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Engaging the Boss #(2021)

Engaging the Boss

Engaging the Boss

  • Title: Engaging the Boss
  • Author: NoelleAdams
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 127
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Engaging the Boss By NoelleAdams,

↠ Engaging the Boss ✓ NoelleAdams - Engaging the Boss, Engaging the Boss An alternate cover edition can be found here For years Jonathan Damon has buried himself in his scientific research but now his uncle threatens to pull the funding for his lab unless Jonathan makes

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This was a nice, cute read It features Sarah and Jonathan Jonathan s uncle has funded their research lab for years but now thinks that Jonathan focuses too much on research rather than finding that one person who completes him Sarah is Jonathan s assistant and has been for years She has always appreciated the things that Jonathan does to show he cares She understands Jonathan than any other person because she has spent late hours working next to him in the lab When Jonathan confides in her abou [...]

Reviewed Enticed by BooksI m not going to mention the word slump at all in this review because in this case, it was the book, not me Engaging the Boss promised a story that couldn t have been perfect for me A nerdy scientist born in a filthy rich family who needs to pretend to be engaged to his assistant for a week to please his darling stubborn old nosy man uncle A The guy was a doctor Smart, hot and very polite, although too polite and quite at times B They couple had to pretend to be lovey d [...]

Apparently there are other books in this series about the Damon family, which I m not sure I ll read The most intriguing of the cousins may be Ben, but that book s not out yet.This is a story of how a PhD lab assistant falls in love with her boss and everyone knows it but the boss He s from the wealthy Damon family and he s getting pressure from the uncle who was his guardian after his parents died to get married, etc They come up with a scheme with her as the fake fianc for a family wedding.He [...]

Jonathan Demon is scientist.He s also gorgeous geek guy and one in the heirs of Damon.His uncle whose I forgot his name threatens to pull funding for his lab if Jonathan doesn t settle downJonathan can t let that happenedSo Sarah ,Jonathan s assistant, steps in and suggest that she could be fake fianc for him.Sarah love her boss and she knows this s wrongyway she wants to help him.But after spend a week together, will this fake thing end or turn to be real 4.25 stars.what I don t like view spoil [...]

This was an enjoyable read A heroine who has had a crush on her clueless genius boss and then a pretend engagement is fun stuff The hero is a bit emotionially stunted There are places in which this work in the story and other places in which it makes him unattractive as he makes strange assumptions about his family.There are nice details of a childhood game and a secret garden.I will keep reading the writer although she has yet to find her full stride with me, I am always intrigued.

Sem nada de muito novo, nem uma hist ria por a al m, uma boa leitura para uma tarde de s bado em que a constipa o n o permite muito mais

Found this lurking in my overdrive account, and though I m pretty sure I ve read it before, it came in handy recently, when I was too lazy to get out of bed and find a book, and nothing else on my phone would load It s pretty standard fare for Noelle Adams, and likable and developed than some of her quicker series and as absolutely unrealistic as one could possibly hope in a romance about a geeky, inexplicably hot billionaire

A sweet fast read Noelle Adams is the author I will always go to for comfort reads And she have never failed to deliver I like the flawed but lovable hero, I like the strong heroine, I like the cute dialogue and also like the unconventional refreshing relationship the couple had.Well done.

I have a bit of a love hate relationship with Noelle Adams books, they feel a bit old school romance to me the heroines typically are virgins, or as good as, and the heroes are wealthy beyond your wildest dreams alphas and they can be a little too sickly sweet for my liking But free is free so I downloaded this onto my Kindle and started reading it last night.Jonathan Damon is a scientist in Iceland and his lab is funded by his uncle Cyrus His uncle wants all his nephews to find love and start p [...]

If she were ever in the position to give advice to other women, the first thing she would tell them was never fall in love with your boss It was a hopeless, never ending form of torture to have the object of your affection always right there in front of you but never actually be able to claim him From the synopsis, I was already excited to read it For one, he is a billionaire.Then the pretend to be engaged part.And a bonus He is her boss To be honest, this was the first book in the series that I [...]

I read one Noelle Adams novels some time ago and enjoyed it immensely, so every time I have stumbled across one of her books I have downloaded it to my kindle and started it almost straight away Engaging the Boss was a standard, slightly underdeveloped romance, which kind of grated on me throughout reading Sarah was just too perfect, dropping everything and being fabulous and looking amazing and being a friend to all Like a Disney princess Jonathan on the other hand was so absent that he didn t [...]

Once again, Noelle Adams has written a sweet, feel good romance It s an ideal book to read when you want a low drama, happily ever after I really liked the hero Jonathan He wasn t this typical Alpha male, in fact he was actually a rather awkward intellectual Jonathan never knows what to say, and feels very uncomfortable in social situations, but his awkward interactions were totally endearing Sarah was sweet, and seemed to genuinely care for the people around her She wanted everybody to be happy [...]

