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No Way to Treat a First Lady #(2021)

No Way to Treat a First Lady

No Way to Treat a First Lady

  • Title: No Way to Treat a First Lady
  • Author: Christopher Buckley
  • ISBN: 9780375758751
  • Page: 457
  • Format: Paperback
No Way to Treat a First Lady By Christopher Buckley,

[PDF] No Way to Treat a First Lady | by ✓ Christopher Buckley - No Way to Treat a First Lady, No Way to Treat a First Lady Christopher Buckley is not so much a novelist as a free ranging satirist looking for targets In Thank You for Smoking it was big tobacco and earnest reformers in God Is My Broker it was business and r

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Funny Ha Ha, and Funny StrangeHumor is a funny thing Not long ago I introduced Christopher Buckley to an audience of about 100 people in Berkeley No, I didn t go to Yale with him This was solely on the strength of having given favorable reviews to several of his novels Buckley spoke off the cuff rather than read from his writing, and I found him hilarious So did about half the audience Some seemed to be on the verge of falling off their chairs from time to time But the other half of the audience [...]

Just a pass time really Basically a beach book, or if you re in DC, a bar book If a woman had written it, they d call it chick lit Dick lit, I guess.

My review published in the San Francisco Chronicle in 2002 First lady might be a murdererReviewed by Steve KettmannSunday, October 13, 2002No Way to Treat a First Lady By Christopher Buckley RANDOM HOUSE 288 PAGES 24.95 Skewering Washington political culture with hilarious, over the top novels has always been a tough job, but it got a lot tougher during our long national obsession with Bill Clinton and the sordid details of his White House sex life How could anyone top this stuff What could be [...]

A fun and quick read

Having read most of Christopher Buckley s novels, I can attest to No Way to Treat a First Lady being one of his best In one of his shorter novels Buckley ironically delivers some of the best characterization of his career and also avoids one of what I consider to be his most salient weaknesses, a terrible ending I enjoy Buckley s novels for their humor, satire, and his prose style which is wonderful, with just enough educated diction to keep the mind pleased while delivering some off color humor [...]

If I d read this before reading The Relic Master maybe I d have given it a higher rating, but it just didn t compare

When you re the First Lady and charged with murder, to whom do you turn In the case of Beth MacMann, you call up your law school sparring partner, Boyce Baylor, now a sleazy but successful celebrity attorney whom you last saw when you jilted him for the man who d become your husband When sparks still fly as you work together to unravel the President s death, is there any doubt that eventually you ll find yourself fighting not just for your life but also for a second chance at love I picked this [...]

We didn t have a very good library at my high school So we traded books with each other and I was such an addict that I became a pro at jumping lines and convincing whoever was reading a novel I wanted that I could finish it before the next person even knew they had finished.When I got No way to treat a first lady I read and finished it swiftly Loved it so much I read it again and still loved it Unfortunately I had to pass it along to the next person else I definitely would have read it again

I generally like Buckley s books, but he s now hit or miss with me NWTFL is mostly a miss While the cynical parody of the judicial system is entertaining enough, the characters are repulsive enough to hold the story at arm s length And as for the resolution, a great disappointment Read it for light nonsense with a chuckle or two Or read my first and still favorite, Boomsday.

This is not classic lit it is totally over the top and ridiculous If you want a light read that will make you laugh, this is it Buckley s books fall into two camps, so ridiculous it s funny such as Supreme Courtship, Little Green Men or Thank You for Smoking or bad like Florence of Arabia This is one of the good ones.

Entertaining and clever but also often off color and in poor taste

Buckley takes to task high powered defense lawyers, philandering Presidents, shady political donors, women who lust after men in power, the media s fascination with stories of improprieties of those in power, and in general the way that the Washington political establishment works to protect itself whenever it can The President is found dead in his bed one morning, with a bruise on his head that matches an heirloom spitoon The First Lady is accused of braining her spouse with said spitoon She tu [...]

I would actually rate this as a 3.5 It s a light, good and fun read A president is found dead, his wife is accused of the crime She is defended by an old flame Simple story, but told with a lot of humor and dry wit Nothing of much surprise, but particularly in these times, a light hearted and entertaining book to read.

I really enjoyed this book Not only did it hold my interest but I found it to be hilariously funny in the way the author described situations I actually laughed out loud Brought back memories of real life situations in the married lives of past presidents I highly recommend this for an entertaining view of political shenanigans.

Cute Very courtroom heavy Also very 90s I read that the acknowledgements were dated September 9, 2001 and felt bad for CH.

a fun, light read.

Fun book with many twists and turns.

Funny and witty Storyline is entertaining, and the chemistry between the characters is palpable.

Written in a pre 9 11 world, No Way to Treat a First Lady is a withering satire of the Clinton administration, in particular the relationship between the philandering President whose indiscretions run from the time he was governor all the way to the Lincoln Bedroom and the substantive First Lady, who is described as a far cry from Hillary Clinton, who contented herself with taking care of her husband and giving the occasional tea for congressional wives The humor in this book is amazing, and it [...]

