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The Diggers Rest Hotel #(2022)

The Diggers Rest Hotel

The Diggers Rest Hotel

  • Title: The Diggers Rest Hotel
  • Author: Geoffrey McGeachin
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 266
  • Format: Kindle Edition
The Diggers Rest Hotel By Geoffrey McGeachin,

Free Download The Diggers Rest Hotel - by Geoffrey McGeachin - The Diggers Rest Hotel, The Diggers Rest Hotel In two years after witnessing the death of a young Jewish woman in Poland Charlie Berlin has rejoined the police force a different man Sent to investigate a spate of robberies in rural Victoria

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I really enjoyed this historical mystery set in 1940s Wodonga The Australian setting was well done as was the description of post war country side Victoria and the way ordinary people were affected by the war DC Berlin is a very interesting character who is dealing with the atrocities he himself witnessed in his time as a fighter pilot and as a POW Despite it all he has the makings of an excellent policeman, fair but not unbending, smart and quick to pick up on clues I liked him very much and al [...]

I thoroughly enjoyed this first book in Geoffrey McGeachin s Charlie Berlin series Set just after WW2 in 1947, Charlie is a returned pilot and POW Clearly suffering PTSD as a result of losing his plane and crew on a bombing raid to Berlin followed by the atrocities he experienced and saw as a POW, he struggles with nightmares, flashbacks and occasional blackouts He has returned to his previous career as a police detective in Melbourne and in this novel is sent to Wodonga in country Victoria to i [...]

The Diggers Rest Hotel is the first Charlie Berlin Mystery by Australian author, Geoffrey McGeachin It is 1947, and ex bomber pilot, Charlie Berlin has returned from the war bodily if not psychologically intact to resume his police career DC Berlin, now 27 years old, is a bit of a loner, a misfit, still subject to blackouts, nightmares and flashbacks, a legacy of his time as a pilot and POW His boss sends him to Wodonga to investigate a series of payroll robberies that have left local police baf [...]

The Diggers Rest HotelI thought the story was a bit slow to start and worried that it was going to be hard work, then it started to pick up pace and I began to enjoy the way it was unfolding Given that it is the first book in a new series I figured it was laying the necessary groundwork and setting up character profiles for the follow on books.Set in post WW2 Australia, in country, Albury Wodonga 1947.DC Charlie Berlin is a likable character but a bit emotionally damaged from his recent war serv [...]

I have to admit that I started reading this novel with some trepidation Historical crime fiction has never been a favourite of mine I always found the genre a bit like Enid Blyton for grown ups, with lashings of sentimentality and moral fibre However, somewhere amongst the pages of this book I was turned This book became my very own time machine Each evening as I read, I was transported back to post war 1940s rural Australia.The two world wars had scarred Australia Rationing lead to thriftyness [...]

This story featuring a detective named Berlin went nowhere It is set in Australia after WWII Berlin goes to a small town to investigate a series of armed robberies by a motorcycle gang Then a 16 year old girl is murdered Instead of hearing details about the crimes, it seemed most of this book describes how macho these Aussie men are, how much they fight and goes on and on about the war So little was spent on investigating the crimes In the end, Berlin barely had to do anything to find the guilty [...]

It s always interesting to see a favoured author head off in another direction, and THE DIGGERS REST HOTEL is a big directional switch for Geoffrey McGeachin Moving away from the madcap all Australian James Bond of the Alby Murdoch books, we are introduced to a new character, a new timeframe and a very different approach.Set in post World War II Victoria THE DIGGERS REST HOTEL introduces Charlie Berlin A pilot during the war, back to the police on his return, Charlie is deeply traumatised Sent t [...]

I thoroughly enjoyed this story of Charlie Berlin, a recently returned fighter pilot from WW2 still suffering from the trauma experienced, settling back into his job as a detective constable He is sent to Albury Wodonga to investigate a series of robberies The murder of a young Chinese girl turns the heat up in his investigations Throughout this he meets Rebecca, a young lady determined to carve out a career as a photo journalist The development of this relationship is wonderfully realised by th [...]

The Diggers Rest Hotel is book one of the Charlie Berlin series by Geoffrey McGeachin One morning Detective Constable Charlie Berlin came to work and was dispatch to Albury Wodonga straight away with only the case file to stop the group who is robbing trains However, Detective Constable Charlie Berlin started to think he was sent to investigate the robberies to fail The readers of The Diggers Rest Hotel will follow the twist and turns in Detective Constable Charlie Berlin investigation into the [...]

I found this to be an enjoyable historical mystery First in a series featuring a Melbourne detective constable and set in 1947, I really liked the Australian location, the time period, and the characters The plotting in the book was fine and the narration by Peter Byrne was very good.

I kind of liked this, but it probably paled against another book that I was reading at the time also a police procedural set in rural Victoria with a male protagonist investigating a crime while fighting his own demons, but in a contemporary setting In comparison, this one seemed a little washed out and less gripping.It is also possible that my opinion of this book suffered a little because of how I read it it was my ebook for reading while on the treadmill at the gym, so therefore, I was only r [...]