4,5 5I really need to start sleeping at night instead of reading whole books I absolutely loved this story This is one of my favourites by Noelle Adams D The characters are great and very relatable, the storyline is amazing and the character development is very realistic

Curious to see if Ben gets his own book and what happens with Uncle Gordon and Jonathan.

Jonathon needs to get his family to leave him alone about getting married and having children He and his fellow researcher decide to pretend to be a couple so his family will leave him alone and continue to fund his research Things don t go easily for them Why does he feel bereft when they return to their lab and no longer have to pretend to be a couple.

Fun and sexy in a nerdy way Jonathan and Sarah s story is a quick read, full of hot scenes, quircky situations and some good laughs Good beach read

Another really good book from this author Didn t take me too long to read it so would be good if you want something in between longer books.

3.5 stars Ok read good plot but something felt off between the characters

Realizing a dreamThe characters in this book struggle to recognize that they have an attraction to one another This is definitely an adult read.

Fast read of what I categorize as garbage books not for you if you are looking for anything beyond mindless entertainment

loved it

Okay, tudo bem, vamos conversar sobre plots n o inovadores com desenvolvimentos de personagens inovadores e honestos e realistas e ai, gente ESSE LIVRO Amo como o Jonathan o tipo intelectual absorto no trabalho que dificilmente enxerga o que est acontecendo a sua volta at que ele finalmente passa a enxergar, e a tudo o que est acontecendo a sua volta Sarah Amo.E uma das coisas que mais gosto nas hist rias da Noelle porque tem v rias como ela explora bem o aprofundamento e desenvolvimento emocion [...]

blue moon spipp article9425Et revoil Noelle Adams, lorsqu elle est publi e chez un diteur et continue une s rie Nous avions d couvert les h ritiers Damon, des fr res et des cousin, quatre hommes au total Leurs relations sont quasiment inexistantes, tous sont li s par un oncle, le redoutable Cyrus Damon, un puissant homme d affaires r put pour son caract re d testable, ses valeurs d pass es et son manque d affection pour ses neveux Les deux premiers h ritiers ont trouv l amour de leur vie et c es [...]

Engaging the Boss is book 3 in the Heirs of Damon series and tells the story of Harrison and Andrew s cousin, Jonathan Damon, who is a genetic scientist His uncle, Cyrus, has funded Jonathan s research lab, which has been of huge advantage to Jonathan, meaning that he s been able to do the research purely independently rather than having to worry about commercial bias and keeping the sponsors happy However, Cyrus has decided that Jonathan needs to settle down and the lab is taking too much of hi [...]

I really enjoyed this book It s the third in the Heirs of Damon series which is about four cousins, all of whom are raised by their unmarried uncle, who meet and marry their lady loves I haven t read any of the other books in the series, but that in no hindered my ability to follow and enjoy this story The book blurb is pretty spot on Jonathan is a research scientist whose lab is fully funded by his wealthy Uncle Cyrus who is Jonathon s former guardian Cyrus puts pressure on Jonathan to start th [...]

I love this book Love it Love it Love it I ve read countless books about Alpha males, rockstars, celebrities, and the list goes on, but I loved how the main character in this book, Jonathan Damon, was a geek I know, it sounds weird but there s something so appealing about intelligent book characters Usually the female main character is the insecure one who can t express her feelings, but in this book, this isn t the case I love how Jonathan was so powerful, strong, handsome, yet, didn t know his [...]

I found this nice quick and easy read for myself and if I wouldn t of had to stop reading while at work, I would of finished in a day This story was quite predictable after getting past the start of the novel but I did enjoy it and would recommend this to all my women friends Can t wait to read another since this was the first one I picked up.

There was something that drew me to this story, just from the blurb Something about an introverted guy, not able to express his feelings well that falls for his assistant I really like unique stories that don t follow the typical mold, and this sounded like the perfect one And I was SO right I really enjoyed this little story A short one, which I also liked It was so unique, but still had all of the elements that I love in a love story Our hero was SO different than what we re used to He s not g [...]

This fabulous contemporary romance, third in the Heirs of Damon series but easily read as a standalone is the story of Sarah and Jonathan Sarah has worked for Jonathan for several years and they ve always had a professional relationship, one that Sarah wishes could turn into something But Jonathan is a dedicated scientist and his focus is on his research, leaving him little time to imagine his assistant as anything other than a friend and co worker When the funding by his wealthy uncle for his [...]

barusan cek, kok gw Playing the Playboy blm bikin review ya apa gw blm baca omona muahahahaha berarti ntar malem gw baca deh LOL Jonathan Damon, si cupu, si pendiem, si ilmuan, si jenius dari Damon bersaudara sepupuan si sama Horison Andrew sedari kecil selalu merasa musti menjadi yang terbaik untuk mendapatkan kasih sayang keluarganya Ortunya mati pas kecelakaan bareng sama si ortu nya duo Damon itu jg, dan setelah itu diasuh sama Lord Uncle, awalnya die kira si Cyrus bakalan beda sama ortunya, [...]

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