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The Escape #(2021)

The Escape

The Escape

  • Title: The Escape
  • Author: Mary Balogh
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 287
  • Format: Kindle Edition
The Escape By Mary Balogh,

[PDF] Unlimited ´ The Escape : by Mary Balogh - The Escape, The Escape In this poignant novel of longing and salvation a hopeful widow and a resilient war hero discover the promise of love s magic and new beginnings After surviving the Napoleonic Wars Sir Benedict Harp

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Reviewed for Buried Under RomanceBig historical romance fan, are you Well, are you bored of Rakes with mistresses at seventeen Seriously Did your mama never teach you about respect and equality Matrons who yather on and on about snaring a wealthy husband Stitch, sew, horseback riding, water colors, anyone Balls and poor excuses for flirting Miscommunication Iloveyou declarations after sex No PTSD after heroine kidnapping Filthy rich nobs who hunt Oh you pathetic sonofa Shh Oh I do hate you ll th [...]

Written September 2, 20154 Stars Solid good m f HR in a great audiobook edition I enjoyed I just finished the 10 30 hrs audiobook narrated by the very best and always fantastic Rosalyn Landor So very good, mature and touching No big drama, no suspense, just two grownups talking, feeling and experience new feelings and situations I just want from this author and narrator The Escape is the third novel in the Survivor s Club series about some friends injured in different ways in the Napoleonic War [...]

I want to danceThe best way to describe this noveld any book by Mary Balogh, really simply lovely It really was.Ben and Samantha have both been touched by war Ben was nearly crushed by his horse, crippling his legs He can get around with canes but is in constant pain Samantha s husband of seven years has recently passed away after six years of being an invalid Her life has been a constant torment, nursing a husband who never loved her and living under the thumb of his overly pious family Now she [...]

The Escape is Book 3 in Mary Balogh s Survivor s Club Series and portrays the survivor story of Major Sir Benedict Harper, an ex career military officer who has been badly lamed by battle injuries in the Peninsular Wars After several years of focusing on his physical recovery and attempting to walk with canes, Ben is deeply depressed He confides to his fellow members of the Survivors Club that he must finally accept that his physical disabilities are permanent and that the military career he che [...]

4.5 starsMary Balogh writes splendidly I always think of her as the Godmother of Regency Romance Not because she s a senior writer, but because her works are understated, laid back Most of HR authors write stories which could be set in modern times partly because of actual plots, partly because of some heroine s mannerisms which simply do not belong to that era, and mostly because of the narrating voice Balogh has a beautiful and fitting voice, where I always get carried away to the times of rea [...]

Am really enjoying this series They all happen within a short time period, some of them overlapping Balogh does a good job each time of explaining back story and etc but I do think they re still probably best read in order.This story is super lovely I love, love Benedict Balogh is one of the few romance writers who frequently writes heroes that are not drop dead gorgeous, and sometimes are even not physically perfect can you imagine perish the thought He s so lost at the beginning, and completel [...]

This book, The Escape, is book 3 in the Survivors Club series Sir Benedict Harper has tried to get on with his life after his horrific physical damage acquired on the battlefield during the Peninsular wars He walks with crutches and had done his recovering with the other members of the Survivors club at George Crabbe, Duke of Stanbrook s home Samantha McKay had attended to her husband for years after he too had been wounded during the wars She had become a widow only four months before the two m [...]

This is book three of a series that I really don t recommend skipping around in I mean each subsequent book has enough of the previous couples that it d be awkward not knowing their details it s a romance series, so it s not like you d spoil the endings This one is on par with the others, though not the favorite that The Arrangement was.I liked the couple well enough It took them way, way too long to admit they liked each other, but I liked them well enough along the way so I was never tempted t [...]

ARC provided by NetGalley for an honest opinion Imagine walking on a path through a dark forest, alive with vines trying to hold you back, forever struggling to seek the light and escape, but lost for days on end It takes every ounce of your strength and endurance to keep going forward until, finally, after many trials, you are free When you finally step into that brilliant breath stealing light filled with beauty, you find a new world unlike any you have known or experienced before You are not [...]