I first read this novel long enough ago for me to have forgotten the finer plot details Peter Byrne s narration is solidly done, but it is the author s detailed descriptions that place the reader firmly in post war rural Victoria McGeachin takes great pains to mention items and events which put us just after World War II.In some ways Charlie Berlin is still suffering post war trauma events from his experience as a P.O.W and as a bomber pilot keep sending him reminders Wodonga is a country town s [...]

Set in Wodonga of all places Interesting angle of post WW1 world Too much product placement and past history but otherwise entertaining.

The late 1940 s era in Australia is well described in this crime novel, the first in a series about WWII returned POW Charlie Berlin The hero of The Diggers Rest Hotel, Charlie, is a detective and a flawed hero He is barely coping with post traumatic stress as a result of his war years He was a bomber pilot then POW in Germany during World War II Charlie works out of Russell Street police station and doesn t fit in with the rest of the detectives When not at work he is a recluse, living in a run [...]

It s 1947 and Charlie Berlin is an ex WW2 bomber pilot who spent some time as a POW in German controlled Poland He is still haunted by his war experiences But he is also a cop who is also haunted by the horrors of his police duties He draws the last straw to investigate a spate of robberies in country Victoria During his investigations, a young girl is found murdered and Berlin is told to stay on and solve both cases The plot seems to get bogged down as Berlin is stymied in every direction But i [...]

When I was away from this book due to leaving it behind when I was staying away from home I was thinking about it a lot, and especially the depth of characterisation of Charlie Berlin When I finally finished it I wanted to read another one, or keep going somehow, even though the mystery had been solved, in the 1940s present and in Charlie s past Charlie is the measure of the success of this book to me, at least, he felt very real McGeachin s skill is at showing just enough of Charlie for us to g [...]

Review of audiobook This was very well done I haven t listened to an audiobook in 15 years This was the only book available through ILL, and I listened to it every chance I could get Listening to the descriptive paragraphs of the war and its aftermath were powerful and intense, probably because I couldn t skim over them as I do with a paper book As a result, this was a well written book, with a decent narrator, and well developed characters I look forward to the next Charlie Berlin novel, be it [...]

Excellent This novel is set in a rural area of Australia just after WWII Charlie Berlin was the bomber pilot who is shot down and sent to a concentration camp in Poland Eventually he returns to his job as a detective He has terrible nightmares and daymares, but he perseveres in his investigation first of bank robberies and then of a murder The cast of characters is great, the sense of place is great and the plot interesting Well worth your reading listening time.

A great detective story Broken men who are trying to make something of their lives after WWII A Victorian region that is seeing a spate of robberies The local culture consists of beer drinking, fighting and the football.DC Charlie Berlin is sent from Melbourne to solve the crimes He is the broken of broken men He knows he is damaged but he can t get away from blood, violence and death He is a great character.

Post WWII, Melbourne based DC Charlie Berlin is sent to the Australian bush of Albury Wodonga to investigate a series of robberies that are eluding the local police No cocky city detective, this war former bomber pilot and POW is sadly damaged by his war experiences and is simply trying to cope day to day This was a decent mystery but the characters and setting really make the book This is the first in the Charlie Berlin series and I m looking forward to reading the next book.

A fast moving thriller Detective Charlie Berlin s tragic past shadows him always leaving us on edge as to how he my react in some situations Good writing, strong characters and interesting story lines what could you want from a crime thriller I look forward to reading Charlie Berlin stories.

This is a post WW II novel and shows the depression that followed the great war I found it interesting and reminded me of books of other Austrailian authors.

Not very impressed Didn t know half the words bc I m unfamiliar with Australian lingo Very slow progress, suspense was low.

A quick fast reading whodunnit

A great introduction to another excellent Australain crime figure.

This is the second book in as many weeks I have made DNF at around 80%, though for different reasons With this one I was too bored to go on It started out with promise Australia, post WWII, old airplanes, protagonist trying to find his way after the war, an unwanted assignment to the boondocks he wasn t prepared for, a possibly interesting side kick A new to me mystery series with solid reviews I don t know what happened, but I got and frustrated, detached, and as I said, bored, as I went alon [...]

Flat, uninteresting and boring and I am an Aussie The dialog in this is just so wrong and out of time, which is weird since the author is in his late 60s and should know better Not the vernacular, that is fine, just the unreal way that the characters talk to each other I could get past the attempts at clever dialog, and anachronistic speech, if there was some decent characterisation or story here, but there isn t It starts out ok, and I thought, yeah, this should be good but it isn t, it is tedi [...]

I really like Charlie Berlin and would love to continue this series sadly, my library doesn t have either of the next two books The descriptions of war and its impact on the various characters seemed very realistic The mystery was well paced and plotted I enjoyed the time period 1947 with flashbacks to WWII and the setting Australia and thought Peter Byrne did a wonderful job with the narration.

This was a terrific period mystery It was set in 1947 in country Victoria in Australia The effect of WWII on the characters was really well developed and captivating There were a few different plots and sub plots going on that were interesting And I really like the principal character introduced in this novel There are now two additional Charlie Berlin novels and I have already started the second one.

I m a participant in an Aussie Author Book Challenge This book reinforces why I participate in such a challenge A new to me author writing a rich cast of characters set in an Australian community during a time I m unfamiliar with their specific history The who dun its weren t overly surprising, but getting to the closures made for an enjoyable read.

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    266 Geoffrey McGeachin
The Diggers Rest Hotel