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An Outlaw Thanksgiving #(2021)

An Outlaw Thanksgiving

An Outlaw Thanksgiving

  • Title: An Outlaw Thanksgiving
  • Author: Emily Arnold McCully
  • ISBN: 9780803721975
  • Page: 190
  • Format: Hardcover
An Outlaw Thanksgiving By Emily Arnold McCully,

Free Download An Outlaw Thanksgiving - by Emily Arnold McCully - An Outlaw Thanksgiving, An Outlaw Thanksgiving Caldecott Medalist Emily Arnold McCully s delightful new story is based on a real Thanksgiving banquet given in Brown s Hole Utah in the s by Butch Cassidy and his gang In November Clara

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This is a wonderful Thanksgiving tale that helps to show the difficulties and dangers of traveling across the country in the late 1800s, combined with the almost legendary aura surrounding the outlaws of the west Deemed a ruthless criminal as well as a Robin Hood type hero who stole from the robber barons to give to the needy, Butch Cassidy displays a warmth and kindness in this tale that shows how the author feels about his character.And I love the fact that despite this being a fictional accou [...]

A fun historical Thanksgiving tale complete with a stalled train, robbers and cowboys I was extra excited about this one as it includes a reference to black cowboy Isom Dart, though most readers probably will not notice that or know who he is.


Ha Caldecott should have been a clue For some reason I thought this was going to be an adult novel Turns out it s a children s book, but no matter It s the beautifully illustrated true story of a Thanksgiving feast thrown by none other than Butch Cassidy Robert Leroy Parker and the Sundance Kid Harry Alonzo Longabaugh The characters of Clara and her mother are purely fictional The particular event in this book never really happened Apparently Butch and Sundance weren t as notorious as history wo [...]

As an introduction to historical fiction, from Caldecott winner Emily McCully, will be perfect McCully takes a story from the days of Butch Cassidy, a Thanksgiving feast held by him and other outlaws in Brown s Hole, Utah, written about by a local resident Queen Ann Bassett This story tells about Clara with her mother who is traveling from New York to Utah to join her father, then to go on to California and a new home This trip, too common, the train became snowbound, and Clara and her mother tr [...]

This is a fun Thanksgiving story that bonus takes place in Utah My favorite thing about reading it to a group of 4th graders was when I asked if any of them knew who Butch Cassidy was Since we were talking about Thanksgiving, I had answers like Pilgrims or people on the Mayflower One boy raised his hand and said, Indians When I said that wasn t it, he tried again Native Americans Ha No, I didn t not reject your first answer because it was politically incorrect But that would have been awesome.

This book is very interesting This is when Clara and her mother come to the United States to visit live with her father While they were traveling in the train, snow blocked their way A fellow companion invited them to stay with them for a while What is interesting about this is that, a person who s giving the Thanksgiving Banquet, is one of the outlaws A cool thing that Clara discovers when she goes there.

Historical fiction depicting train travel during the turn of the century railroad expansion era While this picture book does include a Thanksgiving feast, it is mainly a story of the wild west Engaging, well structured story that incorporates realistic train travel and an actual holiday celebration during the late 1800s Illustrations capture the time period effectively Probably better for the upper range of the picture book crowd due to the amount of text and large cast of characters.

This was a bit old for my 3 year old granddaughter so I read it myself I really enjoyed it The illustrations were wonderful as well Then at the back there was a summary of sorts that told you the real History about the story Although the story is based upon real History it s not to far from what really happened Which I found was really cool

I liked this book because it has one of my favorite themes running into people, especially celebrities, at unexpected times or in unexpected places This story has beautifully painted pictures by the author It deals with a girl and her mother on a snowbound train in 1896 accidentally winding up at a Thanksgiving dinner with Butch Cassidy

McCully slipped a lot of history into this little story Even though it s a picture book, it s not for young children Anyone aged 8 or older should enjoy it, especially if they keep in mind that much of this is true train travel, Brown s Hole, the outlaws, and even the Thanksgiving dinner.

A fun historical fiction for children.

Fun story to read to my first grade daughter on Thanksgiving.

A great historical fiction book based on a real Thanksgiving that shows a different side of notorious outlaws, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

Great story about meeting Butch Cassidy in the old west and wonderful artwork, make a wonderful book that won the Caldecott Medal

OH SO GOOD We loved this historical fiction about a girl who meets Butch Cassidy One of our favorites

a unusual Thanksgiving book Mom and daughter have dinner w some voper and polite people only the daughter knows about them than Mom does.

The semi true story of a young mother and her daughter who spend Thanksgiving with Butch Cassidy when their train is snow bound.

Neat historical fiction piece about Butch Cassidy, the Sundance Kid, and the Hole in the Wall Gang Brought back memories of the 1970 movie

  • Free Download An Outlaw Thanksgiving - by Emily Arnold McCully
    190 Emily Arnold McCully
An Outlaw Thanksgiving