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Menschen im Hotel #(2022)

Menschen im Hotel

Menschen im Hotel

  • Title: Menschen im Hotel
  • Author: Vicki Baum
  • ISBN: 9783462037982
  • Page: 242
  • Format: Paperback
Menschen im Hotel By Vicki Baum,

Menschen im Hotel Best Read || [Vicki Baum] - Menschen im Hotel, Menschen im Hotel Vicki Baum wiederentdecken mit ihren besten Romanen Vicki Baum schrieb von den ern bis in die er Jahre des vergangenen Jahrhunderts zahllose Bestseller und f hrte das Leben eines Weltstars Ihr Ver

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Quick, enchanting read about life in a Berlin hotel in the fading glory of the Weimar era With the visual descriptions and long monologues, it seemed almost made for a film adaptation.

I pulled this old rebound book off the library s shelves just to see whether a novel this old would be interesting, and surprisingly it was Interwoven stories of hotel denizens is a now classic plot, but this 1920s German novel must have been one of the first Good points it was an authentic glimpse of Berlin at a time when the Gedaechtniskirche still gleamed white in the electric lights The story remains fresh because Baum shows rather than tells what is happening the sights, the smells, the rhy [...]

I wanted to read this book for quite some time but recently I stumbled upon it on my grandmas bookshelf It s a copy from 1952 and therefore smells exactely like that I borrowed it and truly enjoyed the read and the time travel to a Berlin Hotel during the jazz age, despite the mouldy odour Vicky Baum has a nice writing style, I really appreciated the plenty neologisms which made me laugh from time to time At some points it became almost philosophical and definitly critical in regards to the soci [...]

Already a than adequate synopsis on offer so no point in rehashing Thoroughly enjoyed this little known novel from the wonderful New York Review Books Classics list.A handful of characters here but they are so well portrayed and the atmosphere and mood of the novel does take the reader into the Grand Hotel in Berlin in the 1920 s The Grand Hotel that is no longer quite as grand as the name implies There were a few surprises along the way regarding the characters and their motives, all is not as [...]

Menschen im Hotel,published 1929Vicki Baum 1888 1960 Grand Hotel, would be the name by which this work would have reached worldwide fame This is the name of the movie created after her novel If movies are the crown of entertainment, so this book is most of all a book of entertainment.The witty, intricate construction of the following events have become a model of the kind At the beginning of the twentieth century, the Grand Hotel in Berlin was the most luxurious and expensive hotel in the countr [...]

June 2016 NYRB Book Club Selection.Baum s book is a slow start It took me awhile to get into it But then when you get to the ballerina and the thief, it is so beautiful What is amazing, in some aspects, is how little things have changed.

Although she described herself as a first rate second rate author, Vicki Baum s Grand Hotel is actually quite a bit better than that Baum managed to parlay the novel into a 1932 blockbuster starring Greta Garbo, John and Lionel Barry, Joan Crawford, Wallace Beery and a host of supporting stars Baum tried to reprise her success with Grand Hotel by writing a number of other novels, but none of them quite hit the mark Still, the one novel for which she is known has some nice characterizations The e [...]

Grand Hotel is set in the post World War One world of the Weimar era Berlin of the 1920 s, and here we meet a host of remarkably well drawn characters, who are explored in astute and searching detail.Through the revolving doors of the Grand Hotel come all kinds the war damaged, the dying, beautiful ageing ballerina, businessman, thief The hotel exists to provide the very best of everything for their guests, and yet there is a feeling that like some of its guests, the hotel s best days are in the [...]

I received a review copy of this title from NYRB classics.The Grand Hotel is the place to stay for anyone who wishes to be surrounded by luxury and high society in 1920 s Berlin The guests that have all checked into the hotel in March of 1929 are an interesting mix of misfits whose stories all collide in a cleverly intertwined plot.The first character to whom we are introduced is Dr Otternschlag He sits for hours each day reading the paper and watching people go in and out of the revolving doors [...]

This isn t the kind of book I would have walked through a bookstore and selected I knew of it but associated it with the 1932 Hollywood film and with the style of movies of the period one might say is stilted and long out of date But the book came to me through my New York Review of Books subscription I let it age on my shelf over a year before I dived into it What I found is an engaging work of modernism written in naturalistic prose which vividly sketches characters as physical figures inhabit [...]

My favorite read this year so far A charming slice of life narrative set in a hotel in interwar Germany which bring a multitude of colorful characters together for a brief moment in an intertwined web that changes them in various ways Very thankful for the NYRB classics list for this gem.

Character StudyThis book started off very slowly for me I read maybe the first thirty pages and wasn t too inspired to continue, except that I was reading it to complete a reading challenge There was a lot of set up and a lot of description of the various characters in the hotel However, once things start happening, they happen with a bang I hadn t at all anticipated that ending It s surprising to look back and realize the action takes place in just two days, framed by the beginning of labour of [...]

Last semester, when I worked with a World War II history class, I quickly learned how little the students knew about the interwar period in Germany As far as they knew, it was World War I, Treaty of Versailles, Hitler, World War II A few knew about the Weimar period, but no one had a really good idea of ordinary life at the time Even though the professor frowned on fiction, I wish I could have snuck the students a few novels to help them understand Grand Hotel, by Vicki Baum translated by Basil [...]

Because I need to know is one of cinema s most immortal quotes actually in the novel

Lo primero que tengo que comentar es c mo de curiosa fue la adquisici n de este libro, puesto que alg n desalmado lo hab a dejado abandonado, junto con otros, al lado del contenedor de reciclado de papel No puedo creer que alguien intente deshacerse de libros de esta manera aunque bueno, le agradezco que lo haya hecho porque as yo he podido recogerlo y descubrir esta historia.Una historia ambientada en el Grand Hotel de Berl n, uno de los hoteles m s lujosos del mundo Magistralmente escrito, la [...]

