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This Is the World: A Global Treasury #(2022)

This Is the World: A Global Treasury

This Is the World: A Global Treasury

  • Title: This Is the World: A Global Treasury
  • Author: Miroslav Sasek
  • ISBN: 9780847843961
  • Page: 482
  • Format: Hardcover
This Is the World: A Global Treasury By Miroslav Sasek,

↠ This Is the World: A Global Treasury ↠ Miroslav Sasek - This Is the World: A Global Treasury, This Is the World A Global Treasury INDIEFAB Book of the Year Awards FinalistA compilation of abridged versions of M Sasek s most popular children s travel books From London to Hong Kong Sydney to San Francisco readers will delig

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This Is the World A Global Treasury Miroslav Sasek 03 18 16 My brother owned a copy of This is London as a child perhaps he still does Along with his copy of Anatole, these were highly coveted objects In the London book there is a picture of a man, in a park, up a tree, and he s sawing off a tree branch the one that he s sitting on How quaint that seems now I d love to have all the original books, or reprints of same, in theory I m worried that the judicious choice of snippets for this book migh [...]

If you don t have the time or the money to travel, take a whirlwind trip around the world with Miroslav Sasek You will travel from New York to Ireland to Britain to London to Edinburgh how ironic for me having just finished 44 Scotland Street to Paris to Rome to Venice to Munich to Greece to Israel to Hong Kong to Australia to San Francisco to Texas to Washington, DC This edition is an abridged compilation of his most popular works from the This is series, reprinted by Universe Publishing The il [...]

I love Sasek s art his approach to color, lines and the space between things is consistently exquisite So it is wonderful to have his books together here But it would have been even better to have them appear in the order they were created, so one could enjoy how his work changed over time This feels as if the intended audience was for a child because of the complete lack of text about the making of the original books why are some so short , and the oddly brief list of facts about how the world [...]

This 223 page book is a treasure I didn t take a super long time to read either I loved the journey it took me on And it just astounds me that most of these countries city book were written in the last 1950 s to the early 1970 s and not a whole lot of information is outdated What is antiquated is found in the back I have been To Australia, Hong Kong, Italy, Greece, Ireland, Scotland, Edinburgh, Washington DC San Fransisco, New York, Paris, Munich, and and even Israel today IT has sparked the tra [...]

This is a great book for those of us affected with wanderlust I ordered it from and was amazed at how huge it is We enjoyed reading about different cities and countries and talking about places we d like to visit someday This is a compilation of many of Sasek s books shortened written in the 50s the paintings have a fun, retro look to them, but some of the information is outdated although corrected with asterisks Now I d like to read all the full versions I wish our library had them

A travel book for kids compiled from previously published books by Sasek that appear in abridged forms here Individual cities are covered alongside countries and even continents.The information ranges from fun facts to helpful ways of categorizing the size of each place The writing is good and the retro artwork is beautiful and realistic This big book is such a great gift for PreK 5.

This is such a great idea for a children s book Even as an adult there were some facts about these different cities I didn t know Topped off with really creative art and you have a shinning example of a kid s book.

Lovely compilation of Sasek s work

this made me want to travel the world

fun but dated.

What a lovely booke size and fantastic artwork that not only took me back to childhood a bit but also just made me happy with really wanting a bit of travel.

This is what I read to my kids if we are going on a trip to any of the places there I really appreciate the footnotes, since some information has changed since the original publication.

  • ↠ This Is the World: A Global Treasury ↠ Miroslav Sasek
    482 Miroslav Sasek
This Is the World: A Global Treasury