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With This Curse #(2021)

With This Curse

With This Curse

  • Title: With This Curse
  • Author: Amanda DeWees
  • ISBN: 9781495934377
  • Page: 107
  • Format: Paperback
With This Curse By Amanda DeWees,

[PDF] Read ↠ With This Curse : by Amanda DeWees - With This Curse, With This Curse Can a curse strike twice in a woman s life In seventeen year old chambermaid Clara Crofton was dismissed from Gravesend Hall for having fallen in love with Richard Blackwood the younger son of

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It has been a long time since I ve read a good Victorian gothic mystery Amanda deWees far exceeded my expectations in With this Curse If I could make the 5 stars extra shiny in gold I would I loved this book so much.It has everything you would expect from the genre a dark old mansion with strange inhabitants, an overall atmosphere of menace, a mystery, danger, love and betrayal I was enthralled with the story from start to finish I enjoyed the slow romance between Atticus and Clara They are both [...]

Nope I can t do it DNF, circa 40% The story crawls The words are endless The twists are telegraphed And the heroine narrator STFU Her holier than thou attitude unswerving devotion to some transparent asshole she worked for 18 YEARS AGO is beyond the pale I wanted to punch her in the face every time she started spewing about Richard s perfection their thwarted wuv, because rich young rakes looove to marry impertinent, cow eyed housemaids eyeroll No doubt she learns the truth about the brothers na [...]

As much as I enjoy a good gothic romance, WITH THIS CURSE dragged a bit for me The sinister elements are so close to the surface, I found myself impatiently reading to confirm suspicions rather than enjoying a slow unfolding of dread and mystery Simone St James did a better job of building anticipation and dread.

A cute and engaging novel, but it had too many problems for my tastes, a 20 year old feeling based on fluff, no real mystery, too many martyrs to be acceptable It s on offer as December 2015, so you might want to check it out.The sequel seems even worse, so I ll stay clear.

A main character who garners sympathy admiration from the first chapter on A kind, compassionate hero Together the two overcome past hurts betrayals inspire the best in each other Lovely writing Dialogue that patterns the time period Great vocabulary Family dynamics plus the typical gothic mystery with a slight paranormal touch Wonderful narration from Elizabeth Klett I m glad I discovered Amanda DeWees 5 Stars

Fans of classic genres can often find themselves in a bit of a bind Of course we all love the well used conventions, but how often have you picked up a classic mystery story or Gothic romance only to quickly put it down again after wading through stale, lifeless, by the numbers prose that hits all the right elements and yet somehow hits all the wrong notes Amanda DeWees elegantly avoided those problems with her stylish Gothic romance mystery Sea of Secrets Her latest book, With This Curse, once [...]

This is a hard review to write.I liked many things about the book, but there were a few things I disliked as well.At one point, I felt it was a lot of rambling But I know there were a lot of details needed to make the reader understand the story.I felt the injustice of Clara being sent away from Gravesend, and the injustice of her own mother not believing her and at least making a small stand in her honor The loneliness she felt on her own at the young age young to us now, but an adult in that p [...]

I was so pleased to find this author and am glad to see she has books in this genre I have always had a special place in my heart for the Romantic Gothic This one rivals anything Daphne Du Maurer or Victoria Holt wrote The storyline has many surprises and twists The author doesn t use sex as a crutch, i.e she doesn t fill page after page with detailed sexual scenes to increase the word count, like so man other authors Instead, there is clean sensual undertones The character development is wonde [...]

One thing that irritated me was how stupid Clara was at times, especially concerning Richard Plus, it was difficult to believe that Clara still felt so much love for Richard after 18 years had passed and especially when their relationship had happened when she was a nieve girl of 17 Supposedly Clara was supposed to be an intelligent, resourceful woman but when it came to Richard, she seemed incredibly stupid.

Just Meh Clara was incredibly vapid and it was really irritating She is so shallow, she has been in love for 18 years with someone who was equally superficial and a bully I mean Clara thought Richard was clever and amusing for taunting his disabled older brother I just felt I was unable to respect her at all.

A glowing 5 stars.This was such a fun read I honestly could not put it down there was much multitasking on my part, and my poor children had early bed times for those couple of days I was reading it Sadly, this poor author just cannot keep up with my appetite for her books cruel of me, since she has released 5 and a short story in the last 2 years go, buy them all.Dewees has such a great knowledge of the time period and her setting Her enthusiasm for the subject is evident in her descriptions an [...]

I started reading the kindle sample at around 1 AM and ended up buying and reading it all the way through until 5 AM it was that good I m not going to bother summarizing the story, as anyone can get that from or an online bookstore, but I wanted to highlight that if anyone has avoided this book out of fear it could be a bodice ripper, its nothing of the sort With This Curse is of a Gothic love story with the lurking elements of mystery, hints of supernatural, murder, deception as it unfolded I [...]

I ve got it I must keep clear of Ms DeWees s novels and sure will do in the future I was so disappointed with sea of secrets but nonetheless when I read the blurb of with this curse I got intrigued besides GR reviews were excellent But the thing is I m disappointed again I don t see how this novel can be described as a gothic tale since it lacks a gothic atmosphere altogether I mean, Clara heard a voice whispering her name in the hallway and glimpsed a shadow that resembled Clara s dead sweethea [...]

DeWees has taken me back to the very first romance I ever read They were dark, mysterious, set in Victorian England and perfect for a young girl s dreams With this Curse had me hooked at the first page A young girl and her mother in dire straights are hired by the lord of Gravesend Hall Dismissed at seventeen for falling in love with Richard Blackwood, Clara Crofton must make her way alone in the world She lays the blame for her trouble and Richard s death on the curse that was laid on the Black [...]

