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The Doll Who Ate His Mother #(2021)

The Doll Who Ate His Mother

The Doll Who Ate His Mother

  • Title: The Doll Who Ate His Mother
  • Author: Ramsey Campbell
  • ISBN: 9780747208389
  • Page: 173
  • Format: Hardcover
The Doll Who Ate His Mother By Ramsey Campbell,

Free Download The Doll Who Ate His Mother - by Ramsey Campbell - The Doll Who Ate His Mother, The Doll Who Ate His Mother It was a freak accident The man had suddenly stepped into the road and the brakes had failed Clare could only steer wildly the car finally crashing into a tree and on to the kerb Now her brother Rob

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I d only read Ramsey Campbell s shorter fiction before this but had always been hugely impressed with his distinctly British tales, but I can t say I was blown away by this 1976 novel The chief problem is that Campbell doesn t grasp the characters and make them convincing, they never achieve depth and sometimes their motivations are frankly baffling Of course, a bunch of stereotypes and ciphers working their way through a scary situation is something horror cinema does ad nauseam, but in horror [...]

Well, that was a waste When reading an author for the first time, if the book I ve chosen to pop my cherry with so to speak is his or her debut work, I do take that into consideration I ve never given up on a writer because of a horrid debut And I won t give up on Ramsey Campbell despite the fact that I did not like his debut, The Doll Who Ate His Mother I will certainly read of his works in the future, if only because I ve already bought three of them and they aren t the cheapest My bad If I m [...]

Not since H.P Lovecrafthas there been such a master of the macabre on the literary scene as Ramsey Campbell.Clare Frayn is a stumpy little school teacher whose only seeming grace is the understanding and love she has for Rob, her wild, undisciplined brother Late one night, knowing that her brakes are faulty, she drives him home through the rain drenched streets of Liverpool A man steps in front of her car Her brakes fail, and in her wild maneuvering to bring the car back under control, Rob is ki [...]

Review THE DOLL WHO ATE HIS MOTHER by Ramsey CampbellThis 1976 publication is not my top favourite of Ramsey Campbell so far, that s ANCIENT IMAGES and the collection HOLES FOR FACES but I quite liked it Unusually, my 5 star rating is not due to the horror and paranormal elements Instead, I rated it highly due to Campbell s incredible grasp of and ability to delineate, character This applies to his human inhabitants, but also to animals and to Place Looking back through my reactions to the novel [...]

The second best thing about this book is its title.The best thing is an incident in the first chapter After a car crash, the first person on the scene, rather than offering help, steals the severed arm of one of the victims who subsequently bleeds to death.After that there is a so so tale of a true crime writer, the sister of the man with the stolen arm, another man whose mother was eaten on after dying of a heart attack, and a young hippie street performer This was written in 1976 About halfway [...]

I had some doubts about this book pretty far into it, but I m glad I gave it a chance and finished it I realized the major plot twist at it were, as the author himself says in the afterword almost the moment it was possible and I thought I was going to have to be bored through than half of the book until it was revealed at the end Fortunately, it s actually revealed to the reader and the characters about two thirds of the way through, and it s dealt with at length instead of in half a chapter o [...]

Campbell s style is extremely strange his prose is cool, almost icy, and his characterizations unsympathetic in the extreme All this, however, makes this novel somehow affecting and horrifying than a dramatic approach would have This grisly tale of an evil child told with overtones of Satanism and Black Magic set against the somewhat drab and mundane backround of modern Liverpool, sets your teeth on edge from the first page and holds you spellbound The undramatic way Campbell handles his tablo [...]

A Slow burner, and the ending seemed like it didn t really fit the story, but Ramsey Campbell can put words to paper in a way few others can Beautifully written, so much so you may not care as much about the ending or the fact that he gives away the mystery in the last 50 pages or so

Bleak and tense.Clare Frayn was giving her brother a ride home on night when someone ran in front of her car and caused an accident Her brother died instantly, but they never found his arm The man who ran in front of the car seemingly disappeared around a corner shortly after the accident, carrying something looking suspiciously like an armA couple of months later, popular true crime writer Edmund Hall contacts Clare for help in researching his latest book, Satan s Cannibal, about the man he is [...]

This was an interesting one I was not loving it at the beginning because it was throwing me off kilter a lot but that came to be a part of the fun A very quick read, 153 pages including the afterword by the author which was terribly charming in and of itself almost an apology for any flaws very sweet Creepy without being terrifying and for me, quite original there was a twist in the middle I did not see coming I admit, I am slow about such things but don t hate it makes reading fun for me than [...]

Stephen King recommended book and author.Book noted as important to the genre we have been discussing from Danse Macabre, published in 1981 Book and author discussed in chapter 9 where King also said this about the book My Plan is to discuss ten books that seem representative of everything in the genre that is fine the horror story as both literature and entertainment, a living part of twentieth century literature

Rather an odd horror novel, as the title might suggest Is this strange cannibal fellow a devil child or just seriously disturbed The book does a good job of being disconcerting and alienating, and it strikes a fine balance between suggestion and certainty on the supernatural front Everything MAY be perfectly natural, or it MAY reflect malign magical forces Good but not great horror fiction it d get 3.5 stars, if half ratings were possible.

