, hot, sexy read so when my little champion yelled at me to read this of course I did I love em ESR easy sexy romantic His smile widened and dimples appeared Adorable dimples Hot effing dimples.She looked like winter but smelled like rain Okay, I knew I needed to stop with that poet fucking shit, but I couldn t help it.Writing was great Characters swoon I hope the next book is about Matt I read this book in 2.5 hours couldn t move needed to finish.

The Stillness of You is a fantastic contemporary romance that helps to challenge your perceptions of mental illness and the stigma surrounding it I don t think I ve ever read a story where the main character is bipolar before and that s one of the things I liked most about this book I have a relative who is bipolar and Georgia reminded me of her in so many ways, it actually gave me a deeper understanding of how my cousin must feel at times and I think it s a great way to raise awareness of the p [...]

3.9999 stars of heart melting hotnessI took a slight break from my usual YA DYSTOPIA reading binge to read this book that my friend Anna, recommended If I had to describe this book in one word, it d be HOT Thank you, Anna I SO needed that The story was somewhat unique, as the heroine Georgia, wasn t depicted as your typical virginal, push over She s actually quite damaged former bad girl, druggie, previously suicidal, and wait for it bi polar But then she meets famous hockey player and things ju [...]

This was a book that was dark, gritty and unlike anything I ve read by Julie Bale s alter ego, Juliana Stone It s falls into the bucket of New Adult books that have come out recently with tortured, somewhat broken characters, but it was one that I most definitely enjoyed.Georgia King is a young woman at a crossroads Does she let the issues of her past pull her under or does she believe in herself and work towards being the person she wants to be It s a tough question for Georgia to face when it [...]

4.5 StarsDark, gritty, emotional and sexy I can t wait for You can see Crystal L s full review of this title at Reading Between the Wines This book should come with a warning label Something that says, Beware to reader Consumption of this book may cause your heart to skip a beat, before it subsequently stops in your chest anyways, then promptly shatters into a million pieces, for which you will need industrial strength duct tape to try and put it back together Use of an emotional defibrillator [...]

Loved it Ben is absolutely swoon worthy and Georgia is so beautifully broken They re the perfect match

Review originally posted at fictionvixen review the stSecrets are heavy.They re heavy and they re hard and sharp and they suck.They press into your chest and make it hard to breathe They make it hard to sleep or relax or just be But most of all secrets make me sad And sad made me scared.Georgia King is a young woman trying to put herself back together again after the downward spiral of mental illness and a crazy, out of control youth Newly discharged from a mental hospital she s living with her [...]

3.75 starsDRATS I devoured this book like a super tasty Scooby Snack only to get to the end and find out it is to be continuedrr I have been avoiding still to be released series because I cannot stand to wait for the next installment I am getting tired of losing the story s mojo and needing to reread the first book to get back into it And, of course waiting on pins and needles for and closure is a major buzz kill Don t get me wrong I am glad there will be but I would rather be behind a series [...]

Arc provided by author for honest reviewOh my freaking god 5 big humongous earth shattering stars I need to start this review by saying that only yesterday had I finished REAL, and had set myself up for the biggest book hangover I d ever experienced, nothing was going to get me out of my REAL slump untile stillness of you arrived in my mail this morning and from page one I knew I d found it, I knew I d found the book that would make me get over the last one, I d found my hangover cure From start [...]

Meh Not really impressed with this one I read it because it was recommended for people who enjoyed Real by Katy Evans, which I just finished in one sitting I can see why it was recommended Georgia is bipolar, first person narrative, sports romance, etc But compared to Real , this kinda sucked Maybe I would have liked it had I not just been blown away by the last book, but I was still horribly frustrated with Georgia s thinking I understand bipolar disorder and I felt like Julie Bale didn t Mayb [...]

Ahhhh damn This book is to be continued I m not sure how I feel about it because I really liked Ben and Georgia so I was really looking for a HEA or some kind of ending Georgia is a complicated girl with a mental illness to boot, she s bi polar She s had a rough life, parents are deceased, mom was a nut job Georgia has not managed her illness, so on the highs she s partying, drugs, booze, and menlots of men Sometimes strangers She almost died She goes to live with her older brother Matt who is a [...]

4 damaged and heartbreaking starsI quite liked this book, a beautiful story that felt very real, and i love to read this kind of book with a story line so close to reality nd do intense.I really got so engrosed and sucked into this book that i didn t wanted to end I felt the raw and painful feelings Georgia was going thru and i absolutely love and adore Ben.He is so awesome with Georgia and sticks with her even after he finds out about her past and how damaged she is The love scenes were so Hot, [...]

This book was great There are alternating POV s and a wonderful H and h I loved the intro between the two of them and I felt their instant attraction and connection to one another I thought the author handled their issues in a realistic way and I understood their motivations, fears and frustrations perfectly I really loved their frantic, all consuming passion This is a continuing story So the book ends with them together and in love but with much to work through I will definitely continue and I [...]

Waiting for reviews before I dive in or I might just dive in without the reviews I m getting curious.

You can also find this review at Brittany and Bianca Blab Books brittanyblabsbooks I would like to thank the author for providing me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.This story revolved around a broken girl, Georgia King and a sex on legs, hockey player, Ben Lancaster Sounds like your typical story I guarantee you that is NOT the case Georgia has been through a lot as a twenty year old She has battled internal demons and is struggling to win that battle, daily She has vowed t [...]

Originally posted at smexybooks 2013 04 review Favorite Quote Ben Lancaster was going to break me and I didn t care I didn t care at all The Stillness of you is a raw, emotional, turbulent, and honest contemporary romance that addresses mental illness and the stigma that unfortunately follows it Well written with a smooth storyline, well plotted conflicts, and some smoking hot romance Strong characters will sweep you up and break your heart as you follow their tremulous love story.Georgia King i [...]

This review was first posted at Reading Between the Wines This book should come with a warning label Something that says, Beware to reader Consumption of this book may cause your heart to skip a beat, before it subsequently stops in your chest anyways, then promptly shatters into a million pieces, for which you will need industrial strength duct tape to try and put it back together Use of an emotional defibrillator may be needed.The use of the word consumption in the warning listed above is very [...]

Ben Lancaster had just tattooed himself onto my soul and the thing about tattoos They re painful to remove Georgia KingGeorgia WAS a party girl, free sex, drugs addictjust to forget voices in her head.6 months in a mental health institution for her Bipolar Disorder Life was hard for her She s fucked up Until her brother brought her back to life, to stay away from all she had been through.And she met Ben Lancaster, a hottie, rising star Hockey player And fall in love with him.Hard So was Ben.I lo [...]

I can t decide between 3.5 and 4 starsThis was a good book with very likeable characters Ben is the next big thing in NHL Georgia is damaged view spoiler She is bipolar She just came out of a mental institution after trying to commit suicide Her mother, who was likewise bipolar, drove a car with her and her father in it off a bridge 3 years ago hide spoiler Given her condition, Georgia doesn t think she can do normal nor does she deserve anything happy There is a strong attraction with Ben But B [...]

ARC provided by author for an honest review The Stillness of You is not a light read It touches on the very dark subject of mental health, bipolar disorder, to be exact I applaud any and all authors that delve into this subject matter because it is one that needs to be talked about but, in my opinion, is difficult to write It is so taboo and many do not want to broach the subject As I stated above, this book is not for the faint of heart We are introduced to Georgia at a point where she is tryi [...]

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The Stillness of You