With This Curse by Amanda DeWees is an excellent historical romance The writing is simply fantastic it is elegant, competent and stylish the setting is atmospheric and moody, right up there with the Bronte sisters dark, gothic and utterly captivating,The story is intriguing with the mystery of an old curse, but there are some great developments and turns in the plot to keep the interest and the curiosity up throughout Much is not what it seems when our heroine Clara enters a marriage of convenie [...]

I have been reading some rather dark stories lately so With This Curse was just the thing to counteract that I read TONS of gothics as a young adult so it s a genre I have a lot of affection for This one does not disappoint with an upright heroine, a cursed house and a hero who is a refreshing change from the mysterious dark stranger type so usual in gothic romances I also liked the fact that the heroine was considerably older than the usual, with much life experience I had the story twist figu [...]

I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest reviewYes, as always I will not summarize the book YOU REALLY HAVE TO READ IT Wow This gothic romance was beautiful I love the genre, I love the time it plays in I just loved everything about it.The characters were all except one grrrr likable and very believable And of course, if it would have been up to me the book could have gone on for several chapters.Amanda DeWees has a distinguished way, pulling me into her world of [...]

If you like the old school romantic suspense novels,this book is for you I ll be picking up other books by this author,and watching for in the future A very enjoyable read,and I would recommend it to fans of Victoria Holt and Barbara Michaels.

I loved this A clean, Gothic like historical mystery love story told in first person.

I picked up this book to follow along with the Smart Bitches book club That didn t happen due to a technology glitch, but still so happy I read it It s classified as romantic suspense and described by some as gothic, though I did not find it nearly as scary or suspenseful as anticipated I thought the second book in this series fit the gothic theme much Our heroine, Clara, was dismissed from her position as a made after falling in love with the master s son Richard, whom she learns dies in the w [...]

I will read Gothic romances until the end of time This one dragged a bit in the middle, but really satisfied hitting the tropes I love curses, crumbling manors, mysterious wards, long lost brothers, all that good stuff Plus death masks Plus since the heroine was a seamstress, you get some good descriptions of dresses I am ALWAYS all in to read about bombazine and cartridge pleats.

A classic whodunit It was quite predictable thought but still not a bad read to pass time.

The main protagonist, Clara, used to work as a servant at Gravesend, whilst her mother was the housekeeper There is a long curse on Gravesend so that anyone who lives there will lose what they love most Just under 17 years old, Clara falls for Lord Telford s youngest son, Richard, and their secret rendezvous, convinces her that he is just as much in love Once the Lady of the house hears about their closeness she dismisses Clara of her duties and Clara is forced to leave Gravesend A short while l [...]

I first began reading historical romance as a pre teen, over 20 years ago I had to read this when I saw it and I wasn t disappointed With This Curse is an intelligent read with beautiful, witty, and flowing prose Great characters and subplots that were interwoven to create a breath taking story that caught me off guard I really didn t know what to expect, whether the curse would be true and genuine or an empty superstition I was too busy initially to read this book after receiving it but when I [...]

This was the second of Amanda DeWees s books that I read This book is a classic Victorian romance about Clara, who was the seamstress to the famous actress Sybil Ingram the star of the previous DeWees book I read Although I like Sybil, I am even fond of Clara, who is a plucky, strong heroine This book has it all a gloomy English country estate a dead twin a cantankerous ailing father shut away in a tower a bright young woman who appears and causes jealousy mysterious, ghostly happenings After S [...]

To stay true to a genre is not an easy thing to do especially as a contemporary writer What I love most about With This Curse is that it mirrors the language and prose of an 17th 18th century gothic novel though a bit succinct and not as verbose as Ann Radcliffe It brought up some fond nostalgia and took me back to my English major days I did love the characters and the plot, but throughout the whole story, there seemed to be something missing for me I m still trying to process what that was, b [...]

OMG I just loved With This Curse by Amanda DeWees I listened to the whole thing in 2 days plus worked 20 hours at work without listening I m running on no sleep Written as a true Gothic historical romance, With This Curse is part murder mystery and part love story, with a few hints of the supernatural The story centers on Clara who at 35 years old is asked by Atticus, the son of a former employer, to marry him Clara is reluctant to accept because 18 years ago she was wrongly dismissed as a chamb [...]

I have to say this book was a major improvement from Sea of Secrets disappointed me heavily , and what a relief that is This book was very unique in it s own way, with quite a few significant twists along the way, that just made me go whoa From the get go, I never understood what Clara could possibly love about Richard, and even it was pretty obvious to the reader that he was an immoral ass, she was stuck in her warped and idealized reality But this lent very favoringly to the chrysanthemum type [...]

With This Curse tells the story of Clara Crofton, who as a young girl served as a chambermaid for the Blackwood family at their estate, ominously named Gravesend Hall Despite having been warned that the estate is cursed, Clara enjoys her time there and indulges in a secret romance with Richard, the younger son of Lord Blackwood But they are soon found out by Richard s mother and Clara is dismissed in disgrace Struggling to make her way in the world, Clara works as a seamstress, first in a grueli [...]

I loved this book It s just the kind of story that I likehistorical setting, almost gothic atmosphere, mystery, family secrets, romance I thought the story was well developed and the characters were very complex I really appreciated getting to see Clara grow from her steadfast loyalty to Richard to realizing the truth The development of each of the main characters was demonstrated very well, in my opinion view spoiler I looooved the character of Atticus and rooted for him through the whole book, [...]

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With This Curse