Ramsey Campbell is considered a top name in the horror field This is his first novel and he is clearly not in top form here There are glimpses however of better things to come This is also my first time reading him, so it will be interesting to watch how he grew.

It s a crime story than anything else, sort of an odd and eerie day in the life of an unsettled and unsettling shadow crawler of a man It does have a supernatural element to it and there were parts that were absolutely unsettling and creepy.

I read this book many years ago when I was a teenager but could never remember who wrote it Today, I found out it was Ramsey Campbell, who is one of Britain s most famous horror writers How could I give a book that has stayed in my memory for so many years a lower rating than 5 stars

Great creepy book Campbell makes you really scared, but you re not quite sure of what Everything I ve read by him is that way Awesome

The following review is cross posted from ridethenightmare.u I wasn t sure what to expect from a book with this title and with the lurid campy cover of the paperback copy I picked up second hand.I was hoping it would at least be some pulpy fun, if not especially well written Well, you know what they say about books and their covers This debut novel is gorgeously written I d have to say the prose is downright literary Campbell s style evokes his English realist forebears such as, say, Graham Gree [...]

Di nuovo Ramsey Campbell mi ha fregato, mai come lui un autore ha avuto una carriera scandita da lampi di genio vedi L ultima rivelazione di Gla aki e opere mediocri Antiche immagini e Il sesso della Morte.La bambola che divor sua madre, forse uno dei titoli pi fighi della narrativa horror, un libro sopravvalutato che avrebbe grandi potenzialit che purtroppo non vengono sfruttate L incipit intrigante e avrebbe tutte le caratteristiche per svilupparsi in un grande storia ma poi tutto diventa nebu [...]

Even when I don t LOVE a Campbell novel, I always find them highly enjoyable, and most notably I keep returning to him.I ve heard mixed reviews on his first novel, but I was curious, and ultimately quite impressed It s no masterpiece, but the story grabbed me from the start with such an inexplicable, weird event and this sets an eerie tone that s maintained well throughout There s quite a few memorable moments which are pretty damn scary too.The urban grittiness comes through here almost better [...]

I really tried to like this novel I had read The Hungry Moon previously, and despite its flat and uniteresting characters, I enjoyed it and loved the atmosphere The Doll Who Ate His Mother had some good scenes in it but over all I felt very underwhelmed Ramsey Campbell s prose style is strong and the story is decent, but the characters are barely recognizable as human, thus destroying any suspense and making this relatively short novel a goddamn chore to get through I m sure he has better novels [...]

I don t know if my mood wasn t right for this book, if I wasn t used to Campbell s style, or if it really was just a dumb book, but I hated this In hindsight, I m not sure why I even finished it other than that I wanted to see if there was going to be a big reveal The story was stilted, the characters were unlikable, and the plot was contrived to get from one disturbing scene to the next I m going to try Campbell again in the future, but it s going to be awhile.

Ora, da un punto di vista razionale, la trama mi ha delusa, soprattutto nel finale, che al di sotto delle aspettative create a met del libro Detto questo, vale assolutamente il prezzo del biglietto ti strappa dalla realt per un po di sana paura Inoltre scritto molto bene.La recensione completa su girasoliallamattina 2014 0

Mixed response to this book Generally weak on characters but occasionally some quirky moments and good depiction of misfits In places I thought what a great writer and in others I thought the writing was pedestrian Glad I stuck with it though.

I think I read this in high school discovered Campbell via Lovecraft Like most of his short stories, this is creepy, atmospheric, almost oppressive in its grimness I think short fiction is his natural form, but this worked well for a longer piece.

The first Novel by Campbell, which screams MORE to me, MORE back story, MORE in depth characterisation, MORE horror and MORE pages but it shows the future promise of this great author.It is well worth reading the Afterword first if you are new to Ramsey Cambell s Novels.

The Doll Who Ate His Mother was very strange, and I liked it but didn t find that the writing was all that great It had no emotion or power to it, it didn t evoke anything, and a lot of it was just filler.

Difficult to categorize, sort of a serial killer story with some occultstuff thrown in Reminded me of some of Colin Wilson s stuff, and I wonderedif the writer in the book was modeled after Wilson.

Ramsay Campbell is really a fine atmospheric writer and I much enjoy his short stories I wasn t in the mood for this book length work, I think I could never get all that involved in it.

I read this in my teens when I loved horror books The title sounds rubbish but don t be fooleda great read for a horror fan

Det var udda att l sa denna samtidigt som man sitter p ett hotell p Mallorca och svettas, minst sagt Detta r l ngt ifr n en d lig bok och Campbells prosa har en h rligt unik stil Man misstar den inte f r n gon annans i f rsta taget En slags bitvis hallucinatorisk, bitvis kall stil som inte r mycket f r utsv vningar men som nd m lar upp h ndelser och platser bra Men nd blev jag lite besviken Man tycker att jag borde ha l rt mig av att King hyllar b de Leibers bok och Straubs enerverade tr kiga Gh [...]

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The Doll Who Ate His Mother