Great Read Enjoyed this book so much Loved the humor of the author and the way the story was so full of many twists and turns Never a dull moment and the ending was not as predictable as one might expect

When her philandering husband is found dead in their bed, the First Lady must prove her innocence She hires Boyce Baylor, a somewhat sleazy attorney that she was engaged to prior to meeting her now deceased husband The public is referring to her as Lady BethMac and baying for her blood Will she ever be able to clear her name Buckley delivers some great jabs to the D.C establishment in this book It s been a little while now since I read it, but I did snort quite a bit while reading it Not for eve [...]

buku hasil swap dengan Muthe,setelah baca cerita detektif yang sebelumnya mengecewakan sebenernya agak skeptis untuk mulai lg but the cover is kindda tempting as well as the tittle, so i began reading itternyata ceritanya sangat segar,dimulai dengan adegan ranjang yang justru menjadi pamungkas dari keseluruhan cerita, sedikit mengingatkan pada skandal para presiden karena dari keseluruhan cerita kita dibawa Chirstopher Buckley jalan jalan keliling Gedung putih tepatnya di lantai dua kamar Abraha [...]

Membaca novel ini, segera saja sebutan CLBK itu pas banget bagi Beth Boyce.Inti ceritanya mengenai presiden negri adi daya yang ditemukan telah tak bernyawa di tempat tidurnya Dan segera saja sang ibu negara menjadi tersangka Rupanya sebelumnya suami istri ini sedang bertengkar yang karena kesalnya sang istri melempar tempolong ludah spitton dan mengenai dahi sang kepala negara.Tentu saja Beth gak terima dituduh sebagai pembunuh Dia menyewa pengacara yang terkenal dengan julukan Shameless , Boyc [...]

What a fun beach read I put this on my to read list a while ago, but have been avoiding it because the cover art makes it look like a mystery novel I don t particularly care for mysteries and wasn t sure why I d put it on my list until I looked at the page and saw it was by the author of Thank You for Smoking, which I didn t realize was even a book but the movie was a hoot.This was a similar inside the Beltway satire to Thank You for Smoking always fun for someone who lives inside the Beltway I [...]

When I first learned this was our book club pick for November, I was worried I mean my book club doesn t have the best track record The Three Weissmanns of Westport A Novel, The Magicians, The Red Leather Diary Reclaiming a Life Through the Pages of a Lost Journal, and The Alchemist are some past book club picks, so that should give you an idea of what I m dealing with I was absolutely dreading reading this book, I mean, it s a political mystery and if you happen to know me, I am not much for po [...]

What a fun book It starts out with Buckley s usual humor When I read in bed at night there were times when I was laughing so hard I thought I would wake up my husband The story begins with the President of the U S having sex in the Lincoln Bedroom with a movie star, who is a frequent guest of the Lincoln Bedroom He returns to the Presidential bedroom only to get into a nasty fight with the First Lady, Beth McMann, who hurls a spitoon made by Paul Revere at him When the President is found dead in [...]

Much like another favorite author, Christopher Moore, Buckley believes in happy, if completely twisted, endings He s a romantic at heart, and that makes his books fun for me Did Beth really kill her husband, the President of the United States, by beaning him in the forehead with a Paul Revere spitoon Why does she turn to the man she jilted to marry the to be president when she needs a lawyer to get her off What about Babette, the bimbo starlet who spent the nightrt of it with the President the L [...]

I already knew I loved Christopher Buckley Ever since I saw Thank You For Smoking and laughed out loud over the quirky dialogue and story, I knew I would have to one day make my way through all of his novels Though I have not quite accomplished that feat yet, I am slowly reading the books one by one I m already a huge fan of book Boomsday 213387 and No Way to Treat a First Lady did not disappoint.In this novel, the First Lady of the United States is charged with killing the President of the Unit [...]

I listened to the audio of this in the early 2000 s before my days thus I didn t write my own review I do remember enjoying the book s absurd humor.The following is from the 2005 PageADay Book Lover s Calendar NO WAY TO TREAT A FIRST LADY, by Christopher Buckley Random House, 2002 While in bed with a Hollywood diva, the President of the United States dies of a Viagra overdose But the Secret Service and the FBI claim that the President shuffled off this mortal coil after the First Lady struck him [...]

After years of reading reviews and synopses of Christopher Buckley s writing I finally delved into the books themselves, and while much of it seems to be ripped from or at least amusingly inspired by the headlines, it is also extremely independent and inventive No Way to Treat a First Ladyseems like a thinly veiled allusion to what Hillary Clinton probably would do if she behaved less like a responsible adult and like a thrillingly maniacal soap opera character And while that might be enough fo [...]

  • [PDF] No Way to Treat a First Lady | by ✓ Christopher Buckley
    457 Christopher Buckley
No Way to Treat a First Lady