3.5 stars rounded up to four.I m a bit torn on how to rate this one I knew it was part of a series, but since I hadn t read the first books, I didn t have the emotional connection with the characters from the previous books that other readers would have Because of that, the final chapters ending up being a tiny bit of a drag while all the Survivors were traipsed out for the ultimate HEA for everyone Those who have read the prior books and had connections with the other Survivors would likely lap [...]

Major Sir Benedict Harper survived the Napoleonic Wars with major injuries to his lower extremities, limiting his mobility So while exploring his mobility with a horse pun somewhat intended , he nearly tramples Samantha McKay, stunning widow, and forgets to apologize After this profanity filled meet cute, Ben follows Samantha to the wilds of Cornwall for angst and affairs 1 So, OF COURSE, we can t leave any familial stone unturned So when it was revealed that Samantha s estranged grandfather was [...]

I ve given this an A for narration and a B for content at AudioGals, which probably makes it somewhere between 4.5 and 5 stars, so I m rounding up.This is the third book in Ms Balogh s Survivors Club series of books that follows a group of war veterans who were physically and or mentally wounded in the Napoleonic Wars.In The Escape, our hero is Sir Benedict Harper, whose legs were so badly damaged that he was told he would never walk again Through a combination of his own sheer bloody mindedness [...]

THE ESCAPE is the third novel in the Survivor s Club Series The Survivor s Club is a group of people who recovered together from injuries they received during the Napoleonic Wars They recovered at the estate of the Duke of Stanbrook and meet annually to reconnect They constitute what would in modern times be considered a support group The prior two books were THE PROPOSAL and THE ARRANGEMENT.This book is about Sir Benedict Harper who received serious injuries to his legs during the war and has s [...]

What a fabulous, classy storyteller Mary Balogh is, she never disappoints Her story lines are original, interesting and captivating This particular series is so addictive, 6 men and I woman, all affected in some devastating way by participation or connection with the Napoleonic war This is the third in the series and Ms Balogh has cleverly reminded us of the involvement of the others without boring, long winded explanations There are quite long periods between publication of each of The Survivor [...]

3.5 starsIn this book, 3 in the Survivors series, the hero Benedict had lost the use of his legs in the war Now, a few years later, he is healed as much as he could He walks slowly with two canes and he doesn t know what to do with his life His dream of a military career was crushed together with his legs during one of the battles against Napoleon He drifts through life, searching for directions.The heroine Samantha buried her husband a few months ago During his long illness, she was a dutiful w [...]

Have gone back and forth on star rating and let myself mull it over before committing MB is a hostage to fortune really because my expectations are so ridiculously high and I really enjoyed the last one I read in this series, The Proposal although it wasn t quite a five star read for me and the truth is I didn t enjoy this one as much so I wondered how I could give this the same star rating Basically folks, I m massively overthinking the GR star system and it d all be better if they d just give [...]

3.5 stars I was looking forward to this one, so my expectations may have been too high It was a nice, sweet romance I thought the pacing was very slow The focus seemed to be on Samantha instead of Benedict and I would have preferred it the other way I liked the beginning and end with the other members of the Survivors Club It looks like Imogen s book may be the next one, maybe I ll like it better.

Mary Balogh Rosalyn Landor a 5 star narration of a 5 star book

Another highly enjoyable installment in the Survivors Club series This time the hero is Major Sir Benedict Harper, who had his legs crushed by a horse falling on him during a battle in the Napoleonic Wars Benedict is determined to get the use of his legs again, and at the time of the story he is able to walk, painfully, with the use of 2 canes The heroine is Mrs Samantha McKay, a widow still in mourning for her husband, who recently died of wounds that he sustained in the wars about 5 years prev [...]

Arc received Via Netgalley for an honest review I will begin this review will a question, What is not to love about a Mary Balogh romance Could I Be the great hero and heroines The fantastic plot lines and the gripping backround stories of our hero and heroine or the wonderful romance In my opinion , they all just make the book better Sir Benedict Harper severly wounded during the Napoleonic wars originally thought to never walk again , through his own sheer determination has managed to teach hi [...]

