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Run for Your Life #(2021)

Run for Your Life

Run for Your Life

  • Title: Run for Your Life
  • Author: Jean Holbrook Mathews
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 355
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Run for Your Life By Jean Holbrook Mathews,

Free Read Run for Your Life - by Jean Holbrook Mathews - Run for Your Life, Run for Your Life Law student Theo Novak simply saw what no one else did a suspicious link between an ongoing environmental lawsuit and the nomination of a new judge that would ensure a victory for the energy companies

Recent Comments "Run for Your Life"

Though sometimes feeling a little politically preachy, this was interesting and exciting I would have loved character development, and better editing on the last quarter of the book typos and inconsistencies , but it was still a fun read.

Mattie will find herself in a life or death situation by chance after finding her fiance s dead body No time to grieve handsome widower, Officer Jack Summers will do everything he can to keep her alive.

Really long, took forever to get to exciting bit of story I even found myself skipping portions just to find the good stuff Wouldn t read again.

4.5 STARSMattie s life isn t at all what she expected it to be She thought she had everything she ever wanted, and then it all changed in the blink of an eye Mattie has suffered a lot of loss in her life time Now she is facing the loss of her boyfriend Craig Mattie doesn t quite know how she is going to move on, but doesn t even really have time to think about it All of the sudden she is running for her life, and she doesn t even know for sure why Jack is a cop that is sent to investigate the ki [...]

Reminded me a lot of The Pelican Brief, but cleaner and not as intense.Mattie Mathis is a staffer for her Uncle Max, who is about to retire from being a congressman She gets a strange call from her boyfriend Craig about some research related to an environmental lawsuit The implications detailed in a paper now on its way to her could extend to federal judiciary nominees and beyond Before they even have a chance to discuss it, he is dead So is the law student who wrote the paper and his professor [...]

I LOVE a good SUSPENSE NOVEL and this one was FANTASTIC IntriguingFast PaceSuspensefulwith a touch of hopeful RomanceJUST HOW I LIKE IT Mattie just needed a breath of fresh airAs she walked around the pool she could see something at the other end.As she approached what looked like a towel she realized it was a body.And not just any bodye body of her fiance.Who would do this As she digs into an unofficial investigation she realizes that she has stumbled on to something way bigger than she was pla [...]

This was a good mix of suspense mystery with a little romance as a appetizer I usually go for of the love story genre, but this book was a good break Spoiler Mattie s uncle is the retiring from being a congressman, but there is a little snag A law student finds a link between ongoing environmental lawsuit and the nomination for a new judge that would prove an illegal He wrote a brief that gets him killed The bad guys go after anyone who has seen the brief leading them to Craig, Mattie s fianc , [...]

This felt like a rip off of The Pelican Brief, at least political intrigue and cover up that started the story off I gave it 3 stars because I liked it well enough, but it wasn t a very well written story A lot of the events didn t feel true to me, I couldn t believe that the bad guys were as incompetent as they seemed, or the good guys as awesome All in all it was an ok read, I didn t expect it to be awesome so I wasn t too disappointed.

This was over the top as far as political paranoia It reminds me of those sensationalist emails my grandmother forwards to everyone on her contact list you know the emails that appeal to and reinforce her fears that the government is so corrupt we should all hide out in our bunkers Same kind of feeling in this book The rhetoric really needed to be toned down I was disappointed in Covenant Communications for publishing this one.

This is a mystery that involves a very rich, evil man who is having people killed and replacing them with people who will sway the votes in the government to what he wants There is a congressman and his staff who are researching this and trying to get it stopped as they are being hunted and chased.

At first this book appears to be extreme politics, but it really doesn t take a far left or extreme right position either politically or environmentally The suspense is intense and the book hard to put down.

This book was full of adventure It grabbed my attention from the first chapter However, the end seemed to drag on I think it was maybe too much Overall, it was a great read.

This book was the Pelican Brief LDS fiction style An easy, yet enjoyable read.Language clean, Heat none.

hard to put down you just wanted to finish so you could find out how everything was going to work

I don t really even have much to say It was bland and predictable with an ending that fizzled.

I enjoyed reading this book.

Conspiracy and mystery Definitely kept my interest Likable characters A bit frustrating at times, but I enjoyed it.

Good suspense without being totally over the top.


Fast paced and well written.

An intense story with twists and turns.

Reminded me of a shorter, lds version of The Pelican Brief Not as good though.

really liked this book I couldn t put it down

I made it through the first chapter only The story just lacked credibility to me I could not bring myself to read on.

Loved the suspense Didn t want to put it down.

  • Free Read Run for Your Life - by Jean Holbrook Mathews
    355 Jean Holbrook Mathews
Run for Your Life