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Making His Mark (Monster Ink #1) #(2021)

Making His Mark (Monster Ink #1)

Making His Mark (Monster Ink #1)

  • Title: Making His Mark (Monster Ink #1)
  • Author: Jennah Scott
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 175
  • Format: ebook
Making His Mark (Monster Ink #1) By Jennah Scott,

Unlimited Making His Mark (Monster Ink #1) - by Jennah Scott - Making His Mark (Monster Ink #1), Making His Mark Monster Ink Alexis Catori is ready to let go of her past and move forward with herfuture She wants to commemorate the moment with a tattoo And shewants Bo Nantan the best artist she knows to do the ink What she

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I actually finished this book.SPOILERS AHEAD, SO BEWARE.Alexis and Bo have this love hate relationship, but deep down they care about each other than they re ready to admit But that s unimportant.Alexis wants a tattoo, I guess to signify a new beginning or something, I didn t really get it.Bo is a tattoo artist, and he refuses to do it, telling her that he doesn t tattoo his friends this is important information, but about that later.Bo is LIEK the best ever tattoo artist and she really wants [...]

Also posted on my blog at Kala s Book BlogThe cover of this book is pretty much the only thing good about it I struggled to finish it and have put it aside many times to read other things I don t even know WHY I finished it I used to think I had to finish every book I started and I ve wasted so much time reading things that I hate I always try to at least get halfway before putting it down and I should have done that here.Making His Mark starts off dull and continues that way For the entire nove [...]

This was just ok for me It started out good and interesting but fizzled There was definite sexual tension between Bo and Alexis that they tried to fight, and fight they did When they finally hooked up, it was over too quickly for me Alexis was kind of a nut job, dramatic, and some of it was annoying She would overreact She had a conversation with Sarah that made no sense to me Wound up reading it over and i still was off Overall I felt like she was a drama queen who needed a IV drip of midol to [...]

I can t get into this Alexis is annoying and pissing me off I thought she and Bo were supposed to not like each other But within the first few chapters, they are suddenly hooking up Seemed a bit too fast for me I would have liked to have seen build up to that And their arguments are ridiculous I m getting a little burnt out on adult contemporaries so that could have some influence on my opinion of this Either way, I m going to hold off on finshing this may come back to it at a later date.

I think that I would have liked this one better if Bo and Alexis had fought for the whole damn book I also had a hard time buying into their romance as they hated each other at the start I also didn t like how each of them talked to their mutual friends every time they fought trying to get them on their side.

lisleslivres 2013Author Interview lisleslivres 2013Characters Alexis She is outgoing, being friends with a bunch of guys She puts up a facade, but she s actually very sensitive The trait that I like about her a lot is her kindness, not just to Bo, but everyone She s an elementary school teacher, which tells you a little something about her patient personality.Bo Bo definitely has his moments of being sweet, but he acts really dumb sometimes There s no other way to say it He s lucky that Alexis [...]

Making His Mark definitely intrigued me and presented itself with a lot of potential I ve been on a romance kick lately, but I keep telling you all that even though I love the romance, there HAS TO BE a decent plot for me to call it a great book While this one was interesting enough, the plot itself was a bit lacking and I didn t really get the seriousness of it all While I will say that I did like the book and that it had fun moments here and there, it wasn t what I was hoping for at all.The ch [...]

I loved the romance, but the plot just didn t do it for me at times The fact that the motivation of the majority of the plot was based around Alexis wanting Bo to do her tattoo wasn t enough for me The romance and sexual tension between Alexis and Bo is pretty hot There was also some really random details that were never fully explained Like Alexis dances at powwows and it is brought up several times, but nothing actually comes of it I also had some issues with pacing Some things seemed to happe [...]

Let s start with the cover super sexy right And now look at the blurb yup sounds good, uh Making His Mark is a fast read with very few slow moments While I enjoyed the fast pace of the book sometimes it felt a bit rushed I d have like a bit of tension between Alexis and Bo The writing is great, the banter between Alexis and the boys, Travis and Matt, was really fun to read The pointless arguments between her and Bo was something I liked about the book I say pointless because, the two of them ju [...]

2.5 StarsI have mixed feelings about Making His Mark There were several parts that I liked, but Alexis kinda killed it for me She s annoying and way too dramatic I don t know of any man that would be willing to put up with a woman like that The relationship between Bo and Alexis felt a little too one sided To me, it seemed like he was the one making all of the compromises and always the one to try and make up after a fight Oh, and fighting Yeah, that s ALL they do Fight and then have really hot [...]

I liked the book It didn t pull me in very deeply but it was a good plot I liked how Bo and Alexis had their own insecurities with their pasts to overcome and that they finally trusted each other to do so together I liked how they hated each other at the beginning I think it made their relationship all the special Had a few misspelled words here and there but, dispite that, it was a pretty good read.

Between fantasy and reality This book was a pleasant read A nice little romance story with two very confusing and frustrating characters who fall for each other Sometimes the storyline was confusing and a litlle predictable but it was still an enjoyable read, a book to let all your troubles away and to relax The romance was steamy and interesting, the writing okay, and all in all it was a good debut.

The storyplot was promising but, as it turns out not The story was rushed, the characters at best unconsistant at worst totally irrational And the book is in serious need of editing Too bad but it really wasn t for me

Personally I didn t really care for this novel There was nothing about it that really pulled me in and held onto my interest I found a lot of parts too slow for my liking which caused me to be bored.


A really nice little story The firey tempterment between Bo and Lex made for some good scenes Great first book Look forward to Jennahs next.


Boring Story line was blah Wasn t worth the 5

This book has had do many ups and downs I couldn t keep up Lexi had so many mood swings it reminded me of being in high school.

it was a good book, I loved the hate love relationship of bo and lexi.

It had potential but it was repetitive When it finally got to their big secrets I was disappointed that the secrets were really nothing.

I really enjoyed this book loved the story the characters well written first book I ve read by this author will be reading of her work

3.5 starsSo I m mixed on this one Good storyline a little flat in the middle, but enjoyed.

  • Unlimited Making His Mark (Monster Ink #1) - by Jennah Scott
    175 Jennah Scott
Making His Mark (Monster Ink #1)