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A Three-Pipe Problem #(2021)

A Three-Pipe Problem

A Three-Pipe Problem

  • Title: A Three-Pipe Problem
  • Author: Julian Symons
  • ISBN: 9781842329306
  • Page: 379
  • Format: Paperback
A Three-Pipe Problem By Julian Symons,

[PDF] A Three-Pipe Problem | by ☆ Julian Symons - A Three-Pipe Problem, A Three Pipe Problem Small time actor Sheridan Haynes had a rather unhealthy preoccupation with Sherlock Holmes So when the chance came for him to play the famous detective in a TV series it seemed his dreams had come

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It was okay the first half was too long, the second half was too short Plus I totally guessed the culprit early in the piece so was almost disappointed when proved right If you like Sherlock Holmes, A Three Pipe Problem is a nice, gentle read It won t captivate you but it s better than watching paint dry Make your choice.

From the Back of the Book Sher s Last Case Sheridan Haynes, that is You ve no doubt seen him on television, portraying the immortal Sherlock Holmes in the famous TV series But now Sheridan Haynes actor and dedicated Holmes buff has a new mission to beat Scotland Yard at solving the baffling Karate Killings, in which three men have been murdered, each with a single chop to the neck.Against the elaborate modern technology of the Yard, Sheridan Haynes has his own wits, his intimate knowledge of Hol [...]

Nothing special It s a fairly short read, so I suppose it s fine for a rainy day that s assuming you can get through all the racism, sexism, and anti modernism without bursting a blood vessel Someone really needs to inform Mr Sheridan Haynes the main character that the Victorian era was only wholesome and lovely if you were rich and male.As far as the plot itself goes, there s not much to it About 95% of the novel is an introduction to the character of Sheridan Haynes, a jerk who completely igno [...]

Actor Sheridan Haynes is really Sherlock Holmes Well, not really But he does play him in a British television program He has a bit of an obsession about the detective They share the same initials He even has a flat on Baker Street If only life were as simple as it is in the books.In real life, his Watson is an open homosexual, which bothers the intensely private Haynes His wife is sleeping with the producer They ve rewritten his scripts to include a hint of romance Traffic is horrible And everyo [...]

Sheridan Haynes, a televison series Sherlock Holmes, develops into the real person as he investigates a murder.Blundering at times, comical too, and with lots of professional jealousy from other members of the cast and a wife who thinks about leaving him, he eventually tracks down the killer and in a tense climax reveals all, much to his own delight and the delight of many newspaper reporters.

read the last chapter, I feel like that is cheating, especially where it s a crime detective novel but I was reading it aloud over the phone because the owner left it at my house and needed to find out the answer I loved it because of this.

Holmes lovers, you ve found yourself a new man.

not a bad read The main character annoyed me a bit and that put me off somewhat but good narrative pace and complex characters made it interesting

I had this highly original detective story on my shelf for thirty years before finally getting around to reading it An actor who plays Sherlock Holmes solves a real life mystery.

This parody is almost an insult to Sherlock Holmes But you want so badly to figure out who done it you keep reading The back story of the truly insufferable actor seeking to emulate Holmes is finally explained almost at the end making him an acceptable shadow to Sherlock Holmes.

An interesting idea is turned into a less then satisfying book.An actor, famous for portraying Sherlock Holmes has a bit of a mid life crisis and gets caught up with the idea of applying Holmes methods to solving a current crime.Symons seems so intent on being clever that almost no character seems like than a type Any personality they get just seems to be to make them hard to like or root for.What feels like it should be a cozy romp ends up feeling very cynical, sharp and almost borders on mean [...]

A THREE PIPE PROBLEM 1975 Julian Symons .Although this mystery from Symons gets off to a slow start, it soon picks up speed after it has introduced all of the characters Sheraton Haynes is an actor, and an avid devotee of Sherlock Holmes In fact, he would much prefer his England to revert to Victorian times, when there was no traffic and people were polite He has landed a job portraying Sherlock Holmes on a British TV series that is now in its third season His attention for his job becomes dist [...]

Sherlock Holmes solves the Karate Killings case in Julian Symons A Three Pipe Problem Well, not exactly Mr Symons does not bring to life the famous character from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle novels The Sherlock Holmes who is the protagonist of the story is really Sheridan Haynes, an actor who plays the legendary detective in a popular series on British TV The recursive concept is quite neat not only do we have a fictional character playing another fictional character, but we also have two levels of f [...]

Nice cosy mystery, at first it took a bit to get into, I haven t read a mystery in a long time, but it was a comforting read with a surprising ending, even if you know who the murderer is from about one third in Intrigue, interesting characters, good pace.

Was interesting enough Could definitely feel from the beginning of the novel that the karate angle was a bit flimsy and even silly.

Good if creaky and at times slow fun.

Moved too slow with many unpleasant people Not for me.

  • [PDF] A Three-Pipe Problem | by ☆ Julian Symons
    379 Julian Symons
A Three-Pipe Problem