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Justinian and Theodora #(2021)

Justinian and Theodora

Justinian and Theodora

  • Title: Justinian and Theodora
  • Author: RobertBrowning
  • ISBN: 9781593330538
  • Page: 323
  • Format: Paperback
Justinian and Theodora By RobertBrowning,

[PDF] Justinian and Theodora | by ↠ RobertBrowning - Justinian and Theodora, Justinian and Theodora The story of the peasant s son who became an emperor and the dissolute actress who resided beside him on the throne is one of the greatest and most controversial romances of history United they presi

Recent Comments "Justinian and Theodora"

This is a military historian s book that focuses very much on Justinian s dream for reunifying the Roman empire, but not a lot on the scandalous Theodora One page is all she gets for a bio The rest is Justinian and his ambitions to unify the empire through law, theology and warfare The first part of the book is rushed, but the book slows do a conversational tone as soon as Justinian ascends to the throne The author is particularly able when explaining the causes of the Nika rebellion and also wh [...]

A good basic book on the life of Justinian Light on the life of Theodora The two big focus areas of this book centered on Justinian s attempt to rebuild Byzantium to the glory of the old Roman Empire with re conquests of North Africa and Italy, and dealing with the different view of Christianity The Holy Trinity or the Monophysitics which was firmly in place in Egypt and growing in Syria Justinian never did get the empire back and his last few decades saw Rome sacked, Constantinople attacked and [...]

How many books do you have to read before it can be claimed you have a thing for a topic Two books Ten I would say I definitely have a thing for the late Roman era, with sub things for Augustine and north Africa, and recently for Justinian s reign of the Byzantine empire Admittedly, reading historical fantasy by Guy Gavriel Kay sparked the Justinian thing, but it s taken off since This book by Browning is a really excellent look at Justinian s empire and all the complicated people who surrounde [...]

The overall lens of BroWning s book is Justinian s attempts to reunify the Roman empire by military and political means The first couple of chapters, the prelude, seemed hurried HoWever, after Justinian becomes emperor the book takes on a entertaining tone Very little focused attention is given to topics that the author disregards as vulgar , ex the biography of ex actress and courtesan, the empress Theodora is only one dry page long Comments about the number of christian persecutions before Ju [...]

While the referencing could be better, Robert Browning s biographies is a very readable account of the years of Justinian s reign.

Really good and useful biography of Justinian and his wife, Theodora.


  • [PDF] Justinian and Theodora | by ↠ RobertBrowning
    323 RobertBrowning
Justinian and Theodora