4 StarsI received a free e ARC of this book from Dell via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.An emotional and sweet story between two people who find themselves in difficult situations and discover that their true happiness comes when they are together Readers had not spent much time with Ben, but his presence was always felt by the other Club members so I was excited to learn about him And, I m happy to say, I found it be another worthy installment that left me with tears in my eyes an [...]

HAPPY RELEASE DAY I haven t read the first books in this series I was quite impressed that Ms Balogh got us all caught up without doing a huge info dump on us The back story was incorporated very naturally at the beginning of the book.Sir Benedict is at a loss He doesn t feel at ease at the estate that his younger brother is managing quite well without him He wasn t supposed to inherit it anyway That honor was to go to his elder brother But when that brother died, then Ben was so badly hurt duri [...]

3,5 stars.This was sweet, slow burn, from dislike, to attracted to each other friends to lovers and of course the HEA over a period of 6 months or so When they met neither was in the right mindset happy with themselves and situation safe and free to make a romance work But Ms Balogh made them work for it, and with the help of some fairy god mother like plot twists, made them have their believable HEA I liked their trip I liked how the heroine took charge of her own faith and I was so happy the m [...]

This is another wonderful installment in Mary Balogh s Survivor s Club series about six men and one woman whose lives were forever changed by the Napoleonic Wars Each book can stand alone, but for maximum enjoyment I recommend reading them all in order Thus far, each of them has been excellent, with Balogh s trademark flawless writing, strong characterization, beautiful settings, and a heartfelt love story As I m pressed for time, I m simply going to refer potential readers to lovely reviews pos [...]

I couldn t wait til I read the beautiful novel of Mary Balogh s She is a talented storyteller who writes from the heart If you are familiar with the Survivor s Club in which this one is 3 It tells a story of Sir Benedict Harper who was severely wounded during the Napoleonic Wars He has finally decided that his body will never be as it was before He is restless and wonders what will be is legacy Samantha McKay is a recent widow who took care of her wounded husband for several years She feels that [...]

There s different kinds of love stories, and Mary Balogh writes hers deep and slow The kinds of heroes and heroines vary They can be bubbly and feather brained or boorish and insensitive or quiet and introspective or cruel and due a comeuppance Kind of like real people But leave it to other authors to have a jump into bed and burn up the sheets kind of pace Mary Balogh paces herself, and the payoff is exquisite Although I saw the ending coming, I was desperate for it Made my 12 year old do the d [...]

I just couldn t finish this book, and that makes me very sad, since I really liked the others I ve read, 1, 2 6 So I wanted to love this one, too But it started out with very unhappy people and they didn t get happier, just shared their misery with others Maybe it s the gray, wet weather here or something, but I really wanted someone to laugh or smile or have a little fun But they just kept thinking their unhappy thoughts They even felt guilty when they were less unhappy than usual And nobody ha [...]

I liked this Like a lot Now granted I have been sick with a cold the last two days and I spent most of today reading this so my judgement might be off but this book was nice Sweet It wasn t filled with drama or unwanted persons or conflict, instead it was two people who found each other when they didn t really expect to and how that unfolded into something And I liked that, I liked that a lot I also liked that they both realized they had to find themselves and their own passions and wants out o [...]

3.5 5 4 stars B I encountered Sir Benedict in previous books in this series and looked forward to his story I really enjoyed the way the author portrayed him as severely injured and carrying many physical and emotional scars, yet still masculine and competent The secondary characters in this story really added a great deal of depth and richness to the overall book I thoroughly enjoyed Benedict s sister as well as the nasty family of Samantha s deceased husband and all the various people Ben and [...]

Lovely Mary Balogh tale about a beautiful widow and a brave, crippled army veteran who find a second chance at love during a long journey to Wales I would have liked Regency intrigue and elegance, and a little less modern romance at the beach And less of the lovable dog as well The old Mary Balogh classics, like THE SECRET PEARL and SECRETS OF THE HEART, were a lot intense INDISCREET and THIEF OF DREAMS were erotic But THE ESCAPE is pleasant reading for a summer day at the beach.

  • [PDF] Unlimited ´ The Escape : by Mary Balogh
    287 Mary Balogh
The Escape