Long out of print even the reprint is out of print , Vicki Baum s Grand Hotel is mostly forgotten except to librarians, famed only to lovers of old films two versions were made and musicals a Tommy Tune directed version appeared on Broadway in 1989 The novel itself seems to have been swept from our cultural memory and this is unfortunate it remains a tightly conceived story of six disparate characters and the way their fates intertwine over the course of two days at the eponymous hotel Both stor [...]

First published in German in 1929, Grand Hotel is Austrian writer Vicki Baum s best known work Following its initial success, this charming novel was quickly adapted for the stage, and subsequently for the cinema screen, with significant input from Baum herself the film adaptation which I have yet to see features Greta Garbo, Joan Crawford and the Barry brothers, amongst others.The setting for the novel is the Grand Hotel in Berlin, an establishment which endeavours to furnish its residents with [...]

Took me months to finish Thought I would like it than I did, since always interested in cultural depictions of interwar Germany, but reading this was at times excruciating The second half was much better than the first, but every scene with Grusinskaya the role played by Greta Garbo in the 1931 film was torture.

Something I enjoy from time to time is reading the original novels upon which famous films were based VERTIGO, THE LODGER, WRITTEN ON THE WIND, IMITATION OF LIFE so, I m finally getting around to GRAND HOTEL As the back cover proclaims, These are some of the men and women of the GRAND HOTEL A beautiful ballerina to whom love is no less an art than dancing a lovely and ingenuous peasant girl with a fixed price on her charms a respectable business tycoon, caught in the web of an unholy lust a w [...]

Ehrlich gesagt, hatte ich mir von Baums Menschen im Hotel bei weitem mehr versprochen Obwohl es sich noch recht interessant anlas, zog sich die Handlung allm hlich wie Gummi bis zur letzten Seite Baum verwendete meinem Geschmack nach zu viele unn tige Worte, wodurch sie regelm ig den Erz hlfluss zum Stocken brachte und den dramaturgischen Aufbau immer wieder behinderte Ihre Figuren bekommen zwar jedweilige Gelegenheit, uns ihre Gedanken und Gef hle mitzuteilen, sei es durch direkte oder indirekt [...]

Salvo por el detestable personaje de Preysing la novela se desarrolla de una manera sutil, amena, ligera y efervescente Es un tanto Kafkiana respecto a un contador de poca monta, Twainiana por un Bar n y Hessiana por la bailarina pero en resumidas cuentas un buen libro nocturno La historia por referencia actual es un corretijo de actores a la mera orden de Wes Anderson y la calidad de la prosa se deja ver desde el primer instante.

I saw the movie version of this many years ago and was delighted to see it was based on a book And what a book A precise observation of the human animal and how our lives end up as something we never imagined or, despite ourselves and situation, destiny can squeak in a good moment or two.Very memorable characters and good writing Now it s time to watch the movie again with all those early famous Hollywood movie stars

Grand Hotel is a novel written by Vicki Baum and published in 1930 Although the book may be than 80 years old, it still stands the test of time with themes and situations that you may find in a modern novel or movie The story follows half a dozen characters with all of their own problems and worries Once their lives intersect, trouble is sure to ensue.Read bookstove book talk your s

Schade, dass das Jahr so zu Ende gehen muss Aber die Bewertung kann man auch toll f r 2016 verwenden, findet ihr nicht Das Buch wahr leider nichts f r mich 428 Seiten lang und nichts passiert Hab aber auch keine Erwartungen gehabt wurde also auch nicht entt uscht.

For, long or short, Life is what you put into it Two full days may be longer than forty empty years.

Better than the movie and as good as the show What a pity her books are not as available as they should be Vicki Baum could write

nwhytevejournal 2907781mlBase for the Oscar winning film, which does not in fact stray very far from the book Small differences in the book, Fl mmchen doesn t appear until a quarter of the way through We get much insight into Preysing s and Kringelein s marriages The brutal murder is carried out with a heavy ashtray rather than a telephone handset The action does move outside the hotel now and then, notably to Grusinskaya s theatre Big differences the ages of several of the main characters Grus [...]

In einem Grand Hotel im Berlin der Zwanziger Jahre leben unterschiedlichste G ste ein versehrter, depressiver Arzt, eine alternde russische Primaballerina, der Generaldirektor einer Textilfirma, der ein gewagtes Spiel treibt, ein gutaussehender Baron, der alle Herzen f r sich gewinnt, aber nicht das ist, was er zu sein scheint, ein Hilfsbuchhalter, der nur noch wenige Wochen zu leben hat und seine Ersparnisse draufhauen will, um noch zu erfahren, wie das gute Leben sich anf hlt Anhand dieser Per [...]

A highly literate and stylish entertainment that offers fascinating glimpses of life in Weimar Berlin circa 1930 What s most interesting, though, is what s left out In the privileged world of the grand hotel, there s no mention of the upheavals that were then shaking post war Germany and that would soon bring down the Weimar Republic itself Though the shadows of Hitler and the Nazis may loom large for the modern day reader, they are never even hinted at here And so the b00k unwittingly becomes a [...]

I really enjoyed meeting those characters in the famous Hotel Adlon in Berlin during the Weimarer Republik But what I really loved about it, was the language Baum used and what wonderful words she found to describe people, situations and still lifes stie die Dreht r ein merkw rdiges Individuum in die Vorhalle hatte ein fl chtiges, zartes, kleines Mitleid mit diesen Resignationspant ffelchen Er rannte sich selber davon, dieser korrekte, gewissenhafte und bedenkvolle Preysing, er scho sich ab wie [...]

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Menschen im Hotel